18-25 Year Olds, a Key Demographic!

18-25 year olds are a key demographic for thousands of brands in countless industries across the world – from music to fashion, and fitness to food and drink. They are also a key demographic we repeatedly get asked to target at our influencer marketing agency.

When it comes to purchasing decisions, this is an age group that knows exactly what they want. And what’s more, they’re happy to invest in their favourite brands. In fact, international students alone bring around £20 billion to the UK economy every year!

Which means 18-25 year olds are a tremendously valuable demographic to target in the UK. After all, this demographic is made up of young consumers with a lifetime of spending ahead of them!

However, targeting them isn’t always as simple as it may seem.

Unfortunately, targeting 18-25 year olds can pose a real challenge for some brands due to the growing saturation in markets. In fact, more and more brands we come across are looking for new ways to stand out and target 18-25 year olds in their campaigns.

And this is why the dynamic influencer marketing industry has become a real game-changer… Read on to find out why influencer marketing is the solution to targeting this consumer demographic!


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How to Reach and Impact 18-25 Year Olds

As just mentioned, many brands are finding it difficult to target those key 18-25 year old consumers. But by simply shifting their marketing approach, and employing a more refined influencer marketing strategy, they, and you can adapt to the growing saturation problems in your market.

There are two key reasons for this. First, younger consumers are fed up with traditional forms of ads. In fact, according to Forbes, this demographic find traditional ads altogether annoying! They go out their way to avoid traditional ads, making them far less effective in general – but particularly so when it comes to engaging this particular age group.

And that’s not all. Research also shows that 18-25 year olds value their peers’ opinions. This means that they’re more likely to research and eventually purchase a product if it’s been recommended by someone of a similar age – and not someone older, and less relatable.

These insights tell us a lot about 18-25 year olds – and you should use this knowledge when forming or adapting your marketing strategy. But above all else, brands should consider that all of this research points towards the utilisation of social media influencers.


Target 18-25 Year Olds with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing allows you to reach this demographic in a way that resonates with them most. It also allows you to target them online in a less intrusive way.

Influencers also have varied audiences. Some have audiences with a small local community, whereas others have global audiences.

You can adapt your campaigns to target different groups of this core demographic, whether it’s locally, nationally or globally. It simply depends on the kind of influencers you and your company choose to work with.

Read on for our run-through of the different kinds of social media influencers available, plus our tips for targeting 18-25 year olds locally, nationally and globally!

18-25 year olds


How to Target 18-25 Year Olds Locally

First up, we’ll be taking a closer look at how brands can use influencer marketing campaigns to target 18-25 year olds locally.

This is something that many brands will be interested in doing, for various reasons. Some brands look to target consumers in a specific region that is in-line with an important event or campaign. Some may want to test out a product or service on a smaller scale. Or in other cases, small companies based in particular areas may want to just reach a very specific audience in their proximity. In all instances, these brands would need to orchestrate a specific influencer strategy to meet their campaign objectives. And the good news? Influencer marketing campaigns can fulfil all of them!


Use Micro-Influencers to Target 18-25 Year Olds Locally

When it comes to targeting 18-25 year olds on a local level, micro-influencers are certainly the social media influencer for you.

Indeed, micro-influencers have become the hot topic in influencer marketing over the past year. They’re not mainstream celebrities, or online stars like Zoella and PewDiePie. In fact, micro-influencers are typically just ordinary, everyday people, like your friend or neighbour – but with one key difference. Micro-influencers are notably active on social media – and as a result, have a fairly substantial following.

Now, to reiterate, a micro-influencer’s following will not be huge (as the name suggests). But a micro-influencer might have anything between 2,000 and 20,000 followers. This number is, of course, tiny in comparison to the bigger social media influencers. But at the same time, it’s substantially more than your average social media user.

As a result, micro-influencers generally have the ability to reach thousands in their local community. So, whilst micro-influencers are not engaging millions of consumers around the globe, they do have a substantial influence over others in their local region.

However, when using micro-influencers, you need to make sure you’re working with micro-influencers that are genuinely influential. There are hundreds of thousands of micro-influencers in the UK, but only a small percentage are actually going to make their audience act.


18-25 year olds


Pom Pom Nightclub Case Study

To date, we’ve worked with hundreds of micro-influencers in order to target a regional group of consumers – but a particular highlight has been our Pom Pom Nightclub campaign.

Back in our early days, we conducted an influencer campaign for a local nightclub in Nottingham called Pom Pom. In order to spread the word about the nightclub, and to create a buzz around the launch night, Pom Pom turned to us.

We were planning their nightclub launch night, with the hopes of making it a sellout.

For the launch night, Pom Pom was looking to target a specific audience: 18-21 year olds in the local Nottingham area. So naturally, we also took a very targeted approach with the campaign – something local micro-influencers could easily supply!

Ultimately, we got 47 of the most popular Nottingham student micro-influencers involved in the campaign. We got these micro-influencers posting about the launch night on their popular social media accounts in the days running up to the event. Many of the micro-influencers even attended the actual launch night.

For other students in the Nottingham area, this created an unavoidable buzz around Pom Pom’s launch night, which made the campaign an incredible success.

This campaign, among others like it, shows the true power of micro-influencers, particularly when it comes to targeting 18-25 year olds regionally.


How to Target 18-25 Year Olds Nationally

Clearly, micro-influencer campaigns are key to targeting 18-25 year olds regionally. But this won’t be relevant to every campaign, or indeed every brand. More often than not, we’re approached by brands that are looking to reach the 18-25 demographic on a national level. This too can be achieved with influencer marketing.


Use Professional Influencers to Target 18-25 Year Olds Nationally

In fact, when it comes to targeting 18-25 years old nationally, we recommend working with professional influencers that post engage with their audiences on a day-to-day basis. Compared to micro-influencers, these influencers have many more followers –  often several hundred thousand, or even millions of loyal fans! And crucially, this audience is far more geographically varied – these influencers have fans from up and down the country, meaning their influence on social media really goes a long way.

This all makes professional influencers incredibly useful for targeting 18-25 year olds nationally.


Vodafone Voxi Case Study

We put this theory to test in a campaign for Vodafone’s new VOXI network.

Vodafone was looking to raise overall awareness of the VOXI launch among young consumers across the country. So, we turned to three of our biggest influencers – YouTubers Calfreezy, JMXFifa and AnEsonGib. These influencers created content surrounding the launch, which we amplified using our bespoke software – and the results were incredible. The influencers’ huge audience meant that the campaign gained over 650k media views in total. We were able to reach thousands of young consumers, up and down the country in the space a few hours!


How to Target 18-25 Year Olds Globally

As we’ve seen, influencer marketing strategies can help brands to reach 18-25 year olds in various different campaigns. And, depending on the kind of influencers your brand opts to work with, you can be successful at targeting a demographic in a specific region, or reaching young consumers up and down the country!

But don’t let us stop you broadening your horizons further still – with these strategies, the world really is your oyster. In fact, with the right influencers, your brand can also launch a campaign that targets 18-25 year olds successfully on a global level. For this kind of approach, we recommend using Chromo-Influencers with large international followings.

However, they don’t need to have an international following. They can have national followings still – you just need to use different Chromo-Influencers from different regions of the world. We’ve run many influencer campaigns doing so many times for the likes of Hilton, Tik Tok and Barclays.


Use Chromo-Influencers to target 18-25 year olds

Our network of Chromo-influencers has allowed us to achieve some amazing success in the world of marketing. This is because Chromo-Influencers make up the most powerful social media influencers in the industry. So, yes, these influencers have huge followings. But crucially, these are influencers who command incomparable genuine engagement levels. In the long-run, Chromo-Influencers can deliver outstanding results for brands – We’ve seen it happen countless times for the biggest brands across the globe.



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It’s almost undeniable that influencer marketing is the solution to reaching today’s key consumer demographic, 18-25 year olds! Whether you’re working on a regional, national, or global campaign, influencers can help you to reach young consumers.

To find out more about working with micro-influencers, professional influencers, and of course, those all-important Chromo-Influencers, get in touch with us today. You can also check out our blog for more of the industry’s latest news, insights and research.


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