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Alongside working with influencers, PMYB also owns, manages and collaborates with some of the popular social media content creators worldwide. Companies we have amplified include the likes of Apple, Grad DNA and KFC. Our Social Amplification service can be applied to your business within 24-48 hours.

In particular, the industries everybody know us for are the student, football (soccer) and food markets. However, we also manage and collaborate with social media accounts in the health and fitness, fashion, motor vehicle, gaming industries and more.

Social Amplification is a powerful service when it comes to generating impressions, spreading messages, clicks or leads. PMYB can generate millions of views from your target audience today so get in contact here and we will have a chat about how we can help you smash your KPIs.

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Influencer Marketing with social media content creators

So as stated above, we’ve done work for the likes of KFC and Apple. Our goal was to reach and impact their audiences on a large scale. We delivered Apple Music 2.3 Million impressions during and after the Brit Awards purely. The accounts we implemented in this campaign included the likes of @ThatsSarcasm, one of the most popular student accounts on Twitter. Utilising such accounts we were able to assist them in grabbing the attention of their consumers. In addition, we were able to accelerate the trending of #BRITs2017 while carrying out the campaign.

social amplification - thatssarcasm post
Social Amplification Services - ThatsSarcasm Apple Music Campaign

Apple Music Dominated as the Trending Twitter Topic!

Apple music campaign

Why Social Amplification will benefit your business

The perfect service for generating/accelerating a trend!

Audiences love the content these accounts post!

You can reach your target market on a mass scale!

Twitter is the ideal platform for generating conversation!

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Interested? Contact us today so we can further educate you on the power of our Social Amplification services. We produce creative influencer marketing campaigns that will bring your brand in the eyes of millions of your target consumers. Get in touch here and we will craft together something explosive for your audience to take in.