Marvin Morgan’s Personal Experiences with Influencers

Fresh Ego Kid Founder and professional footballer, Marvin Morgan sat down with PMYB to describe his personal journey of creating a formidable streetwear fashion brand in the UK. Marvin gave a very honest account of his personal experiences of working with high calibre Influencers, music artists and professional sportspeople, such as Anthony Joshua, Raheem Sterling and Dele Alli.

During the interview, he gives his honest opinion on why delegating your Influencer strategy to an Influencer Marketing Agency can be very beneficial to brands.

Part One – Marvin Morgan x PMYB Interview

1. How did the Fresh Ego Kid come about?

Marvin Morgan: “Well, we’re talking 9 or 10 years ago (when) I was a professional footballer playing for Aldershot Town. Once I made it and signed my first professional contract I started realising I had so much time on my hands and the idea of owning a clothing line was a dream. So I started doing stuff and I started writing. I had a notepad, I remember I was on a coach and I said to the lads I’m going to come up with a clothing brand and everyone laughed. That drove me, even more, to create something that we have today.”

2. Does Influencer Marketing play a big role in the Fresh Ego Kid marketing strategy?

Marvin Morgan: “I think it’s massive for all brands now. We have worked with a lot in the nine years of Fresh Ego Kid – from White Yardie to Stevo the Madman to Troopz, Expressionz and DT from Arsenal Fan TV. I think it’s massive now. I think these guys are so underrated by brands at times. Sometimes it’s not just about what you pay them. It’s about what they can help you with really. But they’ve got a massive input in the future now and how they can pave marketing for big companies.”

3. How do you choose the right Influencers for your brand?

Marvin Morgan: “It’s difficult. Like, how are they going to help your company? Not every Influencer is going to be right for one company and right for the other. They have to fit. And that’s what it’s all about. It all comes down to friendships, relationships, what type of person they are, how they’re perceived. There are loads of boxes that need to be ticked but I think one person could be great for one (brand) and not so good for the other.”

4. What are the key metrics you measure?

Marvin Morgan: “I look at interaction, I look at the person and I look at what type of people are following them.”

5. How has Influencer Marketing helped develop the Fresh Ego Kid brand?

Marvin Morgan: “Wow! Massive! Like I will say, (there are) some influencers that I talk to and some Influencers that I don’t talk to but at the end of the day these influencers have mapped out Fresh Ego Kid. We’re very strong in what you would like to say an urban culture and most of these influencers have paved the way for Fresh Ego Kid in their own markets so I’m always going to be respectful of what they’ve done and how they’ve done it”

6. Do you have any interesting stories with regards to an Influencer and the Fresh Ego Kid Brand?

Marvin Morgan: “I have loads! I don’t know if I want to tell any of them on camera but listen, they are great, they’re hilarious. Troopz and Expressionz for me… They’re the new Ant and Dec. They’re a class act and they’re going to go far because again, one’s an Arsenal fan and one’s a Tottenham fan – That’s already a rivalry, their good mates and the banter between them is second to none. They are going really far. I can’t stress enough how important these people are if want to create a brand. Whether (or not) you’re selling t-shirts or if your selling lights.”

7. What has been the biggest impact Influencer Marketing has had on The Fresh Ego Kid Brand?

Marvin Morgan: “The biggest impact is getting the brand out there. If you look at Arsenal Fan TV and the number of views they’ve got. I think they have got over 50 million views and if you have DT and Troopz wearing a Fresh Ego Kid hat consistently, that is massive for the brand. And if you look at ImJustBait, he has over 2 million followers and his interaction is very high. So these people actually have helped the brand massively. Sometimes you look at it (and think), would we be in the same position? Probably not. I remember we were at a trade show at Brite in Amsterdam and someone walked past our stand. The guy walked past and said, “that’s the Arsenal Fan TV”. He didn’t actually know the brand but he knew the brand from Arsenal Fan TV. So that’s how massive these guys are.”

8. Have you ever used or considered using an Influencer Marketing Agency?

Marvin Morgan: “Yes, they are important. Sometimes you don’t want to deal with the Influencer. Like you’ve got their egos, their timings, you could ring and they’re not picking up the phone. I feel like if they’re connected to an agency, the agency handles all of that. You can actually speak to the agency. (You can say) I want this, at this time and can it be done? How much? It’s done.”

Part Two – Marvin Morgan x PMYB Interview

9. How did Fresh Ego Kid manage to infiltrate the UK urban culture and be such a success?

Marvin Morgan: “I think at times it’s good to have your ear to the ground. We like to deal with up-and-coming artists, even down in the football community i.e from Dele Alli to Raheem Sterling. I spoke to them early at Tottenham. MK Dons youth team with Dele Alli and with Sterling at Liverpool Youth team and with people like Stevo the Madman, White Yardie, Troopz and ImJustBait. Talking to these people from a very early age before, before they made it where they are today. You build up a rapport, and you can take it from there. With some people, you both move on and you don’t work with them again. Some people you carry on that relationship, but these people are very important to the culture and the UK scene.”

10. How have social Influencers helped to embed Fresh Ego Kid into the urban community?

Marvin Morgan: “They have been absolutely massive! Massive for the Fresh Ego Kid, massive for other brands in the UK and if you look at social media now, every brand has to have an Instagram page, a Twitter page and a Facebook page. It’s so important now for business. So if you look at the way business works now, you are looking for interaction and looking for followers. (But) how do you do that? How do you get followers? You work with other people who have more followers so you can nick their followers and get them to look at yours. That’s what it’s all about in my opinion.”

11. What Influencer and Fresh Ego Kid collaboration stands out most for you and why?

Marvin Morgan: “What influencer? Ohh this is a tough one. It’s difficult because there’s a lot of them, and I don’t want to say one name for people to get upset. There is a few. It’s hard to pick one and say this person has been great for me and he has done that. Everyone that I have mentioned in the interview (has been great to work with).”

12. Does Fresh Ego Kid use social brand ambassadors?

Marvin Morgan: “Yes, we have one called Adrian Mariappa. He is a premiership footballer, he plays for Watford and he is the club captain. I feel like it was very, very important for us to have a brand ambassador. He is our model as well so he did our first photo shoot for JD.”

13. How has Influencer Marketing helped Fresh Ego Kid achieve their brand goals?

Marvin Morgan: “It’s massive. We’ve just done a deal with Xbox today. It’s mental to say that we are working with Microsoft. It’s absolutely mental!

14. Do you have a preference for the social platform or platforms you use to achieve this?

Marvin Morgan: “I feel like it’s Facebook, Instagram, then maybe Twitter.”

15. Why is Instagram so invaluable?

Marvin Morgan: “I feel like with this younger generation, it’s all about Instagram. I always say Instagram’s a lie. You can make out you’re a millionaire on Instagram and you can look like a millionaire but your not and I feel like with Instagram you just don’t know. That’s why fashion influencers do very well. Some of the stuff you see and perceive are two different things.

I feel like Instagram is going to keep on playing a vital role until something new comes, and I can’t see anything coming for a long time.”

15. What would be your advice to brands considering Influencers in their marketing strategy?

Marvin Morgan: “Organic is key. You can’t tell a lie. These customers mate… They see a lot. You can’t force anything. We want to work with people who are truly genuine.”

16. What’s next for Fresh Ego Kid?

Marvin Morgan: “We are going to take over the world. We have a lot of stuff going on that I can’t talk too much about but we have a lot of stuff going on. We’re hungry but we understand that it’s difficult. We’ve got major brands to compete with. However, we have a great line of Influencers, a host of footballers that love the brand and two hungry owners.”

PMYB’s Take: Interview Summary

What we enjoyed about our interview with Marvin were his raw, honest opinions. He gave a very relatable account of his personal experiences with Influencers – both the good and the bad. Evidently, Influencer Marketing has worked wonders for the Fresh Ego Kid brand. As Marvin tells us in the interview ‘Influencers have paved the way for Fresh Ego Kid’.

The same story can be reflected in the journeys of major B2C brands such as boohoo, Daniel Wellington and Boda Skins, who have all experienced exponential growth over the past few years thanks to influencers.


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