The Facebook Algorithm Controversy!

The new Facebook algorithm has caused controversy among brands and influencers alike.  Although users may benefit from the new changes, brands are at risk of falling behind. Find out exactly what the changes mean here – and learn exactly how to beat the new Facebook algorithm with Chromo-Influencers™.


What is the Facebook Algorithm?

When a Facebook user clicks on their own News Feed, there are typically hundreds or even thousands of different posts that could appear. This is why the Facebook algorithm exists. It works out which posts the individual user is most likely to be interested in and orders the posts accordingly.

On the whole, this sophisticated algorithm makes the Facebook experience simpler and more worthwhile for the user. Facebook constantly updates the algorithm, to improve the user experience.

So, how exactly does the Facebook algorithm function? To grasp this, we need to break the concept down and take a closer look at the science behind the algorithm…


The Ins and Outs of the Facebook Algorithm

In a recent webinar about the News Feed algorithm, the Facebook team highlighted its four key components: inventory, signals, predictions and overall score. The team stressed that these four components work together to provide Facebook users with their ideal News Feed.

This is important for brands and influencers to understand. It’s particularly important to grasp the ‘signals’ part of the algorithm – because that’s the part that brands and influencers can use to help make Facebook content more visible. (We’ll go into this in more detail later.)

Over the past few years, with different Facebook algorithms, a number of different signals helped posts to edge their way up users’ News Feeds. The main signals that affected News Feed Content Rankings in the past went as follows:

  1. Average time spent on content
  2. Person sharing a link over Messenger
  3. Multiple replies to comments on a video
  4. Overall engagement
  5. When it’s posted
  6. Commenting on or liking a person’s photo or status update
  7. Story type
  8. Engagement with a publisher/brand post shared by a friend
  9. How informative a post is

As you can see, the Facebook algorithm has always been pretty sophisticated. It’s easy to see how much of an impact the algorithm can have on user experience. However, the new Facebook algorithm marks a particularly significant change – which could have a crucial impact on the influencer marketing industry…


The Impact of the New Facebook Algorithm

Things are changing with the Facebook algorithm.

The team is updating the algorithm to prioritise what they consider ‘meaningful interactions’ – which for Facebook, is a user’s family and friends. Facebook deem interactions with friends and relatives more meaningful because the platform considers interactions between individuals more valuable than interactions between people and pages – a theory we can’t help but disagree with… Users are really inspired by the social media influencers they follow, and in some cases, users are more likely to be influenced by an influencer than someone they personally know.

Facebook also sees these more ‘meaningful’ posts as content that triggers more active engagement. This means actively sharing, commenting on and reacting to posts – rather than simply viewing, clicking, or hovering over content.

This means that from now on, only certain signals will truly enhance a post’s visibility on the Facebook News Feed.

These are:

  1. Person sharing a link over Messenger
  2. Multiple replies to comments on a video
  3. Commenting on or liking a person’s photo or status update
  4. Engagement with a publisher/brand post shared by a friend

Meanwhile, the other signals will be less favoured by the algorithm. That’s a huge development for the Facebook News Feed!


What the new Facebook Algorithm Means for You

So, to recap, the new Facebook algorithm is prioritising posts from family and friends. And the algorithm will be favouring posts that receive more active engagement, in the form of comments, shares, and reactions.

For brands and influencers, this second point is the crux of the matter. Clearly, the new Facebook algorithm won’t be actively working towards boosting influencer posts, as they aren’t considered friends and family content. But brands and influencers can get around these changes – by remembering that Facebook is now simply prioritising posts that trigger active engagements. After all, that’s something any brand or influencer can achieve!

Ultimately, brands and influencers simply need to elicit active engagement from users, in order to continue to produce effective Facebook content.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how influencers can achieve this…


Beat the New Facebook Algorithm

In order to beat the new Facebook algorithm and stay visible on Newsfeeds, we need to create content that engages users actively – leading them to comment on, share and react to posts. Check out our top 5 tips on how to do just that!

1.Focus on the User

The truth is, brands and influencers now need to work to engage Facebook users and stay relevant. This means putting users at the heart of your Facebook strategy, to ensure steady engagement levels.

This is probably something your brand already aims to do, but it should become a fundamental aspect of your social media strategy from now on. Think of your Facebook content as something created specifically for users. So, rather than creating content for your brand, which you hope users will interact with, create the content specifically for users in mind.

This is just a small shift in the way brands and influencers think about content. But it has the potential to completely change outlooks towards your Facebook content – and transform engagement levels in the long run.


2.Tap into Consumer Emotions

Here’s one way you can create content with Facebook users in mind, and encourage them to engage with your content: tap into their emotions.

This means thinking about your audience’s level, and putting their interests at the heart of any Facebook content you produce.

There’s an additional upside to this, too. Emotional content is far more likely to trigger engagement in users. This is because it forces users to truly interact with your content meaningfully – rather than on a superficial level. As a result, users are more likely to join in the conversation or react actively. They are unlikely to simply hover over the content, or pass it by completely. This is obviously great news for your page, as under the new Facebook algorithm, this is the aim!

3. Utilise Video Marketing

There are many ways that brands and influencers can tap into users’ emotions. For example – why not consider dealing with meaningful topics in your content? Or illustrating your ideas with emotive stories?

However, when it comes to eliciting emotions in social media users, one tactic trumps all the rest – video.

As you know, video combines moving images with sounds – and that’s the winning formula for creating emotive social media content. An added bonus is that video content is often more entertaining, and more likely to grip users’ attention for longer.

This all tends to lead to higher engagement rates – a fact that Facebook has even confirmed. The team claims that when it comes to engagement levels, videos perform better than both images and links. And apparently, live videos are six times more engaging than all other content types.

This all suggests that video really is the key to producing high engagement rates, and subsequently beating the new Facebook algorithm.

We recommend your brand looks into producing more video content specifically tailored for your Facebook audience. Check out our guide to creating effective video content for more top tips.


4. Target Niche Communities

Facebook Groups are an often overlooked aspect of many brand’s marketing strategies. But listen to this – over a billion people around the world use Facebook groups. And for around a million users, this is the most important part of their Facebook experience.

This is something brands should be aware of. It highlights an important area of Facebook that brands need to tap into if they want to make use of the platform effectively, and of course, keep those all-important engagement levels up.

So, how exactly can brands use Facebook Groups?

Well, consider this. Facebook Groups bring together various different individuals who share a common interest or make up a niche audience.

This means that Facebook Groups can also help brands to target users specifically – producing content perfectly tailored to individuals.

You can use any kind of Facebook Group. Niches include travel, marketing, parenting, and hobbies. It doesn’t matter what area you’re in: establish a Facebook Group and use it to employ your influencer marketing strategy. Our campaign management team at PMYB, hold strong connections with the biggest Facebook group owners worldwide, which you can utilise to positively impact your target audience.

After all, all these groups have one thing in common – they act as a platform for like-minded individuals to come together and interact. And interact, once again, is the key word here. Facebook Groups act as communities, and users are far more likely to interact in communities. Once more, this means that content will receive higher engagement levels, and will allow you to beat the new Facebook algorithm.

5. Work with Chromo-Influencers

Brands need to carefully reconsider their influencer marketing strategy in line with the news of the new Facebook algorithm.

It’s now more important than ever before to work with influencers that truly engage social media users, encouraging them to share, comment and react online. After all, this is the key to sustained publicity on Facebook now. However, relying on data and engagement is not enough. You need to focus on utilising influencers with genuine engagement and genuine followings.

It is more important than ever to avoid influencers taking part in fake account automation. Instead, your brand should be aiming to work with the most effective influencers in the industry right now – influencers who reliably engage their audiences and produce the results needed to beat the new Facebook algorithm and influencers that produce positive results, in general.

PMYB can support your brand with this. We offer our unique Chromo-Influencer service, which connects the highest-performing influencers with the biggest brands and the fastest-growing startups across the world. Our Chromo-Analysis sees us identify the most effective influencers (Chromo-Influencers) through our scientific method of influencer analysis. And, crucially, they help us to exceed the expectations of brands, who have previously encountered influencer campaigns that haven’t efficiently optimised their marketing budget spend.

This is all great news for brands on Facebook – Chromo-Influencers have the tools to beat the new Facebook algorithm as we move forward in the industry. For more information about Chromo-Influencers, get in touch today.


The Bigger Picture

Sure, change can be a scary thing. But the great thing about social media is it constantly evolves to improve user experiences. This all enhances the influencer marketing industry in the long run.

The important thing is for brands and influencers to understand the changes. That way, brands can adapt to them, and continue to function effectively on social media.When brands and influencers achieve this, they will have more successful influencer marketing strategies than ever before.


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