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Blockchain technology seems to be solving many problems that are facing society. Not only does the Blockchain system promise to change finance as we know it, but applications can also be seen in real estate, train schedules and climate change. Now, the latest and perhaps most interesting revolution to us digital marketers has to be a Blockchain social network.



Much like how Blockchain technology has promised to take away the power from corporate banking giants. The same methodology applies to social media corporations. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were initially promised as a censorship-free way for consumers to communicate with each other.  However, things have changed. Rightly or wrongly social media sites are becoming increasingly censored – both internally and through government organisations.

Privacy has also become a cause for concern. Users are no longer in control of who sees their information. Social media companies are making a profit at the expense of user privacy. This is a result of the centralised structure of social media giants. This model provides a single venue where data for users is easily leveraged and censored.

blockchain social network


A More Secure Social Network for Influencers

This is where Blockchain comes in. With the information securely held on the Blockchain, it would eliminate the issues surrounding privacy. By decentralising corporate social media Blockchain technology removes the hub responsible for privacy infringements and censorship. Users would be able to directly and freely interact with each other without corporate governance.

Christopher Kramer, founder of onG.Social, has said his company is creating a decentralised social media system where users, such as influencers, can access all their social media from one secure source.

“The Blockchain is transforming social media through censorship resistant, global ledger technology that puts each person in control of their data and monetisation without the requirement of top down control”.

This could provide influencers with a more secure platform using a ‘content mirror’ in which they can choose to migrate all their content onto the site. Protecting their content and also free speech.

This kind of integration with existing social media sites may just be the start. Is a Blockchain social network the next step?


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