global fashion brands have an influencer marketing budget
Influencer Marketing Tips
September 28, 2017

Why Almost Every Global Fashion Company Has an Influencer Marketing Budget

You might have heard by now that every successful global fashion brand has an influencer marketing budget. In fact, top fashion brands are investing more and more into influencer marketing…
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Global Beauty YouTubers
Influencer Marketing Tips
September 19, 2017

Top 46 global beauty YouTubers for your brand!

PMYB Network - The World's Biggest Beauty YouTubers Beauty YouTubers talk all things makeup, skincare and cosmetics for a living - and viewers love them for it! They run some…
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Influencer Marketing News
September 11, 2017

10 Influencers Taking The Millennial Marketing Industry By Storm

Influencers are the key to successful Millennial Marketing What is millennial marketing? According to Goldman Sachs, millennials are the demographic born between 1980 and 2000. As a result, targeting this…
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September 1, 2017

Top 25 Popular UK Influencers on YouTube

Meet the biggest UK Influencers on YouTube! Believe it or not, most of the biggest YouTube stars in the world are British born and bred. In fact, all 25 of…
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girl viewing effective video marketing psychology
Psychology in Advertising
August 29, 2017

How to Apply Video Marketing Psychology to your Influencer Strategy

8 Ways to Apply Marketing Psychology to Influencer Video Content In today’s consumerist world, we are all constantly surrounded by marketing messages. As a result, many modern consumers are steadily…
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English YouTubers takeover the digital advertising industry
August 21, 2017

English YouTubers takeover the Digital Advertising Industry

English YouTubers have transformed the digital advertising industry It’s official! The YouTubers are taking over! English YouTubers make up some of the most in-demand influencers in influencer marketing and that explains…
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How much do YouTubers PewDiePie and Zoella earn
July 26, 2017

How much do YouTubers like PewDiePie and Zoella earn?

Discover the earning power of vloggers PewDiePie and Zoella Undeniably, the most elite YouTube vloggers are the most influential people on social media. As a result, it’s a major platform…
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21 british influencers - uk instagrammers
Influencer Marketing Tips
July 19, 2017

21 British Influencers For Your Instagram Campaign

The Top 21 British Influencers On Instagram Instagram continues to play a key role in influencer marketing. A growing number of British influencers are contributing to the development of countless…
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Influencer Marketing News
June 27, 2017

Top 3 German Influencer Marketing Case Studies

The Success of German Influencer Marketing Campaigns Influencer marketing continues to thrive as an important marketing strategy for brands. The employing of popular social influencers as brand ambassadors has been helping…
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