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We’re a Digital PR Agency that does things differently. When it comes to planning a strategy that best suits your business and requirements, there are a number of options that we can offer. Digital PR is one of those options. Digital PR focuses on building relationships with relevant, key content writers, bloggers and online journalists, otherwise known as influencers. The objective of our digital PR campaigns is to make your brand come across as authentic via trusted voices.

Our influencers can write about your brand in a positive light to increase your leads. Even a mention or citation within a blog is enough to help build good quality backlinks. By getting your brand endorsed by the right writers, you engage with your target audience on their preferred medium. Our digital PR agency has the power to put together a strong online marketing campaign using some of the most powerful digital influencer bloggers around. Get in touch here.

The importance of Influencers in Digital PR

When you opt for a digital PR campaign, we help create one that focus on achieving your specific objectives. Those goals can differ from industry-to-industry and even business-to-business. That’s why it’s so important to identify your key objectives from the outset. Your goals may be to:

Increase online traffic

Raise awareness of your brand

Deliver a thought leadership piece into the right publication

Highlight a new service, product or development to the right audience

Also, dependent on your industry or target audience, you will require specific influencers in order to hit the right platform and to extend the reach of your audience. We have relationships with over 9,500 influencers, spanning myriad industries, platforms and audiences. And we are well-placed to identify the right influencer for your needs.

The power of influencers

Digital PR Agency influencers really do work for businesses. Highlights of a 2016 study of American consumers include:

1. Trusted Opinions

96% of respondents said they would probably search for opinions and recommendations from others before making a purchase of or investment in something new.

2. Social Network Reviews

91% would look beyond friends and family and use social networks for ratings or advice on a new brand, product or service.

3. Web communities

86% of respondents use web communities and social media to search for recommendations before making a new purchase.

4. Female preference

74% of female consumers say they’re more at ease using their social media network or preferences for advice or opinions than they were three years ago.

5. Everyday purchase decisions

Finally, 72% or survey respondents said they seek their social media community “frequently” to assist them when making regular, everyday buying selections.

Thus, a lot of consumers actively consult social networks, blogs and forums before making purchasing decisions. As a result, collaborating with influencers that have similar voices enables your brand, service, product or opinion, to become popular with the right people, very quickly.

Digital PR is Effective and it’s Growing!

Also, the growth of digital PR adds context to how well it is working for brands across the globe. A 2016 PR census conducted by the PRCA, PRWeek and researchers YouGov, showed that as of early 2016, the UK’s PR industry was worth £12.9 billion. That’s a 35% increase in the £9.6 billion price tag put on the industry in 2013 when the PR census was last conducted.

The census also shows the number of employees in the industry has expanded by around a third over three years, to 83,000 in 2016. That level of growth across the PR industry as a whole, simply wouldn’t occur if the industry wasn’t on the up. Also, digital PR is clearly playing a major part in that growth.

Case in point. A separate PR poll conducted by PRWeek shows that of the UK’s top 150 PR firms in 2016, 38 were new entries to the list. And, the highest new entry which came in at number 10 on the PRWeek list, has an entire team devoted to – you guessed it – digital and social PR.

Growth of Digital Tools

If you need further convincing, just take a look at the growth of online analytics tools from social networking sites that are being created for influencers. Between them, they have brought a plethora of new offerings and methods to marketers and businesses. These new methods are employed across all industries and are even used to help micro influencers become more established and reach larger audiences. Part of our business is keeping on top of all of this information. We know when:

New online PR-related tools are being tested and showcased to the public.

Bloggers in specific industries are making powerful moves.

Why, when and how unique posts goes viral.

New online publications or blogs are gaining traction.

Our attention to these details combined with our expertise and experience allows us to work with you to create a strong ROI from your digital PR campaign. That includes matching your requirements with the right digital influencers.

How our Digital PR Campaigns work

The basic ingredients of our digital PR campaigns are pretty straight forward.

  1. We work with you to identify the right influencers, whilst taking into account exactly what the final objective of your digital PR campaign is.
  2. Secondly, we would perform a deep analysis of your target audience using our social media analytics software. We can discover solid data, including statistics on the relation between your audience’s demographics and their feelings about specific topics.
  3. After we will progress with the concept creation. While doing so we will maintain your positive brand image.
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Your Digital PR Campaign. Your Digital PR Agency.

A Digital PR Agency that knows what it’s doing. We know a lot of online influencers and have good relationships with them. Due to this, we understand what they’re comfortable promoting, as well as the way they like to be communicated with. We also understand their strengths; what their followers engage with most.

Therefore your brand or products being endorsed by an elite writer will open new doors for your company. But, if not managed correctly without the right news hook; or the timing, the impact won’t be as big as it could be. And that would mean we aren’t doing our job properly. You see, we don’t just know our influencers well.

We know their followers and wke now when their online peak traffic times. See for yourselves and get in touch. Harness our expertise, experience and passion for assisting you in exceeding our businesses KPI’s. Get in touch with the marketers at our Digital PR Agency here.