Everybody knows PMYB as the influencer agency that’s built on delivering results

Why? Because our influencer agency scientifically assesses influencers to help brands optimise their influencer marketing spend. We specialise in identifying the most effective and relevant influencers for every campaign we manage. Each Influencer is rated against 46 important data points that we have found to contribute to influence, known as Chromo-Factors. Each identified influencer is selected based precisely on your target demographic and industry. And every influencer marketing campaign we conduct is designed to provide you with a substantial increase in your sales or set KPI’s.

Problems You May Have Encountered

When you bought your first influencer marketing campaign, you imagined seeing an immediate increase in sales, and an improvement in your bottom line… but your dreams were quickly dashed when you looked at your sales figures. Things got EVEN MORE confusing when the marketing agency you paid came back with reports of high engagements (thousands of likes and hundreds of comments) on the content created in your influencer campaign, despite providing low leads, sales or downloads.

PMYB Influencer marketing agency

94% of those who have used influencer marketing believe it to be effective.  

Source: Adweek

Our Story – Why PMYB is the Influencer Agency Brands Love!

We’ve experienced pretty much everything in relation to influencers. In the past, we’ve found that brands have searched for influencers using softwares, browsed Instagram for the ‘perfect’ influencers, negotiated with agents, only to go on to obtain likes and comments that don’t relate to their brand or product. Also, we’ve found that other marketing agencies have used likes and comments as a justification of high ROI… these are activities that resonate with most of our clients. All of these frustrations culminated in an informal survey we conducted with 200 influencers. 63% of them ADMITTED to purchasing followers, likes or swapping comments with each other.

So, we made it our mission to help brands navigate through the Wild West of the influencer marketing industry. As well as providing you with a high reach and high social engagement rate, we focus on providing you new customers that act (buy your product, fill in your form or download your app)! We avoid simply delving through our database of influencers and asking our influencers to create content. Instead, we like to delve deep into communities to find and collaborate with the influencers that represent your target demographic and brand identity. Every influencer we utilise is rated against the 46 Chromo-Factors, which we have found to positively impact sale volumes.

Chromo-Factors analysed include visual observations such as the use of influential body language and quantifiable observations such as the frequency of genuine audience engagement with their content. And the most effective influencers who rate highly against these 46 Chromo-Factors are called Chromo-Influencers™.  You can see the results that are possible with Chromo-Influencers™ in our case studies here. As stated, we won’t be satisfied unless we influence your target market to buy your products or services, click on your website, fill in your form or download your app!

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