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PMYB offers powerful app marketing campaigns that can place your app in front of millions of your consumers. Also, at the right time in the most innovative way. PMYB integrates influencers marketing, creative marketing and app marketing to cause an array of mass downloads for our clients.

With the help of the right influencers in our agency, we can help make your App become or stay relevant. We achieved 25k downloads in 8 days for our client, Grad DNA, as you can see here. More importantly, we can help your company do the same, if not better. To enquire about implement your app marketing strategy, get in touch here.

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App Marketing Strategy, Using Key Influencers

Your creativity knows no bounds and you have developed or are responsible for an App that you have huge confidence in. You know it is capable of being the most popular app in your industry. However, having a great App is the first step of many in the online creativity process. The next step is to execute a powerful app marketing strategy in such a way that everyone will want to download it. And that’s why we are here!

Due to the recent progressive growth in saturation of the digital app stores, working with PMYB will be a great decision. Yes, simply throwing thousands into PPC campaigns may get you a good return. But what is the point in limiting yourself, when you could implement an app marketing strategy that could potentially go viral with our assistance? PMYB mixes innovation, influencers, implementation to make an impact.

In with the new!

Traditional marketing methods, even older forms of digital marketing just can’t cut it as technology continues to advance. We know that and have developed our own ‘new’ app marketing method accordingly. A style that’s combines powerful online influencers, for every industry, region and target audience.

Out with the old!

Old-fashioned marketing tactics such as branded billboards, website banners and email newsletters have never been the ideal place in presenting your app to the world. Even television is not the place. It’s when they’re already on their mobile phone. You need influencers!

You and your brands solution!

What you really need to boost your App marketing strategy, is a powerful concept and influencers. Why? They’ve already done all of that groundwork for you by building ready-made followings consisting of millions of your consumers.

And that’s where we come in.

An App Marketing Strategy to Match Your Creativity

That’s exactly what you need, an App marketing strategy that matches up to your creativity and that of the App you’re building. Many people now prefer to browse the internet through Apps rather than computers/laptops. Research suggests 90% of a typical mobile device user’s time is spent browsing Apps. So, you could be forgiven for thinking it shouldn’t be that hard. But, you’d be wrong.

Although App usage is high, the choice of Apps is high too. The latest data show there are 2.2 million Android Apps available and 2 million Apple Apps. That’s a LOT of competition!
If you really want to unleash your creative genius upon the masses, then influencers are your number one App marketing option. Influencers have thousands or millions of followers, who regularly engage with them.

Followers who view them as role models and are genuinely inspired by them. They offer a direct, different and better route to your audience. For many people, that also includes showing a keen interest in what apps their favourite influencers are using. And we can get the most popular people on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and even Snapchat using your app in front of millions.

We Know Our Influencers and their Audiences

That’s a true statement. But, to be a successful influencer marketing business, it has to be. We know which influencers are best suited to different types of Apps. Also, our ability to produce powerful App marketing campaigns with the use of the right influencers is well known. Grad DNA set us a target of achieving them 3,000 app downloads.

However, we exceeded this set target in style by propelling them to the top of the global app stores for business. The campaign for Grad DNA’s App saw them receive 5+ million impressions and, as stated before, over 25,000 downloads in 8 days.

How did we work with Grad DNA to get their App for job seeking students and graduates this level of success? We identified their target market, paired their product with the right influencers and implemented an innovative strategy. Our marketing team’s creativity and industry knowledge can see us reproduce the same results for any brand.

 App Marketing

The importance of utilising our influencers correctly should never be understated:

 We can quickly organise the endorsing of your app with the most suited elite influencers.

 Different industries require different strategies.

Creating a buzz is an essential part of App Marketing, therefore influencers fit this role perfectly.

You don’t want your app expenses to go to waste and we can educate how to avoid this.

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Every App Campaign is Tailor-Made

 Personalised App Marketing Strategy

We work closely with you to tailor-make your campaign precisely to your needs. We know how important every single tweet, post and video is. If one part of it doesn’t feel right, it won’t impact the right people. We spend a lot of time making sure this doesn’t happen to our clients.

But, it’s not just about what you put on social media. The ‘how’ is important too. We know that influencer marketing is the right way to market your app. At PMYB we understand the importance of selecting the right influencers, in the right industry with the right audience for your app marketing campaign.

Our knowledge and experience mean that even though we have relationships with over 9,500 influencers, we can single out those who are perfect for your needs. But, it’s not just about their followers and audience. It’s also about how that influencer interacts with their audience. We know all those details, inside out, and use that information when creating each individual campaign.

Our experience and attention to detail combine to ensure your App campaign will be a success. We can get your App, that you’ve worked so hard on, seen by audiences of thousands and even millions. And, we can make that happen within days of your App launch.

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Begin your Influencer App Marketing Campaign

The latest data from digital analysts at GSMA Intelligence shows there are 7.9 billion mobile connections in the world today. It also shows there are 4.8 billion unique mobile subscribers.

And we have the ability to target over 350 million users worldwide. Additionally, using influencers, with a readymade audience that ties in perfectly with your target market, is one of the best ways to conduct an innovative and successful App marketing campaign.

Surveys across the world demonstrate how much more willing mobile users are to consult their online community for advice than they were just a couple of years ago. They regularly and actively seek advice. Advice on which app will be best suited to their requirements. Whether it’s making purchases, changing careers, joining a new network or going on holiday consumers seek advice from others.

We can open doors for your App; the right doors that produce and retain loyal consumers. Get in touch and hear more about how our influencers can help make your App the next big thing.

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