The ‘Ten to Table Range’ Campaign

A PMYB X Gousto Chromo-Influencer Campaign

We helped put the Excitement of Togetherness Back into Cooking

Gousto’s Campaign Objective

To create and distribute beautiful content that could be repurposed on Gousto’s Instagram page. We also had the objective of raising the awareness of their Ten to Table range.

Target Market

Over 25 year old males and females in the UK.

PMYB’s Solution

Our PMYB team strategised and implemented a campaign involving 16 macro-sized and micro-sized Chromo-Influencers™ to promote Gousto’s Ten to Table range. The perfect Family and Lifestyle Chromo-Influencers were chosen for the campaign. We delivered a broad mix of influencer content which was all leveraged across Gousto’s channels. In addition to the awareness we delivered to Gousto, we generated a mass volume of sales in the process.


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The tasteful Gousto content created by PMYB made a lasting impression...

Of Content Re-purposed by Gousto

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