Goodbye Facebook Spam

Facebook’s latest algorithm changes have confirmed content is king. The social media giant has decided to take a stand using artificial intelligence to identify and penalise Facebook spam; content with little originality and annoying or offensive ads.

On Wednesday Facebook announced the change to its news feed algorithm. The reach of an organic post that links to a ‘low quality’ site will be restricted and ads linking to these pages in the first place will be also be blocked.

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How does Facebook identify the spam?

Product manager for news feed, Gregg Marra explained how Facebook go about identifying these low-quality web pages. Thousands of pages were reviewed and those with little substantial content and annoying, offensive ads, identified. Facebook then used a technique called machine learning to teach its artificial intelligence systems the characteristics of the identified spam pages. Now that the AI has learnt what to look out for. It can identify low-quality pages it has not yet seen and taken the necessary action.

Lowered Rankings

Facebook have been the go-to site for turning online traffic into revenue for years now. This has meant click-bait, fake news posts and ads have been plaguing the site in an attempt to trick people. This was highlighted in the run-up to the US presidential election and with other spam schemes that are so prevalent on the site.

Facebook have already invested in newspaper ads to combat this, but will also lower the rankings of links that:

  • Receive high bounce rates
  • Are not proportional with click to likes, shares and comments
  • Feature click-bait headlines
  • Link to fake news articles


Will it work?

Although the algorithm changes to prevent Facebook spam target shady sites. It could potentially affect legitimate sites who happen to have pop-up ads. Or those who are unable to monitor the ads continually through their pages. It is difficult to say who will be impacted and in what way due to the many various factors Facebook’s algorithm considers.

Facebook spam

Facebook will continue to rely on user feedback through surveys as well as the AI. Perhaps as a result of low-quality pages being targeted, those who don’t fall into this category will see an increase in traffic. Facebook believe this anyway – only time will tell.

If your website is affected by things such as high bounce rates, other forms of marketing are likely to return you a greater ROI due to the change in Facebook’s algorithms. You can see why top brands have ditched their social media ads for influencer marketing here.


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