Viral Marketing Services

Viral marketing transforms content into news. At PMYB, we specialise in providing viral marketing services that grow businesses exponentially over a very short span of time. With a sharp focus on social media, our team of creative marketing experts develop powerful concepts and carry out fully-managed campaigns. Furthermore, if you would like to focus on creating virality, we have the resources to put together content that can cause a lot of traction, while bearing in mind your brand image with a risk assessment prior to execution.

Our business is mainly centred on influencer marketing and we can utilize these skills to create virality. Our powerful concepts and robust strategies are put together with the assistance of the 9,500 influencers in our network. Every influencer we use is carefully selected – we pay attention to the total legitimate followers and interactions. As a result, we know which influencers really have the potential to provide a high volume of traction and ability to fuel user-generated content.

You can see how we accumulated an amazing 10 million video views in 48 hours for our client, The Meat Man here.

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing, a widely-used strategy that inspires audiences to spread a marketing message in high volumes. And creating an exponential exposure of your message. The idea of viral marketing is synonymous to a relgion. In such a way that a person becomes the carrier of a message and spreads it further, informing others, causing an exponential spread.

The reason why people share further is because the message evokes an emotional response in them. Viral marketing generally transpires heavily on social media channels and other internet channels to create exponential awareness. Nonetheless, offline word of mouth is something that fuels viral marketing.

How does viral marketing work?

Viral marketing generally works by providing your audience with something of value for free. This can be in the form of entertainment, feeling strongly about something or feeling a part of a movement. The basis of a good viral content is that it must encourage people to share with others so that the message spreads exponentially. Therefore, there are 3 key elements for a successful viral marketing campaign: the message, the audience and the medium.

Viral marketing also requires the following elements:

  • Evoking an emotional response in the audience
  • Creating very shareable content
  • Utilising powerful influencers that will make an impact
  • Careful innovative brand integration
  • Acting at the right time
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The PMYB Edge – Viral Marketing Services

At PMYB we pride ourselves in bringing our clients the best viral marketing campaign results possible. Delivering our client over 10 million video views in 48 hours exemplifies the edge we have over other agencies. You may struggle to find another that has delivered the levels of virality we achieved in our campaigns.

Also, we understand the importance of your businesses brand image and cater every campaign accordingly. Our core philosophy lies in knowing that the one-solution-for-all approach does not work and instead, we look into the specifics of each business and offer in-depth customised campaigns that are fully managed by our team.

With our strong base of influencers and their networks, we can create really powerful campaigns. In addition, we provide the most effective and creative ways for brands to reach, engage with and influence millions of their target audience utilising key influencers. Providing outstanding viral marketing services is one of our core business practices.

The USPs of PMYB

  • Strong relationships with a network of over 9,500 digital influencers
  • Powerful concepts that evoke an emotional response with appealing content
  • Robust execution from an experienced team of marketers

How we achieve these:

  • We identify the best time to post content to maximise the results
  • PR assistance
  • Before we start every campaign, we analyse the conversations around your brand using the best social media listening software to arrive at the right message to put across to your target market

How we achieve these:

  • A deep analysis of your target audience forms the direction of any campaign we take on
  • We have a team of extremely creative and talented people that can churn out fresh ideas that focus on engaging and building your new audience, as well as retaining your current audience


Benefits and risks of Viral Marketing


Viral marketing help brands achieve tremendous success over a short period of time. Very cost effective form of marketing. Your audience becomes your marketers. Raises the awareness of your brand hugely. Allows you to collect large volumes of data and rapid. Mainstream media exposure (Newspapers, Television and Radio) Rapid lead generation.

Risks we eliminate:

Since the concept can evoke a personal response with the audience, it is very important to get the messaging right so your brand is perceived in a positive light. We have in-depth risk assessment and in-house meetings before every campaign put together. Viral campaigns tend to grow exponentially with little control later, however the content we create is carefully thought-through to reduce this risk. We have full control over what the influencer puts out to the world.

Our Viral Marketing Case study

We helped our client, The Meat Man achieve exponential growth through the use of viral marketing. Due to our creative experts, we were able to make a mark. Additionally, the assistance of elite UK influencers, Brad Holmes and Jen helped us pull in a whopping 12+ million total video views over a 19 million influencer reach. Not only that, the case study featured in 3 national newspapers. We took product placement to a new level. The video went viral resulting in over 100,000 shares on just Facebook itself due to it eventually bring selected by UniLad!

We ensured that the video was posted on multiple powerful pages and blogs which led to a viral storm. The audience became the marketers and made the video a viral success.

You can read more here –

Ready to get trending with our Viral Marketing Services?

We can ensure that your brand will stand out in the crowd in the noise. Hence, once you provide us with an outline of your campaign objectives, brand guidelines and budget, the PMYB marketing experts can spend time putting together a strong proposal that will exceed your expectations. Our team of marketing enthusiasts are ready to help you generate the virality you seek.

  • Content writers to draft crisp, eye-catching campaign scripts
  • Marketing researchers who will gather the most relevant data for your campaign
  • Creative marketing specialists to strategize and come up with a thorough marketing plan to take your campaign to the next level
  • Graphic designers who will specialise in designing the best collaterals and material for your campaign
  • Account manager for smooth communication and serving as a single point of contact
  • Powerful influencers and bloggers to be your brand ambassadors

Let’s get started!

Are you looking for a breakthrough with your viral marketing campaign? Do you feel that your business can also become an overnight success? We’ve cracked the code of creating a successful viral campaign! For more on our viral marketing services get in touch here today so we can create a proposal for you.


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