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Every company has the intention of maximising their value and improving their return on investment (ROI). Although having a strong brand, product or service is important, the most important asset in your business is your customers. Due to this, the companies that are currently excelling the most have their customer lifecycle process spot on.

From acquiring new customers to growing their lifetime value and converting them into brand advocates. And this is the reason we have gone on to develop such a strong digital strategy called ‘engagement marketing’. The process consists of utilising the most powerful people in your field in the most powerful way.

We use different Engagement Marketing Methods to attract such customers. These methods include social media customer retention and interactive content marketing strategies that will fuel the growth of your business. Our PMYB engagement marketing experts will provide you best solutions depending upon your business requirements.

What is Engagement Marketing?

Engagement marketing is marketing method that seeks to encourage consumers to participate in the growth of a brand. Consumers actively take part in the co-creation, as well as the production of marketing strategies, and thus form strong relationships with brands. This act of co-creation can take place on social media in the form of user-generated content or as a result of direct interaction between a company and their customers.

On the other hand, this could be an influencer representing your brand directly engaging with your customers. Meaningful customer engagement is the key to making engagement marketing a success and this is something we pride ourselves in doing for our clients.

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Engagement marketing enables you to connect with consumers:

As respected individuals

Based on their interests

Directed towards an intended result

Everywhere they go

Utilising powerful influencers

Continuously over a period of time

What is our engagement marketing strategy?

At PMYB our objective is to utilise our strong network of over 9,500 powerful influencers, celebrities, micro influencers and bloggers. Our influencer marketing experts can deliver your brand directly to millions of your target audience. The creative minds at PMYB will directly engage consumers and encourage them to participate in the evolution of your brand.We encourage our digital influencers to represent your brand in a way that pulls in results using this simple process:

  • It is important that influencers representing your brand genuinely love your brand, thus connecting your brand with the right influencers is important
  • Creating powerful concepts and content that entice your customers to engage
  • Making sure our influencers directly interact with your customers in a positive way
  • Reporting what your consumers are saying using the best social media listening software
  • Transforming our digital influencers into your brand ambassadors over time

Our influencers genuinely love interacting with their followers, and are ideal for brands seeking an engagement marketing solution. We can create an engagement marketing campaign proposal for you today. Get in touch with us here.

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Research and Analysis

As with every client we collaborate with, our engagement marketing experts carry out a deep research and analysis on your brand. This includes an analysis of the industry that our client is within. Most importantly we like to look carefully at your target consumer, which is key to any successful engagement marketing strategy. After the research and analysis, we will reach out to the influencers that we consider a perfect fit for your brand. While doing so we enable our clients to select from a collection of digital influencers that we match your brand with.

Once the right influencers are selected, our engagement marketing experts will spend time putting together a number of strong concepts for you. Whether the objective is fuelling user-generated content or creating very shareable content, our team implement impactful ways of marketing that ensure the growth of businesses worldwide. For example, we put together an impactful viral marketing concept for a client called The Meat Man who achieved an astounding 10 million+ video views in 48 hours across social media.

Because we utilizing a couple of our elite influencers, UK Facebook stars Brad Holmes and Jen, our engagement marketing experts at PMYB were able to ensure the virality of our client. This campaign led to a ‘surge’ in business for The Meat Man. In addition, the campaign led to them identifying their competitor’s audience in the comments of the video. Therefore as you can imagine it was very successful and targeted campaign. Likewise, PMYB can do the same for your company.

Why is Engagement Marketing powerful?

Engagement marketing and influencer marketing come under the same umbrella and this is our passion. As it’s so consumer-focused and personable, it can really uplift your brand to heights. Most importantly, the association with digital influencer, whom their followers idolise can lead to you really bringing in some powerful results. In oppose to traditional marketing approaches that consist of specifically targeting prospects with direct responses.

Engagement Marketing allows your audience and potential consumers to interact with you in an influential way. A strong engagement Marketing Plan maximises the potential of every connection you make, keeping you in their hearts and minds. We’ll work with you to gain a deeper understanding of how best to talk and deliver your message. Our expertise will help you discover the best way to deal with your audience.

We can develop a digital strategy that will maintain your open line of communication with the public. To discover more about our Engagement Marketing Service, or how we will be able to help your business to achieve its growth goals and profits you can contact us here. Our Experts will guide you best Engagement Marketing Strategy according to your business and specification to fulfil your demands.

A solid digital strategy

Here are some steps which you can follow when integrating an engagement marketing strategy:

Develop an Engagement Strategy

Firstly it is important to build a plan and approach. Where is your target consumer? How will your reach your customer? What techniques will create a reaction from you target consumer?

Integrate Other Marketing Strategies

We integrate numerous methods such as influencer marketing using celebrities, influencers and micro-influencers. Engaging content from engaging people is ideal. Also, we like to encourage bloggers to create reviews on the products and services of our clients.

Focus on content and relationship

We focus on relevant and interesting content as the key to engaging with your audience. Treating your consumers like friends of your brand, rather than customers is also important. Understand that building true relationships with your audience through content that is significant to the individual is the best way to achieving set KPI’s.

Invite consumers to interact

Promoting engagement enthusiasm by motivating your target audience to contribute with comments, suggestions, reviews or user-generated content.

Emotion-evoking content

It’s very important to create content that changes someones day in a powerful way. Driving consumers to feel emotional about your content will engage them and encourage participation with your brand.

Engaging Video Content

PMYB operate in a way that makes it easy for us to create strong video content. Web video that captivates your audience, that’s share-friendly, that builds positive relations with the right consumers. In oppose to the simple one-off collaboration between your brand and an influencer, we understand forming powerful relationships between your brand and the influencers used is important.

As audiences are becoming more switched-on they know when someone is getting paid to do an endorsement. We ensure this does not come across, whether it’s through the script of the vlogger or overall video concept. Genuinity is something we promote in the video content we put together. As a result, this builds the intimate relationship between brand and customer. Implementing web videos with engagement marketing is something we particularly enjoy!

Implementing web videos are frequently used in the following cases:

  • Retrieving information on product-related features and benefits
  • Providing information on product placement and use
  • Demonstrating more complex products and services
  • Creating testimonials about customer’s experiences in a real environment
  • Producing viral content that will raise the awareness of your brand
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PMYB provides effective results with Engagement Marketing

Our objective at PMYB is to not only plan and product a strong concept that will get your customers engaging. In addition, we execute these campaigns fully-managing every step of the process. According to your brand image, objectives and budget we can really assist you in your customer lifecycle processes. As a result, we can help you acquire and retain your customers in an innovative way that is unique to your competition.

Our PMYB Influencer experts believe that “Customer Engagement is the greatest method for Customer Retention.” If you would like us to put together a campaign proposal for you please don’t hesitate to contact us today.