Halfords Gear Up For Summer Campaign!

PMYB and The Mail Online executed a very successful influencer marketing campaign across the UK for Halfords

The Halfords Case Study.

PMYB had the pleasure of managing Halfords’ first-ever influencer marketing campaign. Utilising a number of the most influential family influencers in the United Kingdom, alongside the Mail Online, PMYB were able to impact Halfords target market.

The campaign was completed during the summer of 2017 and played an important role in getting families across the UK to gear up for summer.

Campaign Objective.

The priority of the campaign was to reflect the role of Halfords as the enabler amongst families in the United Kingdom when it comes to outdoor activities. We set ourselves the target of positively impacting the sales of Halfords.

Halfords Gear Up For Summer Campaign Examples

The Halfords Case Study Results

PMYB successfully executed the campaign, assisting Halfords in their quest to get families to gear up for summer. After the summer period, it was reported that Halfords received a massive uptake in sales (2.7%).

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