Your Content Marketing Campaign Strategy

The continued rise of content marketing has gathered pace recently and it’s now a necessity for pretty much every business that’s courting success. The key to a prosperous business, launch or brand is the right content marketing strategy/content marketing strategies.

At PMYB we understand that and can assist you in creating content that improves your conversion rates. By identifying the right influencers to build a marketing strategy that hits all the right buttons for your audience. Still not sure how this could work for you?

Let’s start with a few basics. Then, add some innovation and a drop of influencer magic to see how PMYB can create a content marketing strategy that gets your brand where you want it to go.

How PMYB help Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing consists of distributing useful and arousing content on your target audience’s preferred platforms to keep them engaged. By providing interesting and relevant content you can keep your core audience engaged with your brand. Whether it’s photos, videos, stories, competitions, reviews, endorsements, blog posts, infographics, guides, publicity stunts, experiential events or a general strategy designed for your brand, we can do so. We know how to fascinate online communities with shareable content.

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We produce content that:

Engages and fascinates consumers

Relates to your target consumers

Positions your brand as industry leaders

Is easily accessable

Is regular and topical

Infiltrates your target audience’s preferred platform

Enter Influencers

Okay, so you’ve got the idea. A successful content marketing strategy requires a lot of quality content, in the right format for the right platform at the right time. Most importantly, creativity should be your focal point, as well as identifying the right influencers for your brand.

Say you have the team to do this and your content is exactly what your target audience would read, view or interact with. But, the content isn’t translating into conversions or sales. Why? It’s because your campaigns don’t reach out to your actual target audience or in the right way. It’s not enough to target audience demographics in paid ads.

This is where PMYB and our influencers come in. First and foremost, our influencers not only have followers but they also have fans. And lots of them. That means anything that influencer does, says, posts or shares will be seen by a lot of people, usually from a similar demographic. Additionally, the conversion rates for our influencers are higher than the typical ‘influencer’.

An Engaging Content Marketing Strategy

We know how to turn a good content marketing strategy, into a great one. We do that by combining our ability to fascinate audiences with the right influencers. Just 13.4% of U.S. adults online create 80% of the influential content people engage with. When it comes to social media influencers, the number falls further; some 6.2% of web users and content creators are responsible for 80% of the influence in those online communities. If you want your brand to become well-known, fast, then you need the right influencers in your corner.

Everybody knows this now and explains why we’ve formed great relationships with many well-known influencers. Likewise, our relationships with those influencers mean our clients are able to implement content marketing strategies that are out-of-the-ordinary. Content strategies that compel audiences. More and more companies are utilising influencers so it’s essential to produce content that stands out.

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Say Goodbye to Traditional Marketing

As we’ve said before, traditional marketing is regressing from the go-to because of technology advances, as some tech gurus call it. So, web banners and pop-up ads just don’t cut it. They simply don’t create the impact that content marketing or influencer content marketing does. Creativity and innovation wins! Your consumers call for innovation and we can help you with that, and so can our influencers. We have relationships with over 9,500 influencers. And they span over every industry, region and style.

If the right influencer endorses or mentions your brand, product or launch, our consumer reach will soar. Not only that. The number of consumers who are interested in your brand, product or launch will soar too. Why? Because the influencer they are following is interested in it. With some 27 million pieces of content being published each day, you need to know the right content about you or your brand is being seen by as many people as possible. That’s where we can help. We will work to pair your needs and brand with the right influencer. We know how to do that because we understand what’s needed to make an influencer-based content marketing strategy work.

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Don’t Stifle an Influencer’s Creativity

Another part of traditional marketing that doesn’t work too well in this mobile age is the good old press release. Our influencers are not boring old hacks trying to make a living by getting as much content out there, no matter what it is. No, they have an opinion, a view, or something to say that they want their followers to take notice of.

And they do that in their unique way which keeps audiences eyes on them. A significant proportion of influencer’s popularity often comes from the way they present themselves and share their views. We know this and that’s why we work with influencers on our content marketing strategies in a way that gives them some creative input too.

Letting their personality shine through will make your content even more engaging and thus form positive experiences with your brand. Of course, there are guidelines and preferences. But, what it boils down to is we want them to reach their audience, or followers, with content about your brand.

Our Influencer Content Marketing Strategies Work

A content marketing strategy drives online and offline word of mouth conversations revolving your brand.

Influencers that create content that their followers engage with and are genuinely aroused by.

When you consistently drive a single message home, supported by the right influencer, the right people will take notice.

Basically, we know our influencers and their audiences, inside out. Content marketing strategies require the right platform and creativity. We know which influencers are comfortable doing what your content marketing plan requires. Our knowledge and expertise are borne of years of relationship building, content marketing strategy meetings and a passion for creative marketing. Get in touch to here to improve your overall content marketing strategy with our influencers and experience. Together we can create a bigger, more engaged audience for your brand.