Video Marketing Services

Hubspot reports that 75% of online video viewers interact with online videos. At PMYB, we focus on creating the most exciting and engaging videos to achieve the KPI goals of our clients. Utilizing over 6000 leading social media influencers in over 10 industries, we can improve your brand’s awareness, acquisitions, sales and more with our video marketing services.

We evaluate the correct influencers for your brand and collaborate with them to create video content that grabs attention. As well as mentions, reviews or customer testimonials we can produce live event videos, social media takeovers, vines, experiential event videos, publicity stunt videos, narrative-based videos and more, to positively represent your brand.

What makes us different is our obsession with creativity. Being creative is essential for your brand to stand out in social media and that is what we excel in. Would you like us to put together a video-focused creative influencer campaign for your brand? Get in touch with our talented team of marketers here.

Video Marketing Methods We Can Implement

Influencer Live Videos

Influencer Live Videos - Video Marketing

Live video made its mark in 2016. Several platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram now offer live video recording and streaming. Brands and celebrities alike are using live video marketing to connect instantly with their audiences and have real-time conversations. Live videos offer a really personal interaction between influencers, brands and their audiences. We can incorporate these videos into your campaign. Instant user feedback is another area that we can focus on while running your live video marketing campaign.

Social Media Takeovers

Social Media Takeovers - Video Marketing

The latest trend in marketing. Social media takeovers involve you granting influencers access to manage your social media account(s) for a specific duration of time. By doing so, you add a fresh perspective, reach out to new audiences, increase engagements, improve your brand reputation and can drive mass views. At PMYB, we can focus your social media takeovers on Instagram and Snapchat, utilizing the most powerful elite influencers.

Influencer Video Mentions

Influencer Video Mentions - Video Marketing

The most frequent influencer endorsement is a video mention where the influencer drops in your brand. Although we prefer to deliver a more creative campaign, we can also drive many influencers to mention your brand. Everybody tends to go down this route. However it may be less costly, this doesn’t mean it’s the most cost-effective. When executed well creative videos have the power of reaching masses – A lot more than the X amount of followers each influencer has.

Influencer Video Reviews

Influencer Video Reviews - Video Marketing

Video marketing through reviews or customer testimonials reinforces brand image and can improve your brand authority. Customer reviews create a 74% increase in product conversion. In addition, 92% of people trust reviews from others. At PMYB, we regard review videos as a great way to emphasize brand value. We feel while these videos should be well-planned, they shouldn’t feel scripted for the purpose of genuity.

Publicity Stunts

Publicity Stunts - Video Marketing (social media takeover)

Publicity stunts can be extremely effective if pulled off well. They can generate a lot of views, start trends, grab headlines and invite PR coverage. Influencers are ideal for creating successful publicity stunts with the right product placement. Look at how we got Brad Holmes, UK Facebook star to prank his fiancée in this PR stunt video to generate an astounding 10 million+ video views in 48 hours for our client, The Meat Man.

Experiential Events

Experiential Events - Video Marketing

Experiential events create face-to-face, unique brand experiences for your audience. These events need to be very engaging and fun for the audience. According to a study by EventMarketers, 49% of attendees tend create mobile videos during experiential marketing events. At PMYB, we assist you in the creation, organisation and execution of such influencer-led campaigns.

PMYB Viral Video Campaign

Citing the Brad Holmes case study once again, we generated a whopping 10 million+ video views in 48 hours for our client, The Meat Man. Apart from being a great example of a publicity stunt done well, this became also a viral sensation, saw a media coverage by 3 national newspapers and more than 19 million Facebook follower reach. This was a part of our viral marketing campaign for The Meat Man and was an instant success.

At PMYB, we specialise in creating viral marketing campaigns that will grow your business exponentially over a very short span of time. With a sharp focus on social media, our team of creative marketing experts develop powerful concepts and carry out fully-managed campaigns. Our strong base of influencers and their networks can create powerful viral marketing campaigns. Read more about our marketing case studies here.

Viral Video Campaign - Video marketing

Social Media Influencer Vloggers

YouTube has over one billion users, which is almost one-third of all internet users — and people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube every day. Also, they generate billions of views as suggested in the statistics posted by YouTube. Due to the nature of the videos, the popularity of vlogs or video blogs has risen exponentially over the last few years. These Vloggers or YouTube bloggers have a phenomenal reach and have developed dedicated cult-like followings. Hence, we collaborate with hundreds of quality vloggers, whom we can get to endorse your brand in incredible ways.

Vloggers are typically young, enthusiastic and have loyal followings. They have changed the way people prefer to hear about brands. While the public grows tired of traditional digital banners and ads, vloggers offer the perfect solution. In fact, videos created by vloggers provide a more authenticity to brands in the eyes of consumers. We, at PMYB, recognize this trend and often create the most powerful concepts that include the most popular vloggers. Learn more about our YouTube Vlogger campaigns here.

Social media influencers - video marketing

Why video marketing works

Video marketing adds an extra dimension to your marketing efforts. Well-produced videos generate more attention and higher conversion rates. Additionally, they generate more social media traction and evoke emotional responses. Additionally, HubSpot found that enjoyment of video ads increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 13%.

Videos have the ability to deliver more information in a short span of time. For humans, it takes just 1/10th of a second to get sense of a visual. While it takes considerably more time to understand written text. They also have great recall value. This is because they are visually stimulating as compared to text. 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days. Nonetheless, video marketing works great for most brands and businesses.

video marketing - building-joy-planning-plans

How we execute Video Marketing Campaigns

We have done several high profile video marketing campaigns in the past. Our carefully executed campaign process:

1. Understanding your brand

Undoubtedly, we take the utmost care to understand your brand and message. We need to get the pulse of businesses to be able to create great campaigns. We spend a lot of effort analysing the needs of companies so that we can design the best video marketing campaigns.

2. Analysing the best video marketing medium, influencers and platform

We determine the right influencers and platforms to endorse your brand. As well as considering your brand image and the campaign message, we know it’s important to provide you with multiple options of strategy and influencers.

3. Creating the video concept and execution

We will then proceed with your video creation which involves, ideation, scripting, shooting or filming, editing and posting. Depending on the nature of the video and the platform being used, we may team up with vloggers, influencers etc. to make the video more engaging and impactful.

4. Distribution or video marketing

We then proceed to distribute or market the video on social media channels and/or through PR platforms as per the decided strategy.

Your Creative Influencer Campaign

We are very experienced in the art of video marketing. Our young experienced team of marketers have led several successful video marketing campaigns in the past. As a first step, we thoroughly examine your brand, your audience and your goals before proceeding further. This also means that each video marketing campaign that we create is tailor-made and unique.

Video marketing is an extremely rewarding activity if performed well. All the videos that we create are produced in high on quality and allow brands to step outside the box through creativity. Video content we produce is always engaging and the influencers we use always bring in positive results. To discuss a creative influencer campaign for your brand, get in touch here.