After doing yet another social influencer campaign, Absolut Vodka again learned how beneficial social influencers can be for improving your brand awareness and customer retention. They have engaged in many influencer marketing campaigns in the last few years, therefore fully understand the positive effect of utilising the right social influencers.

Absolut vodka social influencer campaign


Advertising Alcohol In a Social Influencer Campaign

There has often been controversy over the advertising of alcohol. Marketing alcohol on social media has especially created controversies, as some social platforms have struggled to prevent audiences under the legally required age from being exposed to alcoholic advertisements.

In recent years, social media networks have improved their age verification practices. So, alcohol brands can now advertise on social media, both more explicitly and more creatively via influencer marketing.


Absolut’s Long History of Working with Social Influencers

Absolut Vodka has long seen the benefits of allowing their fans to promote them on social media via word of mouth.

Absolut Vodka have worked with a wide range of social media influencers and celebrities. They even worked with Swedish House Mafia to create a music video in 2012 that gained more than 41 million views on YouTube. This was part of their #AbsolutGreyhound campaign.

Absolut learned from that experience. Although the campaign was successful, too many people highlighted that it was a product placed endorsement. The video may have been popular, but there were some negatives.

This didn’t discourage Absolut Vodka, though. They moved forward with what they called an “Experiential Strategy”. They decided that future campaigns should focus on creative people sharing their experiences.

Absolut Vodka even created a mobile game in 2015 called Silverpoint. They worked with 10 influencers to spread the word about the game. This resulted in 22,000 game downloads for 13,000 players. The game rewarded players with pieces of a story as they advanced through the game levels. The game culminated in three live levels taking place in various London locations.


The Introduction of Absolut Elyx

In 2013 Absolut introduced Absolut Elyx to the market. People considered this a significant addition to their range. Absolut set a goal for this campaign – to let the world know about Absolut Elyx, while maintaining its exclusive brand image.

Over the next year, Absolut hosted a series of intimate VIP events for influencers across the USA. They gave the social influencers a taste of the Absolut Elyz experience.

Absolut targeted a different type of influencer at each of these events:

  • Music artists
  • Mixology aficionados
  • Business executives
  • Social media stars
  • Plus a range of other influencers

After each event, Absolut sat back and left it to the influencers and the influencer marketing agencies running their campaigns to spread the message about their new drink.


The #AbsolutQuality Social Influencer Campaign

Absolut Social Influencers on instagram

Absolut had to compete with craft-spirit makers. These artisans encouraged consumers to buy locally-produced “bespoke brands”. Absolut wanted people to know that they too had a craft heritage, and dedicated themselves to ensuring the quality of their vodkas.

Absolut knew influencer marketing could provide them with better results than traditional marketing.

So, they introduced the #AbsolutQuality platform. This was an influencer-led social campaign. Absolut worked with passionate creative entrepreneurs and craft makers to share its story.

The social influencer campaign resulted in more than 48 million impressions and greater than 730,000 engagements. We were particularly really impressed with the campaign.

As a result of the #AbsolutQuality Campaign, Absolut was nominated for the 8th Annual Shorty Awards. This was in the Influencer and Celebrity category.


The #AbsolutNights Social Influencer Campaign

Absolut social influencer

In 2016 Absolut created the #AbsolutNights social influencer campaign. In addition to this, they used the #AbsolutNights hashtag to build awareness and engagement for the brand. They targeted eight markets, including the United Kingdom.

Absolut selected appropriate social influencers, who they referred to as brand ambassadors. To make a real impact they selected social influencers across the eight nations.

The brand ambassadors created entertaining content to attract the interest of their followers. They had a specific aim of igniting curiosity and engagement for the Absolut brand.

Absolut tasked the brand ambassadors with capturing moments from their own #AbsoluteNights. The social influencers crafted a range of posts which showed the joy and entertainment that they experienced on an #AbsoluteNight.

Absolut then asked the social influencers to create an entertaining image for each post. They began each post with, ‘You know those #AbsoluteNights when’ and finished with an explanation of what was in the image.

The social influencers crafted 243 posts in this series. They resulted in 340,884 interactions with a reach of 8,273,387. On average, there were 1,403 interactions per post.

UK social influencers made 39 of these posts which reached 1,023,718 people and brought in 35,158 interactions.


Conclusion – Why Absolut Loves Working with Social Influencers

Absolut Vodka is one of the hundreds of global brands that understand the power of word of mouth. Targeted social influencers (brand ambassadors) can amplify your message to your fans quickly and effectively. Not only do they provide a large audience reach, they provide brands with tremendously more credibility. This is because their followers love them and the content they produce.

Influencer marketing has been very successful for Absolut. Furthermore, they do not stand still. They experiment and push their social influencer campaigns in new directions every time.

At PMYB we also love working with social influencers. In fact, we have a network of over 9,500 social influencers across over 30 industries. If you want to hear about more brands that are winning with influencer marketing see here.


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