920% ROI for DRARE Clothing

We carried out a very successful sales-driven Chromo-Influencer campaign for DRARE Clothing.

The Client – DRARE Clothing

DRÂRE Clothing is an exclusive apparel brand founded in the Nottingham, UK. DRÂRE aims to create great quality products that catch the eye with limited edition lines and fresh new urban designs.


Campaign Objective

The priority for DRARE was to increase sales using our Chromo-Influencer campaign. They also wanted to raise the overall brand awareness of young people aged 16-25 in London.

 Campaign KPI’s & Numbers

Combined follower reach
Lots of posts per Chromo-Influencer
Sold out multiple clothing ranges

What we did.

We created a Chromo-Influencer campaign utilising 6 Chromo-Influencers from London for DRARE Clothing. To identify the Chromo-Influencers we explored London to find who was actually influential offline, as well as online.

PMYB Chromo-Influencers deliver 4x the amount of sales than normal influencers. They rate highly against 46 important Chromo-Factors.


The Results.

We delivered DRARE a return of investment of 920%. That’s £9.20 for every £1 spend! While doing so, we sold out multiple ranges within the 6 month campaign period!

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Drare clothing campaign
Drare clothing with PMB

6 London Chromo-Influencers!

6 Months Campaign!

920% Return of Investment