There are over 50 prominent influencer niches in the influencer marketing field. And there are many more sub-categories of these niches.

Influencer marketing is no longer an experiment. Many top brands are currently adopting influencer marketing as a key component of their marketing strategies.

If you’re a marketer, whatever your industry is, there will definitely be an influencer niche for you to target your consumers. There are plenty of niches in the influencer marketing industry to suit every brand, every product, and every campaign. This is something you’re probably already aware of. But despite this, there are a few influencer niches that you’re probably less familiar with…

The 5 influencer niches outlined in this article are less well-known and have fewer top influencers producing content. Read on to find out more about these influencer niches. You never know – the influencers in these niches might turn out to be a great fit for your campaign…


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1. Unexpected Influencer Niches: Home Renovation Influencers

We’ve all heard about influencers who make a living by showing off their clothing choices or lavish lifestyles. We’re also all aware of lifestyle influencers, who might discuss the occasional homeware item amongst their favourite food or cosmetic product. But did you know about the thousands of home renovation influencers working across the globe?

These are influencers who share their whole home renovation journey – from relocating from city to country, to up-cycling vintage furniture. As a result, their social media platforms are brimming with photos and videos of interiors, rather than people! But that doesn’t stop consumers from loving their content. Victorian home renovation account Restoring Lansdowne has 38.2k Instagram followers – and the modern interior account  The Spoiled Home has 207k followers!

It might seem odd that some consumers are more interested in interiors than the influencers themselves. But nonetheless, the popularity of home renovation accounts is something that all brands should know about. Home renovation influencers have the ability to significantly drive sales for homeware brands.


Sooo I picked up some new pillowcases from @laredoute_uk. And then I cut some flowers and foliage stems from the garden and arranged them in this here vase on the mantle. And then I snapped this shot during the magical golden hour. And then I found a mini sausage-shaped poo present on the floor from one of the fluffinators. So that was nice. Happy Sunday guys – I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend 🖤 . . . . . #poopyhomestyle #bedroomidea #bedroomproject #bedroomdeco #bedroomviews #victorianbedroom #hyggestyle #charcoalgrey #greyroom #periodhome #characterproperty #victorianhomes #homesoflondon #vintagefurniture #midcenturymodern #silhouettecameo #moodyrooms #darkdecor #warmthofwood #goldenhour #oldhouselove #renovationcomplete #bedroominspo #mydecor #myhome2inspire #myhomemystyle #superking #allthepillows #stylishinteriors

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2.Unexpected Influencer Niches: Mukbang Influencers

This next one is perhaps one of the most unconventional influencer niches. But when you think about it logically, it’s actually very simple. That’s because mukbang influencers essentially make their living by eating. They record themselves consuming food (typically in huge quantities), and then broadcast the video online, for fans of the social media trend to enjoy. In short, mukbang social media content is simple but effective.

So, where did this sensation come from? Well, Mukbang actually means ‘eating broadcast’ in Korean, which makes complete sense. This social media trend first began in Korea – but it’s now taking up the western world by storm, too. For instance, American Mukbang influencer Stephanie Soo has nearly 400k YouTuber subscribers. Similarly, Steven Sushi has nearly 200k loyal subscribers.

Some of the best established and most popular Mukbang influencers in Korea have made millions out of their social media content. Because of this, we are expecting to see more Mukbang influencers appear from the USA and Europe. Mukbang influencers in Asia often land sponsorship deals thanks to their huge followings. So, we expect that Mukbang influencers will soon become more prominent in the western world too.



3. Unexpected Influencer Niches: ASMR Influencers

Of all the unconventional influencer niches, this next one has to be the most intriguing yet. That’s because this style of the content is completely different to anything you’ll find in any of the other influencer niches. The content doesn’t aim to entertain, inspire and or shock consumers. It simply seeks to relax others.

And it’s called ASMR. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. This describes the unique sensations particular sounds or images might trigger in humans, leading to deep relaxation or even drowsiness. And since 2010, a growing number of influencers have been taking to platforms like YouTube, sharing social media content depicting these ASMR triggers.

With time, this content style has become hugely popular. SophieMichelle ASMR has 207k YouTube subscribers, whilst top ASMRtists like ASMR Darling have over one million subscribers.

Although many of these influencers have big followings, some still consider ASMR a very small niche. Ultimately, ASMRtists and their fans make up a busy and vibrant online community, that is full of talented creators and dedicated fans.

It’s clear that some brands in the influencer marketing industry are aware of this already. A number of brands have already reached out to ASMRtists.

Most significantly, brands that specialise in relaxation products (like MONQ and Infinite Tea) have found ASMR influencers useful in reaching their target audience. But now a wider range of brands are looking to benefit from ASMRtists’ huge followings and authority in the meditation space.

Ultimately, it’s clear to see that ASMR is shaking up the influencer marketing in new and exciting ways. Though unconventional, this niche is powerful – and it definitely represents something that brands should keep an eye on.


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4. Unexpected Influencer Niches: Inventor Influencers

This article has shown that social media really is brimming with innovative influencers niches. But none are more innovative than this next niche – the technical geniuses on social media – inventor influencers.

These social media personalities use their talent, expertise and incredible imaginations to create new inventions out of everyday objects. That includes making organs out of Furby toys and turning fidget spinners into guitar synths.

As unconventional as these videos might seem, audiences love this style of content. Top YouTube inventor Sam Battle of Look Mum No Computer has 110k YouTube subscribers and gains thousands of views for every video he uploads. Brands are beginning to see the benefits of working with such influencers. Already, Red Bull Music have been working closely with YouTuber inventors. And we expect to see more top brands to follow suit over the next few months…


5. Unexpected Influencer Niches:  Kidfluencers

This article has described some of the lesser-known influencer niches. But as we already know, the influencer marketing industry is also full of more well-known influencer niches – like fashionistas, technology lovers and gaming reviewers, and daily vloggers.

Funnily enough, the final influencer niche we’re looking at today also deals with these more typical content styles: fashion, product reviews and lifestyle. There’s just one small difference that makes this influencer niche different. These influencers are all kids!

Your children probably love them! The influencer marketing industry is full of so-called ‘kidfluencers’. These are popular social media users who work professionally on influencer marketing campaigns like adults.

This influencer niche might sound strange to some. But ultimately, kidfluencers are increasingly helping brands to reach younger audiences and their parents in marketing campaigns.

Kidfluencers’ content is always family-friendly, and it is more popular on video platforms like Tik Tok ( and YouTube.

It’s also interesting to note that kidfluencer content offers many opportunities for brands to promote their products.  Toy and game review channels like Toys And Me (9.1 million YouTube subscribers) regularly endorse brands.

Undoubtedly, these younger influencers can help you to transform your brand in the eyes of younger consumers and their parents!


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6. Unexpected Influencer Niches: Virtual Influencers

The last and most surprising influencer niche (which has gained popularity this year) has to be pinned to the arrival of virtual influencers.

Last month we published an article that outlined the fascination behind virtual influencers – Read it here.


Find Out More

I’m sure we’ve opened your eyes to exactly how far the industry has come. The range and variety of influencer niches are staggering. As unexpected as some of these content styles might be, it’s pretty clear that each and every one of these influencer niches has a place in influencer marketing.

Having said that – it doesn’t matter whether your company is planning to dabble in some of these more unconventional influencer niches, or stick to working with more well-known influencers. Influencer marketing, when done strategically can provide you with a higher, more measurable ROI than many other marketing mediums. To learn more about the influencer marketing space, check out our blog.

For further support, you can also get in touch with our influencer marketing experts at PMYB today. They’ll be happy to consult you on your influencer marketing strategy.


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