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7 deadly sins of influencer marketing
Influencer Marketing Tips
April 8, 2019

The 7 Deadly Sins of Influencer Marketing (Written by PMYB Co-Founder, Chris Wilson)

Years of Experience There are often people out there that try and exploit new industries for their own personal benefit. Also, people naturally pick up bad habits when entering new…
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daniel wellington watch
Influencer Campaigns
October 22, 2018

How Daniel Wellington Turned $15,000 into $220 Million within 4 Years with Influencers

You’re on the blog of PMYB, the influencer marketing agency that disrupted the influencer marketing industry through our scientific, data-driven approach to identifying effective influencers. We design, implement and execute…
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fake followers
Influencer Marketing Tips
June 19, 2018

Unilever Ditches Celebrities with Fake Followers (How to Avoid them)

It’s fair to say that at our influencer marketing agency, PMYB, we’ve been preaching about the problems surrounding illegitimate followers for years. And it seems like major brands are becoming…
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Influencer Marketing TipsPsychology in Advertising
December 13, 2017

The Art of Negotiating Influencer Costs in Influencer Marketing!

Influencer Costs - Your Influencer Marketing Budget There has been considerable publicity about the level of money some influencers/celebrities charge for their services. Top celebrity influencers can earn upwards of…
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Influencer Marketing Tips
June 23, 2017

How a startup business explosively grew with Influencer Marketing

Is Influencer Marketing right for your Startup Business? Now everybody knows the struggle of growing a startup business. All ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners want to lay their mark in their…
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popularity contest - photgrapher
Influencer Marketing Tips
April 7, 2017

Think Bigger: Influencer Marketing Is Not a Popularity Contest

When your business launches a new influencer marketing campaign, what are you looking for in potential influencers? For most brands, the answer seems to be relevance and popularity. However, it…
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Celebrity Endorsement Psychology
Influencer Marketing News
April 4, 2017

Celebrity Endorsement Psychology – The Power of Influencer Marketing

Celebrity Endorsement Psychology  A while ago, we looked into why you should perhaps involve celebrity endorsements in your influencer marketing campaigns. However, here we investigated the world of the consumer and why audiences…
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emotional intelligence | PMYB
Emotional IntelligenceInfluencer Marketing News
March 23, 2017

Will emotional intelligence impact influencer marketing?

Mars finds relationship between sales and emotional reactions Mars recently carried out research to help themselves distinguish what creative elements in their campaigns were triggering the sort of passionate reactions that lead…
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Jay Baer Quote - Influencer marketing lesson
Influencer Marketing Tips
March 22, 2017

Educate consumers don’t Advertise – True Influencer Marketing

They don't care! "Buy this chocolate bar. You can save 29p. Simply use the code AD-VERT” is obviously a great way of reducing your chances of converting a customer. With…
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