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The Meat Man achieved an astounding 12 million+ video views in 48 hours across social media, utilising UK Facebook stars and influencers Brad Holmes and Jen. PMYB were the brains behind the viral campaign.

The Client – The Meat Man

The Meat Man has been selling to the public and restaurants for over 4 years and have had over 10,000 happy customers and counting. All the meat sent is cut fresh upon order to ensure you get the best quality possible; it is never frozen and comes vacuum packed so it reaches you at its freshest possible state.


Campaign Objective

Raise the overall awareness of The Meat Man brand among people interested in buying chicken across the UK.

Chef | Brad Holmes Meat Man Case Study | Influencer Marketin

Brad Holmes Video

Check out Brad Holmes, PMYB influencer and UK Facebook superstar prank his fiancee with a 500kg  chicken order costing over £1999.99 plus a £5.99 delivery fee!

Watch the full video here.

 Campaign KPI’s

Combined follower reach
Total video views
Social engagements
National newspapers

What we did and who we used


In oppose to our influencer marketing campaign with Grad DNA (click here to see) we decided to use one powerful influencer. The video was posted on multiple powerful pages and blogs which led to a viral storm. In addition, the creative concept led to multiple national and local newspapers taking notice. As a result, we took product placement to a new level.

As well as the PR benefits, we helped our client, The Meat Man create a ‘surge in business’.

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