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Influencer marketing continues to dominate the travel industry. Why? Because more brands and more top influencer marketing agencies are helping brands to launch impactful travel influencer campaigns. These campaigns have majorly improved publicity and commercial success for brands across the travel industry.

As the influencer marketing industry has grown, so has the volume of people interested in travelling within the UK. In a recent survey, during 2016, consumer interest in travelling was found to be 21%. By 2018, interest grew to 33%. A clear correlation can be found in the growth of both the influencer marketing and the travel industry.

In this article, we are casting a spotlight on some of the industry’s most successful travel influencer campaigns to date – featuring brands like Airbnb, Ice Lolly and Air Canada, as well as top influencers from the travel industry and beyond, including Marcel Floruss and Liv Purvis.

These powerful travel influencer campaigns all go above and beyond expectations, proving exactly how valuable influencer marketing can be for travel brands globally!

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1. Circa 39’s Travel Influencer Campaigns

Circa 39 is one of Miami Beach’s most popular boutique hotels – and its reputation is largely formed by an effective influencer marketing strategy.

For example, in 2014, the brand launched its ‘Vloggers and Vagabonds’ project, which had the dual aim of creating unique social media content and promoting the hotel online. The brand invited top YouTubers to the area to create content on the different neighbourhoods in Miami. In the meantime, the influencers kept the hotel as their base.

This highlighted the hotel and surrounding area as an enviable travel destination for tourists, bringing new consumers to the brand. And, crucially, because the high-quality content remains on YouTube, this travel influencer campaign will continue to bring in new customers as years go by.

2. Airbnb & Coachella’s Travel Influencer Campaigns

Airbnb showed how travel influencer campaigns can utilise standout events to publicise their own service. Doing so increased their consumer traffic and heightened their social media visibility.

For example, Airbnb launched an incredibly successful travel influencer campaign last year. This was focused around Coachella, California’s annual star-studded music festival. Airbnb provided complimentary accommodation for a number of the acts (including musicians with a significant social media following, like Martin Garrix, as well as all the big names like Drake) and attendees (including Instagram Influencer and model Stefanie Giesinger). In exchange, these stars promoted their incredible Airbnb homes on their social media profiles. And, they all achieved incredible engagement rates on their sponsored posts, promoting the brand to millions of consumers.

All in all, Airbnb’s well-timed campaign shows how travel brands can leverage influencers and popular events to maximise publicity for their brands.

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3. Visit Philadelphia’s Travel Influencer Campaigns

In the US city of Philadelphia, the tourist board is continually striving to promote the area to travellers and boost the city’s social media presence. And in this effective travel influencer campaign, Visit Philadelphia achieved both!

For the brand’s first influencer trip, Visit Philadelphia brought top NYC-based Instagrammers (including big names like jmsuarez_) for a jam-packed trip. The influencers tasted the very best of the city’s attractions, landmarks and local cuisine. These moments were all captured on the influencers’ Instagrams. This painted the city as a cool, lively, and picturesque spot to visit.

Using influencers from New York with huge followings helped to promote the city to a wide range of travellers from out of town, boosting the area’s reputation. This perhaps explains why the city’s reputation as a holiday destination has heightened in recent years.

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4. Artists Residence Oxfordshire’s Travel Influencers Campaigns

This travel influencer campaign stands out because it targets a specific kind of traveller.

The campaign promoted the British boutique hotel chain, Artists Residence – and in particular, their luxury Oxfordshire hotel. In order to reach the cool young professionals the hotel chain targets, the campaign featured various top luxury fashion Chromo-Influencers – including bloggers and Instagram stars like Suzie Bonaldi of Hello October and Liv Purvis of ‘What Olivia Did’. And the campaign was perfectly tailored to the influencers’ followings. Before the night’s stay, the brand sent the Chromo-Influencers for a spot of retail therapy at Oxfordshire’s designer shopping outlet, Bicester Village. This engaged the public’s interest and marked the Oxfordshire area out as a go-to destination for young, fashion-conscious professionals. And of course, this was all captured in high-quality content across a range of popular social media platforms – including YouTube and Instagram, which has helped to publicise the hotel chain’s name.

These well thought-out travel influencer campaigns perhaps explain why Artists Residence really is becoming the UK’s most sought-after hotel chain. They know their customers and know how to use influencer marketing to their advantage.

So, @artistresidence know how to serve up wintery wake ups well… 🛀🏼

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5. EURAIL Pass’s Travel Influencer Campaigns

EURAIL Pass is a travel brand that enables cost-effective rail travel in a range of European countries. The brand has been going strong for a number of years and is well-known on the continent, but their savvy influencer marketing strategy has recently helped the brand to reach a wider range of consumers.

This is because the brand has teamed up with influencers to promote their services abroad. For example, the brand worked with one of the world’s top travel influencers – California native The Blonde Abroad, who blogs, vlogs, has almost 500,000 Instagram followers to her name. Across a range of sponsored content, the influencer promoted the brand. She showed how the pass can facilitate simpler European trips for first-time American travellers, and cost-effective solutions for students with the travelling itch.

This campaign showcased just how travel influencer campaigns can help brands to really illustrate what they offer consumers, all the while reaching new audiences abroad.

6. Ice Lolly and Visit Benidorm’s Travel Influencer Campaigns

On the surface, this travel influencer campaign looks like a simple promotion for Benidorm holidays, and the low-cost holiday comparison website, Ice Lolly. However, this particular campaign stands apart from the rest for its high aspirations – which it undoubtedly achieved. That’s because this campaign aimed to transform the way holidaymakers viewed the traditional Spanish holiday resort of Benidorm…

The campaign sent a range of British influencers – including bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers, like Dannielle Lily and Brogan Tate – to visit the area. The group enjoyed an action-packed itinerary. They took part in snorkelling, jet skiing, and electric bike riding trips, as well as unearthing the quainter side of the resort, Benidorm’s often-forgotten Old Town. Of course, the influencers captured all of these adventures in their social media content. This offered hundreds of thousands of consumers the opportunity to see a different side to Benidorm, showing exactly what the town offers to today’s travellers. Campaigns like this are helping to transform the resort’s image, making it into one of Europe’s most sought-after holiday destinations.

7. Curaçao and New York State’s Travel Influencers Campaigns

Curaçao is an island in the southern Caribbean Sea, that is easily accessible from New York’s JFK airport. And, as a holiday destination, it is something of a hidden treasure. So, to promote this beautiful island to New York travellers, the tourist board teamed up with a range of successful NYC-based influencers – including fashion influencers like Jessica Wang and Marcel Floruss. These influencers promoted the island’s tourism on social media over a sustained period, in order to maximise publicity.

All in all, the campaign promoted the island to almost 10 million New Yorkers and was a great success. As proven, travel influencer campaigns can be easily crafted to target a specific audience and improve your brand’s awareness among your actual target demographic.

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As you can see, influencer campaigns are becoming integral to the success of brands in the travel/tourism industry. To make an impact and increase your own company’s customer base and bottom line, get in touch with our influencer campaign management experts today.

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