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Instagram fraud
Ad fraud News
February 7, 2019

Instagram vs Instagram Fraud – The Battle is Heating up

Instagram fraud has been a contentious issue for some years now. There are very few people in social media who are not rattled by disingenuous Instagram users – including brands,…
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May 16, 2017

Facebook Spam: Low quality pages in newsfeed to be restricted

Goodbye Facebook Spam Facebook's latest algorithm changes have confirmed content is king. The social media giant has decided to take a stand using artificial intelligence to identify and penalise Facebook…
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Ad fraud bots
Ad fraud News
April 20, 2017

Ad Fraud Bots Cost Australian Businesses Over $116 Million Per Year

Many forms of online advertising are vulnerable to ad fraud, including PPC banner advertising. According to a recent report from the Australian website, advertisers lose $116 million per year…
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Ad fraud News
April 19, 2017

Social media automation bots are stealing from you

The rise of social media automation Social media automation and bots are a worryingly popular go-to for influencers who seek to establish online authority. Companies are being fooled every day…
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ad fraud
Ad fraud NewsPPC
March 30, 2017

Ad Fraud – The Silent Killer of the Marketing Industry

  Russian Ad Fraud 'Methbot' Scam Potentially the largest Ad Fraud scam ever. Russian hackers built a click-fraud machine that stole up to $5 million daily from top advertisers and publishers.…
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