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How Brands & Influencers Can Benefit From Instagram’s New Quiz Sticker

Instagram recently upgraded its renowned poll stickers with the new and improved quiz sticker feature which offers a more interactive way for brands and influencers to ask their followers engaging…
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Television Advertising vs Influencer Marketing – The Pros and Cons

Hundreds of high profile brands have moved portions of their television advertising budgets into influencer marketing over the past four years. As we reported in December, 2018 was a year…
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How Instagram Influencer, Humna Raza, Helped Save a Life
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How Gymshark Grew a £100M Business in 7 years with Influencers!
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7 Key Characteristics that Increase the Authenticity of Influencers
7 deadly sins of influencer marketing
Influencer Marketing Tips
The 7 Deadly Sins of Influencer Marketing (Written by PMYB Co-Founder, Chris Wilson)
B2B Marketing Expo 2019 PMYB team
The 2019 B2B Marketing Expo from PMYB’s Perspective
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11 Influencer Marketing Conferences and Events for 2019
Influencer Marketing Success Stories
FULL INTERVIEW: How Influencers Transformed the Fresh Ego Kid Brand (with Founder, Marvin Morgan)
Instagram Checkout has arrived – The Game-Changing Instagram Feature!
Celebrity Influence: How Taylor Swift Influenced Politics
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Influencer Campaigns
7 Great Travel Influencer Campaigns that Increased the Sales of Travel Brands!
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Influencer Marketing Tips
Matching Your Influencer’s Values with your Company’s Corporate Values is Even More Crucial
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Influencer Marketing Success Stories
How Nathan Alexander from Boda Skins Built a Multi-million Pound Business Through Influencers
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How Chromo-Influencers™ Are Easily Driving App Downloads
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Why are so Many Popular Instagram Accounts Going Private Now?
Influencer Marketing Tips
Why Brands Need to Think More Like a Chromo-Influencer
Influencer Marketing Tips
Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) vs Influencers – Who Suits Your Campaign?
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Will ‘Instagram Books’ Inspire the Platform’s Future?
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9 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is not Going Anywhere
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Instagram vs Instagram Fraud – The Battle is Heating up
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7 Things Travel Companies Must Avoid in Influencer Marketing Campaigns
12 PMYB Influencer marketing predictions
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12 Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2019
Influencer Marketing News
Fyre Festival – A huge disaster. But who is to blame?