Influencer Secrets Every Business Should Know About!

Everbody’s coming to terms with the fact that influencers are here to stay. According to recent marketing industry research, an incredible 73% of marketers have an allocated budget for influencer marketing. And due to this, brands are discovering more about what the influencer marketing realm holds. Clearly, all businesses – be they big or small – are investing seriously in their influencer marketing strategies. Some big players have decided to share their own experiences and influencer secrets.

But all of this doesn’t necessarily mean all brands are implementing their influencer marketing strategies successfully. In fact, when it comes to effective influencer marketing, many brands still have a lot to learn. A quick Google search brings up plenty of influencer marketing horror stories. This includes everything from lazy templated campaigns to distasteful partnerships decisions.

But don’t worry – that doesn’t have to be you. To guarantee success in the influencer marketing industry, your company simply needs to listen to the right advice. And who better to listen to than the big players who have enjoyed success in their influencer campaigns.

That’s why, in this article, we’ve lined up the business world’s top influencer secrets. Yes, Coca-Cola, PayPal and Dell are all well-established businesses with years of experience in marketing but influencer marketing is still relatively new, so these tips should be of real help to everyone. Whatever your business size, these influencer secrets will help your brand to succeed in the quickly-growing influencer marketing industry.


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The Coca-Cola Created a Buzz

First of all, we’re flagging up the influencer secrets from one of the biggest corporate brands in the world: Coca-Cola.

When it comes to marketing strategies in general, Coca-Cola has done well to stay at the front of consumers’ minds for decades.  In fact, in recent years, Coca-Cola has launched a number of high-profile marketing campaigns starring influencers.

Some of Coca-Cola’s most notable influencer campaigns have been in collaboration with huge international sporting events. This includes the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

All in all, running influencer campaigns alongside huge sporting competition has proven to be a great success for Cola-Cola so far. Why? Because these high-profile sporting events always create a sense of excitement among the public and influencers help fuel this excitement to another level because of their influence.




Coca-Cola’s Influencer Secrets

According to representatives of the brand itself, Coca-Cola aims to give themselves plenty of time to search for the right influencers – before embarking on an influencer marketing campaign. In our experience, it is so important that brands do so because the best influencers are busy people (everyone wants to work with them).

For the 2016 Rio Olympics campaign, this involved beginning research on influencers months before the campaign launched. Coca-Cola began official partnerships with the first set of influencers just a few months later.

All of this forethought might seem unnecessary, but it ultimately paid off for Coca-Cola. This is because it encouraged the brand to become familiar with its team of influencers – and vice versa. According to Kate Hartmann, Coca-Cola’s group director for global brand PR, “It takes a lot of time to get to know who you are working with.” However, Coca-Cola deemed this period of time absolutely necessary. “They aren’t an asset. They are a person,” Hartmann stresses. “We treated them as a friend of the company. That pays off ten-fold.”

Ultimately, the influencers involved in the campaign developed a better relationship with Coca-Cola and steadily became part of the company. This positive professional relationship will always make a campaign more effective, and therefore will be more appealing to viewers. For this reason, Coca-Cola highly recommends dedicating plenty of time to influencer marketing campaigns – and never rushing them. Here are 4 ways you can influence your influencers to do a great job for you.

It can be difficult to find the right influencer to front a marketing campaign. In a recent survey, 73% of fashion brands agreed with this.

Taking Coca-Cola’s advice, and slowing down the whole influencer selection process is a great solution to this problem. In the long-run, it will only lead you to much more successful influencer marketing campaigns.


PayPal’s Influencer Secrets

PayPal also has some of their own influencer secrets to share.

Melissa O’Malley, the global initiative’s director, has pointed out that brands should understand exactly why they are embarking on influencer marketing campaigns. “When I created the Influencer Advisory Board at HP, I wanted there to be a reason that we were working together,” O’Malley has said.

This involves working out how influencers can help your company – to boost brand awareness and sales. But it’s also about establishing win-win relationships with influencers. So, running marketing campaigns that are positive for both parties, and will help an influencer to develop their own career.  O’Malley herself describes this as having “a focus on creating content that was good for us and good for them. I wanted to be sure it was a win-win.”

When a brand achieves this, they will be working with influencers whose goals and outcomes are more in line with the company’s own. Ultimately, this will always be effective for a brand, as you can help each other to achieve mutual success in the long-run.

All in all, this tip may seem simple, but it’s something brands don’t consider. 

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Dell’s Influencer Secrets

Dell has some very informative news about their personal experience with influencer marketing and tips for others.  They have literally outlined the importance of putting in the time and resources that every influencer agency does.

You might be interested to hear that Dell’s director of PR and influencer relations, Laura Mauro, gets ahead in the influencer marketing industry by prioritising personal relationships. That means that above all, Dell aims to forge close relationships with the brand and the social influencers – for all of their campaigns.

To achieve this, Dell recommends investing properly in influencer marketing. Ideally, this means putting aside a dedicated influencer marketing budget and identifying an influencer marketing agency or putting together a team that can fully manage your campaign. In her own words, Mauro states that “You must invest in introductory calls, face-to-face meetings, follow-up emails, planning and much more. It is a full-time job and difficult to do well if you have another full-time role. If you are looking at starting a program, I suggest investing”.

This will make it easier for your brand to maintain strong influencer relations in the long-term.

Dell believes these measures ultimately make influencer marketing strategies more effective. And we have to agree! The time, networks, infrastructure and processes needed to carry out influencer marketing are vast.


PMYB’s Important Influencer Secrets

So, we’ve mentioned the advice of various companies but what are the influencer secrets we’ve learned? We truly understand the intricacies of the industry and have our own insider influencer secrets to share.

As an influencer marketing agency, we take on the complexed tasks of identifying the most effective influencers and managing them to ensuring the demands of clients are met.

We particularly understand the complexities of relationship management. In fact, we echo much of Dell’s advice on forging strong relationships with influencers. It can be difficult to strike the correct balance in this sensitive relationship – and we act as the bridge between companies and influencers. 

For example, in recent months we worked with a client that kept chopping and changing their minds constantly. If we were not involved we are 100% sure that the influencers would have quit the campaign. Due to our experience with influencers, we were able to carefully manage the influencers and keep them happy in the most demanding of times. It’s so important that you do your strategy in advance and leave influencer changes to a minimum. Yes, there’s bound to be a few changes but there has to be a cut-off point.

As we just said, if the PMYB team were not a part of this campaign, we are 100% sure that the influencers would have quit the campaign and left the brand in an awful position. We cannot stress enough the importance of being reasonable with your influencers.

Brands Understand Influencer Marketing isn’t so Textbook

Influencers are not only people, they are in demand people who will only work with people they like and our understanding of this is the reason why influencers love working with us and why our clients get a lot of value from our partnership.

With patience and a bit of effort on both sides, forming strong relationships is very doable – and the results are completely worth it. 

We recognise this can bring about new challenges for brands. But this is why exactly why the right influencer marketing agency can be so useful. Agencies act as the middleman between the brand and the influencers. They manage the business relationship, liaise with influencers, and work out any nitty-gritty problems so you don’t have to.

As influencer marketing continues to grow, more and are global brands are discovering the necessity of outsourcing. This is something we have encountered a lot. Brands give it a go, realise they cannot do it and come to us for help at the last minute.


Influencer Marketing Fraud

Our final tip on this list of top influencer secrets addresses one of the biggest issues in the industry… Fake influencer activity / Influencer Marketing Fraud.

Unfortunately, there are still a number of influencers who use unauthentic methods to boost fake engagements and fake followers. These fake automated accounts often trick companies. And sadly, cheating influencers are really damaging brands.

To avoid this issue in influencer marketing campaigns, brands need a system through which they can identify authentic, successful influencers. And that’s where our Chromo-Influencers™ service comes in.

Through extensive analysis, we are able to identify Chromo-Influencers™. The analysis allows us to optimise the influencer spend of our clients.

So, if you’re looking to avoid fake influencer activity, and are aiming to only work with the top influencers, you must do an extensive analysis on each influencer to predict how effective they will be, so you don’t waste your money on fraudulent influencers. At PMYB, we rate each influencer against 46 important data points, known as Chromo-Factors. These factors cover a range of observable, social, and quantitative data points that contribute to an influencer’s ability to perform effectively in your influencer campaign.


Find Success with Influencer Marketing

It’s no secret that influencer marketing is a demanding and challenging market. But as this article shows, there are a number of industry influencer secrets that can help you crack the system – and continue to achieve success in your campaigns.

To guarantee your brand’s success, follow the advice from these global brands, and follow our articles for the latest updates in the influencer marketing landscape here.


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