Instagram recently upgraded its renowned poll stickers with the new and improved quiz sticker feature which offers a more interactive way for brands and influencers to ask their followers engaging multiple choice questions in Instagram Stories. They can also intuitively analyse and share the results.

The significance of this latest addition by the social media giant cannot be downplayed. Leading online technology publisher TechCrunch estimates that over 500 million users, utilise the Stories feature on a daily basis. The new feature provides an excellent opportunity for brands and influencers to implement new strategies that quickly and easily increase interaction with their valued advocates, without having to break the bank on the additional creative content.

Why Quiz Stickers Are Effective

When it comes to influencer campaigns, using quiz stickers is simply a no-brainer. Due to the complex technology driving Instagram’s newsfeed functionality, there is no certainty that followers will actually see influencer posts. The Stories feature, however, with its distinct, eye-catching silhouette that is broadcast even further with every public dialogue that takes place, offers a remarkably greater opportunity for more people to view their content. Quiz stickers only serve to make those interactions more meaningful and enjoyable by maximising exposure while simultaneously enabling brands and influencers to gain invaluable quantitative insights into the views.

Using Quiz Stickers To Boost Engagement

There are numerous ways that brand and influencers can utilise the new quiz sticker functionality to boost engagement and a few of those are highlighted below.

  1. Simple, fun interactions with fans by asking them interesting trivia-style questions that may not be well-known.
  2. Build excitement around the pending release of a new product, promotion of an upcoming event that isn’t to be missed or just to create some extra buzz and maximise publicity!
  3. Gather critical feedback in a non-intimidating survey environment to learn more about the audience’s likes, dislikes and motivations behind certain purchase decisions and interactions with brands.

The New Quiz Sticker In Practice

This excellent new feature in practice was perfectly encapsulated by Missguided, as they playfully tested fans on their knowledge of the brand.

Missguided's quiz stickers to followers about their knowledge of the brand

Campaign effectiveness can be maximised through trusted influencers that are real advocates of your brand. They could ask insightful questions such as “Which music festivals are you attending this summer?”. Such big insights would guide a brand in their future marketing collaborations and decision-making. Furthermore, the new feature could help brands to build the momentum of new releases, or even help them to firmly place themselves as a thought-leader in the eyes of their target audience through open lines of communication.

New Findings from the Quiz Sticker could Drive Future Campaigns

Some of the findings from quiz stickers in Instagram Stories could create greater discussions that need to take place. They could also help brands to quickly address important issues. By discovering the opinions of audiences, influencers and brands alike can gain a broader perspective to unearth knowledge and points of emphasis that will propel future campaigns, while simultaneously enhancing the brand’s understanding of their audience and the influencer’s authenticity.

Quiz stickers enhance Instagram Stories for brands, influencers and their followers alike. By getting creative with the new tool, all stakeholders will benefit from increasingly purposeful social exchanges and improved engagement for their influencer campaigns.

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