Experiential Marketing Services

Few things matter more to your business than establishing strong connections with your customers. At PMYB, we can help you plan and execute memorable experiences or events that emphasize your brand values bringing exposure and visibility to your business. We’re an experiential marketing agency that reaches the KPI goals of our clients in innovative ways. PMYB can forge strong emotional bonds between your customers and your brand utilising leading influencers.

The PMYB Experiential Marketing Strategy

Event Planning

Planning - Experiential Marketing Services

According to a survey conducted by EventTrack, 65% of consumers gain a better understanding of a company’s products or services through live event experiences. 98%, on the other hand, feel they are more likely to make a purchase. The question is, how can you make these statistics work for you? PMYB will identify the type of event/influencer strategy that will best resonate with your consumers. Also, we will identify a method inline with our goals and brand image.We offer fully managed events in whatever city or country suits you.

Influencer Involvement

Influencer involvements - Experiential Marketing

EventTrack also found that more than half of all experiential campaigns (58% to be exact) involve influencers. A well-regarded influencer associated with event marketing campaigns will generate high volumes of attention. At PMYB, we have a vast network of influencers. We can collaborate with them to drive attention to your campaign while increasing consumer engagement. With influencers spanning virtually every industry and interest, PMYB has the connections you need to intensify your experiential marketing.

Brand/Image Alignment

brand image - experiential marketing

Experiential marketing can mean many things, and what works for one brand might not be right for another. When you team up with PMYB, we will help you align every facet of your campaign to suit your brand, image, and customer base. For instance, a sporty brand might do an experiential campaign involving athletes, bungee jumping, or other exciting action. A toy brand, meanwhile, might target kids with a product test run, live real-life indoor interactive experience or a giveaway.

Social Media Integration

social media integration - experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is all about real-world, face-to-face interaction between customers and your brand. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t harness social media to get the word out. Meaning, followers can appreciate your campaigns from afar. At PMYB, we use our talented influencers and know-how of bringing high exposure to brands online. We can help you push your events/offline brand experiences on social media with the potential of taking them viral. In other words, we won’t just help you plan your experiential marketing strategy; we will also help you ensure that they reach your customer base in high volumes.

Live Video Integration

Live Videos - Experiential Marketing

According to Cisco, video content accounted for 64% of global Internet traffic. That number is expected to rise to 80% by 2019. In other words, video content is more likely to drive engagement than text. PMYB can deliver live video coverage of your events to encourage mass interaction on social media. We will help you tell the story of your experiential marketing campaigns with high-quality video, so even those unable to participate in-person can engage with your brand and other members of your target audience.

Experiential Marketing Campaigns We Implement

Almost any brand can benefit from an experiential marketing campaign. The trick is knowing what type of event experience will resonate with your prospective customers. At PMYB, we love getting creative with marketing events and delivering stone cold results. Here are a few of the types of experiential marketing campaign methods we can help you plan and implement.

Pop-Up Stores

A pop-up store campaign involves setting up a temporary shop or event space in a high-traffic area. At PMYB, we find that pop-up stores allow for fun innovative ways of promoting brands, products or services. By positioning your temporary space in a high-traffic spot, you pique the curiosity of passers-by encouraging people to stop in and check out your wares. The ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ facet of pop-up stores creates feelings of scarcity and fear of loss, both of which help drive sales or engagements with your target audience. Especially when an influencer or celebrity is involved.

Pop-up stores also provide terrific opportunities to team up with influencers—one of the factors that make PMYB the optimal partner to help implement your event.

One excellent example of how influencers can drive attention to a pop-up shop happened in London in 2013. Adidas was marketing a signature pair of sneakers with basketball star Derrick Rose, then a point guard for the Chicago Bulls. Rather than just set up a standard shop where customers could buy the sneakers, Adidas created a store where they placed different pairs of sneakers on a ten-foot high shelf. The idea was for each shopper to do his or her best basketball jump to grab (and win) a pair of the signature shoes.

Rose was in attendance at the event, and Adidas created a sharp, entertaining video compilation of some of the jumps and customer interactions. Unsurprisingly, the campaign went viral.

Derrick Rose - Experiential Marketing

Influencer Events

The Adidas/Derrick Rose team-up was a fantastic example of how your company might combine multiple experiential marketing tactics to deliver one knockout event. However, you don’t have to plan a pop-up store campaign to take advantage of an influencer endorsement.

On the contrary, at PMYB, we can help you plan an event where your influencer and his or her endorsement of your brand is at the very heart of the event. Maybe your customers can listen to your influencer speak, or spectate as the influencer partakes in a sporting challenge. Alternatively, you can get your customers directly involved. For instance, you might try inviting customers to compete against your influencers in fun activities.

At PMYB, we won’t just connect you with the right influencers for your brand. We will also help you come up with creative ideas to build events around those influencers.

(Influencer Marketing Strategy) Influencer Events - Experiential Marketing

Interactive Advertising

Experiential marketing doesn’t always have to be about events. Sometimes, you can make a lasting impression in a more passive way. PMYB can help you tweak your physical advertising strategies—with interactive posters, billboards, signs, etc.—so that passers-by see those ads and also engage with them physically.

This type of interactive advertising has been a hit for some of the world’s largest brands. Take Google, which set up a special ‘Impact Challenge’ in 2015 to make charitable donations to nonprofits in California’s Bay Area. Rather than just deciding which nonprofits would receive the money, Google used interactive advertising strategies to get community input.

The company created a series of interactive electronic posters for the undertaking. Each poster highlighted ten non-profit organizations and the missions they were trying to accomplish. Google then situated the posters around the Bay Area in high-traffic spots (near food trucks, by bus stops, etc.). This encouraged passers-by to vote for a nonprofit by pressing one of 10 icons on the poster. By engaging with people who were likely to have time to spare, Google was able to pick up 400,000 votes in less than a month.

Interactive audience - experiential marketing

Product Tests and Demonstrations

It’s easy to forget how powerful product tests can be. Sometimes, the best type of experiential marketing is simply allowing your customers to experience your products before they buy. At PMYB, we will work with you to create the perfect product test or demonstration environment.

For instance, if your company makes and sells toys, you might set up a temporary booth in a popular toy store around the holidays. By giving kids a chance to test and experience your flagship toy, you can land your product on more wish lists.

Of course, this is just one of an infinite number of possible examples. In virtually all cases, customers who get a chance to test out a product are more likely to buy. Giving customers an up-close-and-personal glimpse of the product in action can have the same result. In other words, the product sells itself. By working with PMYB, you’ll be creating the opportunity for your product to do just that.

product testing - experiential marketing

 Prize Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff. With that thought in mind, why not use the elation of winning a prize to drive sales and increase positive feelings towards your brand? Prize giveaways are a classic form of experiential marketing. The more creative you get with your giveaway, the more successful it will be. When you work with PMYB, we will help you reinvent the giveaway model to suit your brand, product range, and customer base. Our giveaways will spread the word about your brand and give you a PR boost. They might even go viral.

How creative can you get with a prize giveaway? Consider the Guinness Class campaign. This giveaway strategy was implemented a few years ago by Diageo, the manufacturer of Guinness beer. Diageo hired brand ambassadors dressed as flight attendants to go into bars and pubs and offer chances to win prizes. All bar patrons had to for a chance at shaking the ‘Guinness award generator’ was to order a Guinness beer.

The giveaways ranged from free pints to iPhone covers to a five-person trip to Dublin. The genius of the campaign, though, was how it got people to order drafts of Guinness instead of any other beer. PMYB can help you get similarly creative for your own giveaway experience.

Giveaway - Experiential Marketing Services

 Your Celeb Endorsement Campaign

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