As you know, for most people, Christmas is the time where people begin to wind down and take a well-deserved break. On the other hand, Christmas is the time that the world of marketing comes alive. Due to this, influencer marketing ramps up the closer we get to the holiday season. For most consumer-focused brands, the lead-up to Chrismas is the busiest time of the year. So, it makes sense that many companies operate Christmas marketing campaigns utilising influencers.

It is also logical from a consumer’s point of view. The typical consumer has spent a whole year following people that interest them on social media or blogs. As Christmas approaches, influencers post photos and videos endorsing their favorite brands or Christmas items. It should be no surprise that these consumers sit up, take notice and take action when it comes to purchasing Christmas gifts their favorite influencers have endorsed.

We have seen many innovative Christmas marketing campaigns over the years. Also, we have also seen a few cringe-worthy attempts. Here are seven Christmas marketing campaigns involving influencers that have helped their brands express their Christmas spirit.

Amazon Demonstrates How Useful Prime Can be for Christmas

Amazon chose to work with YouTube stars Alex Wassabi and Ingrid Nilsen last year to help spread some Christmas cheer.

They designed a campaign called “Prime for the Holidays”, demonstrating the benefits Amazon Prime could provide Christmas shoppers.

The YouTubers created videos in which they used Prime to buy themed collections of gifts. Alex Wassabi assembled a package of presents for his girlfriend, Lauren. Ingrid Nilsen put together a box of goodies for her best friend, Carrie, and Carrie’s dog, Hendrix.

The videos demonstrated how each YouTuber could find everything they need using Amazon Prime to create the perfect present. Alex Wassabi bought what he needed to create a winter wonderland for his Canadian friend, despite them both being in a much sunnier Los Angeles.

Ingrid Nilsen recognised how much her friend loved her dog, Hendrix, so she selected an array of gifts to make a memorable Christmas for Hendrix. Both of these videos were impressively executed unboxing videos. Both YouTubers presented their videos with festive cheer and panache – while clearly presenting the sponsor to the audience in an organic way.

Save the Children Spoof Ad

Christmas tends to be an expensive time of the year for consumers. In some cases, consumers spend more at Christmas than the rest of the year combined.

The situation is not quite so rosy for charities, though. All the money that people spend on tinsel and glitter, turkey and Christmas pudding, has to come from somewhere. Charities often find that their support drops both in the lead-up to Christmas and for the next few months as people still pay the Christmas bills.

Save the Children Fund decided that they would carry out a Christmas promotion with a Christmas spoof. This featured comedian Harry Enfield.

The ad was a spoof on Southern Comfort’s Whatever’s Comfortable campaign. Its primary aim was to encourage people to sign up and make a £2 donation to Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day charity.

The Debenhams Found It Campaign

Debenhams has managed to build a reputation for crafting entertaining Christmas marketing campaigns. While these are full-scale cross-media marketing campaigns, they now include influencer promotion as a distribution channel.

Debenham’s ran with a “Found It” theme from 2013 to 2016. They tried to match celebrity and personalisation on these campaigns.

In 2015 they expanded the campaign to include working with both celebrities and influencer marketers. That particular campaign featured Dawn French, Jamelia, James Nesbitt and Sarah Millican as the celebrities, alongside the lesser known micro-influencers.

Although Debenhams uses traditional marketing methods, such as television, the press, and in-store promotion, to lead these campaigns, they now work with influencers to widen their reach.

They continued this in the 2016 campaign with celebrities, Jennifer Saunders, Ewan McGregor, and Mel Giedroyc who voiced gifts such as handbags, lingerie and a coffee machine.

As you would expect, they focus on the hashtag #debenhams in their influencer campaigns.

Mandarin Orchard Singapore

Mandarin Orchard Singapore worked with various food micro-influencers to help generate awareness of Mandarin Orchard Singapore’s Christmas menu.

They held a pre-Christmas media party at the restaurant and invited three micro-influencers to attend and then feature the event. They gave the micro-influencers creative freedom to highlight photos they took at the dinner.

The foodies posted delectable images on their Instagram accounts showing some of Mandarin Orchard’s festive offerings.

As a result of this, they were able to expose 45,000 people to Mandarin Orchard’s offerings, using ten Instagram posts and a blog post. The posts received 8,500 likes and generated 150 comments.

Armani Teams up with Influencers for the Holidays

As Christmas 2016 approached, Armani Beauty teamed up with Instagram and Facebook influencers to promote its products as perfect Christmas presents.

Each post used the @armanibeauty tag, along with a tag to say where customers could buy the fragrances, for instance, @Nordstrum and @Macys.

They included top Instagrammers, Wendy Nguyen and Julia Engel roster of influencers.

They also worked with the Mensfashionpost Instagram account, with its 3.5 million followers, to spread the word, and help encourage people to add Armani fragrances to their gifts.

Home Decorators Holiday Home Tour

During 2015 Home Decorators Collection worked with 16 bloggers, in the home décor and lifestyle niches. They called this campaign the “Holiday Home Tour”.

As its name indicates, Home Decorators Collection is a range of home décor – furniture (indoor and outdoor), floorings, bath ware, home décor accessories, storage, lighting, paint, and blinds. It is marketed exclusively through America’s Home Depot.

As Christmas 2015 neared, the brand approached the bloggers to create “Home Tour” posts. Each of the bloggers was asked to select items from the Home Decorator Collection to create a holiday-themed display. The bloggers were able to write posts showing the Home Decorator Collection items displayed inside their homes. Most of the images were Christmas-themed.

This was a Christmas marketing campaign, where the bloggers could give their readers ideas of how they could throw together a Christmas display incorporating the sponsor’s products.


Kate Spade #missadventure series

Fashion brand Kate Spade has developed a reputation for producing epic online video advertisements, featuring minor celebrities and influencers. Their #missadventure series are Christmas-themed.

They serialise the brand’s content. The #missadventure videos featured Anna Kendrick, (who has a total of 12.7 million followers on her Instagram account) encountering problems after a long day’s Christmas shopping. The videos continued into a second series, with Zosia Mamet now in the lead role. The two #missadventures online series are major Christmas marketing campaigns for Kate Spears.

Even Miss Piggy has forced herself into a starring role in one of the Season 2 episodes. The videos are humorous, almost like an online version of a sitcom. As a result, a high volume of consumers came back for more.

The videos include links to a Miss Adventure landing page, which gives consumers the opportunity to buy the products from the videos.

The Christmas-themed #missadventure use celebrities more than most Kate Spade influencer marketing campaigns. Most of their other campaigns work with fashion-based influencers. Kate Spade wanted something epic for their Christmas marketing campaigns, and in doing so, found a formula that worked.

While time is running out for your Christmas 2017 marketing initiatives, there is still time to drive consumers to your brand during this period.


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