Football YouTubers. It’s not a new niche, but it is one definitely one that is growing rapidly. The audiences are growing and the profiles of these influencers are growing. Undoubtedly, there is no surprise that football clubs and a host of global brands are turning to these new thought leaders. The football YouTube niche is one of the latest influencer niches that everyone is talking about – and for good reason.

Evidently, many of these social media influencers are becoming the hot topic in social media and in the influencer marketing industry. Their YouTube channels are growing in popularity, meaning that they are building their authority in football among fans. That means that every marketer in industries such as sports, health, lifestyle and gambling should pay attention to these important influencers.

To no surprise, many brands are already taking note of football YouTubers and their social media presence. Top sports brands like Adidas and Under Armour are already choosing to collaborate with the most popular football influencers on a regular basis. Many of the world’s top football YouTubers are therefore gaining a lot of attention, forging high-profile brand collaborations and starring in some of the biggest influencer marketing campaigns.

But all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because football YouTubers are also making a big impression on football clubs.

But why is this? What can football YouTubers offer football clubs – and vice versa? We’ll explain the latter throughout the following article.



Why are Football Clubs Turning to Football YouTubers?

The truth is, many of the world’s top football clubs are realising that football YouTubers have a lot to offer.

Football clubs are quickly working out that these YouTubers have a huge following among football fans and a substantial influence on their fans. Therefore, football clubs are leveraging their social media presence to create positive associations between the influencers and their clubs.

More specifically, clubs are learning that football YouTubers might be able to bridge the gap between football clubs and football fans. And that means that football YouTubers can play an important role in bringing football clubs closer to consumers…


What are the Benefits?

Football clubs might choose to work with football YouTubers for a variety of reasons. But here are the main benefits they can expect to see.

1. Football Club Brand Awareness

First of all, the levels of brand awareness brands are able to attain in influencer marketing is unrivalled – Not just for football clubs but brands across the whole B2C industry. At our influencer marketing agency, PMYB we’ve had the pleasure of building the presence of numerous global brands, including Apple, the National Lottery Good Causes, boohooMAN and much more. We’ve even worked with a number of top YouTube influencers, including ChrisMD, who has attracted over 4million followers across YouTube (You can see the campaign we worked on together here).

So, for this exact reason alone, football social media personalities are a fantastic option for any relevant brand looking to grow their brand.


2. Circulating Information

Secondly, when football clubs partner up with football YouTubers, the clubs are able to circulate information about themselves more directly to certain pockets of their fanbase. So, football YouTubers can help clubs to share info about themselves. And above all else, it helps them to present the club in a positive light. 

That’s not the only benefit, either. Football YouTubers can also help clubs to reward their fans.


3. Brand Association

Brand association is another reason that football clubs are opting to work with these young stars. Like mentioned earlier, football clubs are able to leverage the authority that the YouTubers have developed through building their audiences. Likewise, it works both ways – these influencers are leveraging their relationship with the football clubs and players they are aligning their brands with.


4. Building the Connection with Fans

Most importantly, these popular social media channels open up an avenue for football clubs and their players to bridge the gap between themselves and their fans.


The Changing Habits of Consumers

Football fixtures and line-ups are easy to find with a quick Google search. But football club ‘super-fans’ are constantly looking for additional content. And the right football YouTubers can help clubs to offer that.

Clubs can use football YouTubers and their channels to share interviews with footballers, footballer top tips and tricks, and insider club secrets. This serves to keep football fans happy and paint the club in a good light – which will hopefully continue to bring fans to the club’s main sites.

In the long-run, this serves to reduce the gap between football clubs and consumers once again. It’s a no-brainer! In 2018, football YouTubers can help clubs to bring the modern day football fan closer.


football YouTubers


What do football YouTubers do?

Now we know just how vital football YouTubers might be to the future of football clubs, and the football industry as a whole. But who are these football YouTubers and what do they do?

In all honesty, a range of influencers fit into the ‘football YouTubers’ niche. In the UK alone, there are hundreds of popular YouTube channels that might be classified under the umbrella.

For instance, some of these influencers are football tricksters with advanced footballing skills that football fans adore. Others are online communities – platforms for football fan discussion or game information, and unofficial groups for football club supporters. Others are gamers that focus their content on FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. And the odd football YouTubers are professional, world-renowned footballers in their own right!

Whatever their background, these football YouTubers all share a passion for creating social media content which can truly benefit football clubs. And it’ll come as no surprise to hear that the football YouTubers benefit from teaming up with the football clubs, too. Through such partnerships, they gain exposure, status, and financial benefits.

To get a better grasp of this, let’s take a closer look at some of these partnerships – by counting through some of the top football YouTubers on social media right now.


football YouTubers


Meet the UK’s most popular football YouTubers


Top freestyle skills football YouTubers

F2Freestylers (8.4 million YouTube subscribers)

As we’ve previously mentioned, some of the biggest YouTube channels creating football content are soccer skills channels. And in the UK, there’s no bigger or more well-known soccer skills channel than F2Freestylers.

Football freestylers Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch are the stars of this channel. Both have been talented freestylers for many years.

Billy is a former semi-professional footballer who was previously signed to Tottenham Hotspur as a freestyler. Meanwhile, Jeremy forged his own career path by starring in football documentaries and even competing in the finals of reality TV show Britain’s Got Talent.

The pair came together in 2010 and soon began posting their own range of soccer skills videos on the F2 Freestylers YouTube channel. And from there, the channel has gone from strength to strength.

On the one hand, these football YouTubers have become certified social media sensations, with several million loyal subscribers following their football skills online.

The F2Freestylers have also worked with a number of brands on sponsored video content – including Adidas and Beko to name but a few.

But perhaps most significantly, in 2016, F2 Freestylers teamed up with a global professional football club. The duo flew out to train with FC Barcelona, meeting superstar players like Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez along the way. The influencers created hugely popular YouTube videos documenting this experience.

This was undoubtedly an incredible opportunity for  F2 Freestylers, that cemented their status as top football YouTubers. But let’s not forget that this collaboration also paid off for FC Barcelona: it provided the club with top quality social media content that reached millions of consumers – all potential club supporters.



Top Football Culture Channels

Copa90 (1.6 million YouTube subscribers)

Copa90 is another top UK  YouTube channel.

This channel provides a wide range of football-related content, including interviews, transfer news, documentaries, and discussion of recent games. In short, it’s one of the world’s most important football information channels that embraces everything in football culture.

Over the past few years, Copa90 has quickly built up both a formidable reputation and legions of loyal viewers. But the full extent of the channel’s success can be seen in its collaborations.

For instance, the channel has recently been working on a series of videos starring top professional footballers. These have included casual chats with Trent Alexander-Arnold, in-depth discussions with Sadio Mané and training sessions with Mo Salah – all top Liverpool players.

This series produced some pretty incredible video content for the channel. But it also gave a lot of exposure to Liverpool FC. This clearly shows that Copa90 is one more football channel expertly bringing consumers and players and together – all directly through YouTube content.


football YouTubers


Top Club Community Fan Channels

Arsenal Fan TV (832k YouTube subscribers)

The YouTube channel Arsenal Fan TV (AFTV) does what it says on the tin. It’s an unofficial platform for fans of the premier league football club, which seeks to give a voice to fans with opinions on the club. Arsenal Fan TV has to be the most renowned football channel on YouTube with fans of all football clubs tuning in on a regular basis.

The passionate personalities and strong opinions of the fans on the channels have fueled the growth of it.

AFTV mostly documents fan reactions to matches. In fact, the channel is brimming with this style of football content. But that’s not the only kind of content this channel offers…

In the past, AFTV has also branched out, by interviewing both present and former Arsenal players – including Ian Wright, Olivier Giroud and Thierry Henry.

That means that these football YouTubers are also keeping fans happy with quality club content – and once again bringing a football club and their fans closer via social media.


Full Time Devils (465k YouTube subscribers)

Much like AFTV, Full Time Devils consider themselves the unofficial voice of their club’s international fans. Their YouTube channel is brimming with regular uploads documenting Man Utd news, transfer talk, player features, match previews, fan-cam videos, and of course, fan debates. And as a result, the channel has earned thousands of loyal viewers – and Manchester United have taken note of this…

The club has collaborated with the channel on top quality YouTube content. This includes regular player appearances, exclusive player interviews and even an exclusive interview with Man Utd manager José Mourinho.

Fans love this style of content: these are some the channel’s most popular videos. And that all goes to show that this is another football YouTube channel helping clubs to reach their fans.

Many of us at PMYB, are in fact big fans of this channel. That’s because a lot of people at our company are big supporters of the red devils (as they should be).


football YouTubers


Top professional player football YouTubers

Raheem Sterling (226k YouTube subscribers)

So far we’ve looked at a range of YouTube channels that are largely considered some of the UK’s top football video platforms. But who is considered the pinnacle of football YouTubers? That has to be the professional footballers creating content on YouTube.

A number of professional players have been turning to YouTube over the last few years. But most recently, England midfielder and Manchester City star player Raheem Sterling has joined the ranks. 

So far, Sterling has only posted a handful of videos. But the channel itself has attracted thousands of followers, millions of views and a lot of attention with little efforts.

It remains to be seen how the channel will develop from here on out, but one’s thing for sure. These YouTube channels are really going to build the connection between football fans and football clubs as a result.


Learn More about Influencer Marketing

It’s pretty clear to see that football YouTubers are an incredible asset – not just to brands and the influencer marketing industry as a whole, but to football clubs specifically.

Ultimately, whether they’re football skills freestylers, football news platforms, club communities or footballers in their own right, football YouTubers play an important role in the modern day football industry. By creating quality football content on social media, football YouTubers keep fans entertained and informed, and have the potential to bring clubs and fans closer together. So, it’s really no wonder that more and more football clubs are turning to these influencers, and realising just how important they can be.

If this a topic you’d like to learn more about, get in touch with us at PMYB today.

Alternatively, we’d be happy to discuss our range of influencer marketing services. You can also find out more about influencer marketing and social media over on our blog.


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