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They don’t care!

“Buy this chocolate bar. You can save 29p. Simply use the code AD-VERT” is obviously a great way of reducing your chances of converting a customer. With guidance, Chromo-Influencers® are able to easily convey a message to their followers that will certainly attain you new customers. However, when influencer marketing is carried out incorrectly using ineffective influencers you could lose a consumer forever. When using influencers, in particular, PMYB Chromo-Influencers®, you need to educate consumers by providing them with valuable insights. And this is a key part of what true influencer marketing is all about.

For some organisations, educating customers is an inherent issue that needs to be tended to. Likewise, others tend to focus on their competitors as oppose to their consumers. Nonetheless, remembering to educate your consumers is something we should all do. It’s important regardless if you’re selling the next big app on the app store or a hair-removal laser treatment. Or even a chocolate bar. To take advantage of influencer marketing to its full capacity providing your consumer with a suitable education is imperative.


Educate consumers

Making Presumptions

There’s a major difference when it comes to educating and advertising. Also, simply showcasing the benefits of a product or service to your client is not enough. Many organisations state that they’re informing their consumers of the advantages of their product or service. But what’s important to the customer, in any case, isn’t what the organisation values about its own particular product or service, yet what the brand can do to take care of the consumer’s issue. By providing your consumer with multiple solutions to their issues, allows businesses to bamboozle their clients with critical information.

Distinguishing your consumer issues and providing your solution remains key when marketing. Consumers see through advertisements and you have to be very specific when demonstrating your solutions to their issues. And you cannot presume they know their issue. You need to know and tell them what their issue is. Consumers require direction, as well as a reason when settling on a decision between brands. When companies presume their customers already know the benefits or USP of a product, businesses jump from a learning-centered attitude to a falsely competitive mindset.

The shrewd purchaser will opt to purchase from the organisation that has educated them on the issue and provided multiple solutions to them. Also, what a brand doesn’t state remains just as imperative as to what a brand does state in an advert. The business memorial park is loaded with organisations that fizzled in light of the fact that they overlooked their consumer’s needs. Their prospects need to understand that their product or service is essential to them.


Educate consumers in office


Educate Consumers with Creativity and Narrative

Various organisations have made their mark by showing their intended target group what they had to know. Apple, for instance, managed to sell the iPad in high volumes by creating a feeling of ‘necessity’. The tablet innovation certainly wasn’t something customers demanded. Rather, Apple triumphed in light of the fact that they had convinced their customer-base of the need for a portable laptop/phone hybrid. By presenting its components and thoughts one by one, the organisation empowered their clients to understand the iPad, as well as to see a requirement for it.

Likewise, Shark Tank’s very own ‘Clean Bottle’ company were able to revolutionise the bottle by educating people of the need to clean the bottom of a bottle.  After a bike-ride Clean Bottle founder and entrepreneur Dave Mayer noticed how disgusting the bottom of his bottle was and realised “there must be a better way to clean the bottom of my water bottle,” and thus the first Clean Bottle was born. Creating a well-crafted narrative Dave Mayer was able to educate people. Similarly to the Apple example, he repositioned his consumer’s mindset by the way he marketed his product. Such concepts should be developed into your influencer marketing strategy.


True Influencer Marketing

As stated, to perform true influencer marketing, companies must really first examine how they are solving customer issues. Not just in their product or service, but in the way they market their product or service. Likewise, to educate consumers businesses can really benefit from adding a spin of creativity or narrative into the way they educate consumers. Setting up and following such rules in your influencer marketing campaigns will really help improve your ROI.


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