Mars finds relationship between sales and emotional reactions

Mars recently carried out research to help themselves distinguish what creative elements in their campaigns were triggering the sort of passionate reactions that lead to paying consumers. Identifying what emotional responses are more likely to trigger sales would help companies worldwide. For example, companies could optimise their ad content and therefore raise their ROI.

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How the emotional intelligence software works

The emotional intelligence technology Mars used measured the micro-movements on the faces of their participants. The advanced technology uses machine learning and computer vision to analyse these facial expressions. And this includes expressions of shock, confusion, joy, disgust, engagement, and behaviours such as head movements – when and how they adjust their necks. To collect the data users agreed to let Mars obtain access to the webcams of consumers.


Should sentiment analysis be applied to influencer marketing?

Now the question on our minds is whether or not this form of advertising will infiltrate into influencer marketing. In fact, a better question is, should you be applying it to your influencer marketing strategy. Undoubtedly, knowing what your customer responds to best remains a very useful thing to know. Likewise, knowing whether certain content evokes emotional responses that are most likely to convert to sales could change the way every sector of the advertising industry chooses to market to their consumers.

Mars being able to positively attribute emotional responses to sales is quite groundbreaking. However, although these findings seem very positive, Mars discovered they were unable to attribute emotions to sales 25% of the time. Therefore, you will have to make up your own mind whether you think such technologies are worth applying yourself.

“Being able to identify strong creative with high sales impact enables advertisers to push these ads, and avoid putting media spend behind those with low, or worse – no sales impact,” said Realeyes chief executive, Mihkel Jäätma.

“Just think – an algorithm can detect how people feel about an advert by tracking their facial expressions, and that can tell us whether that ad will sell or not – that’s exactly what our scientists been working to achieve.”

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The Future of Measuring Emotional Intelligence

So, whether or not emotional intelligence sets the advertising world alight, the emergence of the consumer measuring method remains an interesting prospect. Therefore, we will definitely be paying attention to the future developments and studies. Not only for personal interest but so we can apply them to influencer marketing campaigns for our own clients.


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