Our B2B / B2C Marketing Expo Exhibition

Several members of our influencer marketing agency visited the 2018 B2B / B2C Marketing Expo, which was held at the Excel Center in London. It was a two-day event showcasing the world of marketing, which attracted business owners, students, entrepreneurs, marketing managers and business developers. The team really enjoyed meeting like-minded marketing enthusiasts at the event, as well as educating people on the hot topic in marketing, influencer marketing.

In addition, the PMYB team learned more in regards to people’s understanding of influencer marketing. It was clear from the high volume of interest we were able to attract, that the marketing sensation is not going anywhere soon. Why? Because it’s the most effective way for brands to target their audience in the digital realm. In April 2018, the influencer marketing industry is continuing to rapidly grow and attain positive recognition.

Why PMYB is Leading the Growing Industry.

Although it is thriving, there are a lot of practices that are ineffective in their methods of conducting influencer marketing. The growing problem of fake followers and fake engagement among ineffective influencers contribute to this.

To overcome these challenges, in late 2016, the team at PMYB conducted a study to ensure we knew exactly what makes an influencer, influential. This led to us discovering and pioneering the process of identifying high-performing Chromo-Influencers. The strategy we use to scientifically identify influencers for campaigns enabled us to find the influencers that are more likely to be effective.

And that is where we differ from other influencer marketing agencies. The influencers we work with rate highly against 46 data points that we have found to contribute to influence. Chromo-Influencers™ enable us to always provide outstanding results for the clients we work with. And that is something we really pride ourselves on.

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B2B /B2C Marketing Expo Overview

The event was enjoyed by the passionate members of PMYB who attended. It was also great to see the strong interest in influencer marketing as a whole and the desire for marketers to learn more.

The biggest thing we took from the event is that influencer marketing is still a rapidly growing market and influencers are continuing to take brands to the next level. To stay in the loop with everything influencer marketing and some of the great things we are doing in the industry, like our Facebook page here.


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