UK Travel Influencers are taking the industry by storm!

When it comes to the influencer marketing industry, travel remians one of the most prominent niches. Social media users from all walks of life love consuming travel content – whether that’s beautiful landscapes on Instagram, hotel guide blog posts, or YouTube videos filled with top tips.

This, in turn, makes travel influencers and travel pages the perfect platforms for brands to generate targeted awareness. Fans trust the opinions of influencers, in relation to transport, travel routes, and eating out – which makes the endorsements of travel influencers’ effective, as well as authentic.

Our PMYB Influencer network is full of many travel influencers across the globe. This includes many effective UK travel influencers, who are helping brands to thrive on a daily basis. These are just 7 of the hundreds of UK travel influencers making waves on planet social media!

UK travel influencers


1. FunForLouis

1.9 million YouTube subscribers

YouTuber Louis Cole is one of the biggest UK travel influencers around.

This star began vlogging in 2011, and quickly established a strong following – thanks in part to his connections with other top YouTubers, like Caspar Lee. These professional friendships have helped Louis to become a top UK travel influencer – and they have also led him to become well-known in other parts of the world, too.

But Louis’s huge following is also built on his excellent content. After all, this YouTuber has been vlogging his travelling adventures for a number of years now! And over this time, the star has explored a huge range of destinations – including  Cape Town, the Alps, and even Hawaii!

Fans love Louis’s content because he offers a glimpse at the world’s many incredible holiday destinations – but that’s not all. Louis’s channel is also brimming with travel tips and recommendations. This makes Louis’s channel the ideal platform to host authentic travel influencer marketing campaigns that engage consumers effectively. Already, Louis has teamed up with companies like Fairmont Resorts and Shrangi-La Hotel Paris. In these campaigns, Louis has successfully promoted the brands to millions of consumers in both the UK and beyond. It’s no wonder, then, that Louis has been listed in the following article among other top UK travel influencers!


2. Ben Brown

700k YouTube Subscribers

Ben Brown began his professional life as an athlete – so it’s pretty incredible that he’s now considered one of the top UK travel influencers!

After a decade on the British flat water kayak team, Ben opted to focus on his other passion: travel. In the meantime, he also began to hone his skills as a photographer, filmmaker, and blogger. This decision certainly seemed to pay off, as he quickly gained a huge following on multiple social media platforms.

This following is particularly loyal to Ben’s YouTube channel – which he uploads vlogs to regularly. In fact, Ben often daily vlogs over a sustained period. This means that fans get to enjoy the full extent of Ben’s many travels.

In the past, subscribers have joined Ben on trips to various exotic locations – including Botswana, the Maldives, and Estonia. Plus, many more exotic trips are planned for the future! Fans love getting a glimpse at the exotic locations, and also enjoy receiving tips and recommendations for future trips of their own.

Clearly, consumers with the travel bug trust Ben’s views. This is reflected in the fact that Ben has fronted some incredibly successful influencer marketing campaigns. Ben has worked effectively with household names like BMW, LG, and OMEGA. He’s also endorsed Hilton Hotels and Resorts, in a high-profile influencer marketing campaign that spanned both his YouTube and Instagram accounts!


3. Rosie The Londoner

326k Instagram Followers

London-based blogger Rosie Thomas has been a top British blogger for a number of years, now. She originally started blogging to keep her friends and family up to date with her busy life, but in recent years Rosie has turned this hobby into a career. This is because thousands flock to Rosie’s social media platforms every day – including her hugely popular Instagram account, which is filled with stunning pictures of destinations from around the world.

Over the years, Rosie has travelled to a range of different destinations. Just recently she has been to Scotland, Canada, Denmark, Marrakech, and even Lapland! And of course, all of these trips are extensively documented on Instagram, making Rosie Londoner one of the top UK travel influencers.

Rosie also stands out from other UK travel influencers, in that her social media accounts are also bursting with content shot closer to home. As her username suggests, Rosie is an expert on all things ‘London’. So, she’s often recommending top restaurants, hotels and hidden beauty spots in the capital.

As she’s such a big name in the British influencer marketing industry, Rosie has also been the face of a number of influencer marketing campaigns. In the past, she has worked with global brands like Specsavers and Aerin, and luxury designers like Michael Kors. She has also worked specifically with travel brands, promoting luxury holiday homes and resorts to her loyal followers and offering travel advice and recommendations.


4. Do You Travel

2.8 million Instagram Followers

Jack Morris is the star influencer behind this popular British travel Instagram account. And his rise to success is an incredible story!

Over 5 years ago, Jack quit his 9-5 job in the UK and travelled straight to Bangkok, seeking fun and adventure abroad. He spent the next several years travelling around the world and building up a reputation as one of the industry’s top UK travel influencers. All of this is documented on Jack’s popular Instagram account.

Jack and his girlfriend, fellow travel influencer Lauren Bullen, recently settled down (if you can call it that!) in Bali. However, the pair continues to travel on a regular basis. This means that Jack’s Instagram is still bursting with incredible images from around the world.

Just recently, Jack’s been everywhere from California to Finland, to Morocco and Greece. And throughout his travels, Jack ensures he stays on top of his game as one of the top UK influencers. He has worked consistently on influencer marketing campaigns with a range of brands – including OMEGA, Singapore Air, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. This is one travel influencer who is showing the industry how to balance incredible travels with a successful career!

UK travel influencers


5.Pommie Travels

12k Instagram Followers

This Instagram account is not as well-known as some of our other UK travel influencers. However, she’s definitely an influencer, brands may want to keep an eye on, as Pommie Travels is one of the fastest-growing UK travel influencers on Instagram right now!

Victoria started making social media content around a decade ago when she delayed entering the workplace in favour of taking a gap year. These gap-travels were recorded on Victoria’s blog. She also established a popular Instagram account, which is still going strong today. In fact, Victoria has thousands of loyal followers.

These followers have enjoyed Victoria’s travels from around the world – from Australia to Bali, and everywhere in between. Nowadays, Victoria lives in London. But followers are still treated to regular travel content – covering destinations like Antigua, Portugal, and South Africa.

Throughout the years, Victoria has also established a successful career in the influencer marketing industry. She’s well-known and well-respected and has already worked with a range of brands.

The majority of the time, Victoria works with travel brands. This has included Finnair, Qatar Airways and the Hong Kong Tourism Board in the past. However, Victoria has also attracted the attention of other global brands – like Panasonic, for example.

Clearly, Victoria is one of the industry’s top UK travels influencers – and someone brand should keep an eye on over the coming months



6. Copper Garden

46k Instagram Followers

Jess is also one of the UK’s rising stars in the travel influencer industry.

For a number of years now, she’s been blogging at Copper Garden, and she also runs a popular YouTube channel. But Jess’s most popular platform – by far – is Instagram. She has thousands of loyal fans, and this following is growing every day.

Jess has built up this following with her interesting mix of content. As she’s a fashion design graduate, she often posts her outfits and favourite fashion trends. This has earnt Jess a significant following among fashion-conscious British consumers – particularly young women.

But Jess’s main passion is undoubtedly traveling. She always documents her regular trips on social media. Her Instagram account, in particular, is brimming with snaps from a range of incredible destinations – from Barcelona to Milan and from Croatia to Cape Town! This constant stream of travel content has ensured that Jess has earned a reputation as one of the top up-and-coming UK travel influencers. And it looks as if even more travel fans will flock to Jess’s account in the coming year, in search of travel inspiration!

What’s more, Jess is already a pretty experienced influencer. She’s worked with a range of household names on product endorsements – including Starbucks, Garnier and Robinson’s. Clearly, Jess’s Instagram is already an established platform for influencer marketing campaigns.

Jess has also collaborated with travel brands in the past – including holiday companies like Med Sailors. And, with Jess’s star continuing to rise, we expect to see more travel marketing campaigns on this account over the next few months!


7.Steffi Daydreamer

79k Instagram Followers

This London dweller is also fast becoming one of the most up and coming UK travel influencers.

Originally from Italy, Steffi has always had a love of travel and regularly seeks out new places to explore. For a number of years now, Steffi has documented these trips on her popular social media platforms, including her blog. However, Steffi is probably best-known for her stunning Instagram images, which rake in thousands of likes. These photographs document trips from a range of beautiful locations– including Portugal, Poland and Greece, and even some destinations closer to home, like Kent and Essex. This makes Steffi stand out among other UK travel influencers. Steffi is wholly relatable to UK consumers who share her love for travel.

Additionally, Steffi has worked on influencer marketing campaigns with travel brands like Airbnb, SE Railway and Visit London. She’s also worked on sponsored content for many more brands (like Benefit and Mashable). Clearly, Steffi is a respected influencer in the British travel industry, whose talent and professionalism shines through in her existing bank of work. We’re expecting more success to come Steffi’s way this year!


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As you can see, the industry is literally brimming with talented UK travel influencers. Each of these influencers brings something different to the table, and each is helping to shape the industry and boost the market. We’re excited to see how these UK travel influencers will evolve in 2018 and beyond!

Your brand can also find success with travel influencers, and launch an influencer marketing campaign that will bring improved publicity and sales to your company. Check out our blog for more info on this.

You can also get in touch with our influencer marketing campaign management team at PMYB today, to learn more about how you can optimise your influencer marketing spend, whilst creating influencer campaigns that actually make your consumers act!


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