Influencer Marketing Campaigns

As you know, Influencer Marketing is a relatively new form of digital marketing, but powerful nonetheless for targeting consumers that engage with brands. It is a way of avoiding the dangers of ad blockers whilst also advertising to an often receptive audience. Influencer marketing campaigns can help substantially grow a business, improve a brand’s image and is perfect for influencing consumer engagement.

But how effective has the marketing strategy been for global brands? Here are 5 stand-out influencer marketing campaigns that demonstrate why influencer marketing is effective.


1. is an online learning resource that enables users to learn skills from a vast selection of different sectors. The site was acquired by Linkedin in 2015 for $1.5 billion.

In a well thought-out influencer campaign, the online course used popular YouTubers to endorse their services. The campaign’s subscriber reach was over 46 million users.

Some of the YouTubers sponsored were The Fine Brothers, Rooster Teeth and Jacksfilms. A key to the success of this influencer campaign includes the method in which the sponsored content was naturally integrated into the influencer’s videos or posts.

The organic way in which the content was slotted into their usual videos made for some great results. Jack from Jacksfilms incorporated the campaign in his weekly #YIAY (yesterday I asked you) video. He challenged his audience to learn a new skill through and then share their creation with him. Some of the best responses were included in another YouTube video which amassed over 1 million views.

This organic and enriching form of influencer marketing was met with a lot of positivity and interest from the targeted subscribers. It highlighted just how successful campaigns can be when influencers seamlessly incorporate advertisements within their usual entertaining content. We highly recommend working with influencers in this way to maximise your overall reach and consumer engagement.


2. Adidas

In an attempt to get ahead of their competitors, global sports brand Adidas chose to launch their very own influencer-driven social media campaign.

By focusing on youth and user-generated content, their influencer social media strategy helped boosts sales by 24.2% between January 2015 and January 2016. Not only did they work with celebrity influencers such as Selena Gomez, but they also used some of the top social-media-born influencers on Instagram. Iga Wysocka was just one of these picks and helped raise a significant amount of awareness for Adidas Neo.

The brand encouraged fans to share their own content using the hashtag #MyNeoShoot to be in with the chance to be a model in the next spring campaign. Adidas received over 12,000 entries into the competition and the hashtag had over 71,000 mentions. Even their own Instagram saw positive effects as the followers grew by 41,000 in one month.

This campaign highlighted the benefits of reaching out to fans and getting them to engage with the content.  By using mainstream celebrities and general influencers to kick start the campaign, Adidas were then able to popularise the hashtag. In addition, the influencers empowered Adidas to really reinforce customer loyalty amongst their existing customers.

3. American Express

American Express has for a long time been leading the world of advertisements with their huge ad budget. This has enabled the banking giant to also dive into the world of influencer marketing campaigns. This was demonstrated with their #AmexEmbassadors campaign with the aim of promoting their Amex Platinum cards.

American Express felt that influencers could effectively demonstrate the premium rewards you receive from having a platinum card. This includes luxurious travel upgrades, exclusive event access and multiple premium rewards. The brand felt that the luxurious lifestyle of influencers was perfect for demonstrating the benefits of the card.

julia hangel american express

The influencers they worked with ranged from major celebrities like Shaquille O’Neill to smaller Instagram influencers like Julia Hengel. American Express invited them to unique experiences such as exclusive parties and trips. The influencers then documented their experiences on Instagram.

This campaign displayed the fact that you don’t need to sell a physical product to conduct influencer marketing campaigns. Furthermore, you can use this form of marketing to promote experiences and raise awareness about your service. However, just be sure to wow the influencers with these experiences so they can share their amazement with all of their followers and you get the ROI you desire. Read here to see why it’s important to motivate your influencers – You have to sell to them too!


4. Loot Crate

Leading the gaming lifestyle community, Loot Crate delivers surprise boxes straight to your door. The contents include collectables from games, TV shows and comics.

They initially started working with influencers in 2015, including arguably the biggest YouTuber PewDiePie, who has more than 47 million subscribers. This word of mouth style of marketing has helped grow the business substantially.

Again, Jack Douglas from Jacksfilms subtly implemented the paid promotion into his #YIAY videos. He did a video on icebreakers which conveniently led him to introduce the Marvel ice-maker he had got in one of his Loot Crates. Jack then went on to go through some of the other collectables he had received that month.

This was a great example of brands working in the perfect community for their products and using the most suited influencers. Most of the videos fit in with the brand’s fun, gaming, laid-back culture and so appealed to the perfect audience with their subscription service.


5. Old Navy

Old Navy, an affordable and well-known clothing company used social influencer Meghan Rienks across Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. In the promotion videos, Meghan gave her viewer’s style ideas for various different occasions using items from Old Navy.

megan rinks old navy


The influencer has a strong following on social media with over 1.3 million Instagram followers and 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Rienks was, therefore, able to deliver an extremely effective campaign across multiple platforms because of her large audience.

This was an example of a simple, but very effective, influencer marketing campaign. It used a single, extremely popular influencer, multiple times to deliver a strong brand message to her audience. You can also see additional examples of influencer marketing campaigns (run by our team at PMYB) here.


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