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Time to Add More Value to Your Influencer Campaigns

In the following post, we’re going to share 4 tips on how to make the most out of your influencer marketing budget, providing examples of how our PMYB team have applied these techniques.


1. Diversify Your Influencer Strategy!

You don’t have to focus on one particular niche to impact your impact your audience. The part of your target audience you expect to respond better isn’t always so black and white when it comes to influencers. That’s because the most adored social media influencers have such a strong connection with their audience, which means they often able to convert consumers in situations you wouldn’t expect them to.

You can add value to your campaigns by reaching a more broad and diverse part of your target demographic. Don’t be too narrow-minded in your approach to influencer marketing.

What we did to add value

We shifted the influencer marketing strategy for one of our global fashion clients by utilising influencers from non-conventional niches they wouldn’t normally consider. Yes, it was a leap outside the box for them, but it was a change that led to them attaining hundreds of new valuable customers inside the first week.


adidas magician - add value


2. Build an Engaged Community By Scaling Your Influencer Activity!

Whether it’s your company’s app, social media page or website, you need to build an engaged community. And there are different ways you can do so.

We took a billion-pound global company and built a large eco-system on their app by leveraging hundreds of Micro-Influencers from several countries, alongside a range of popular Chromo-Influencers.

What we did to add value

We planned and produced thousands of pieces of topical content, infiltrated multiple demographics, and encourage user-generated content among the people that mattered most. This included creating and popularising hashtags we knew would connect with the target audience, as a result of our prior research into the target demographic.

There are many different ways in which you can build an engaged community. And the most important thing that you cannot overlook, is the fact that you need to research your target audiences current interests. You also need to identify genuine Chromo-Influencers® that are going to impact that demographic. By following such techniques, you can speed up the transformation of the social community on any app, social media account, group or website.



3. Add Value by Telling Your Brand’s Story!

Everyone knows to do it, but brands rarely do. Add value by solidifying that emotional connection with your audience. Find something that will connect with your audience.

Discuss the challenges your brand has faced, or the problems your target audience is facing, then describe how you have overcome these challenges or enabled your target audience to overcome them. By utilising the most effective Chromo-Influencers to tell your narrative is the most powerful way to solidify these perceptions on your brand. Doing so will add tremendous value to your brand.

What we did to add value

In a campaign for one of the UK’s largest charities, we told their story by sending millennial Chromo-Influencers to various projects across the country which they fund.

By getting them to tell the stories behind the funded projects, why they are so valuable to the target market, we encouraged audiences to vote for their favourite project at the charity’s annual BBC awards ceremony and changed perceptions of the brand in the process.



4. Create Content that has Viral Intent

You can also add value by running campaigns that are engineered to take your product or service viral!

We’ve sent several mobile apps to the top of the IOS and Android app stores through the use of Chromo-Influencers.

How? By taking the experience out of the consumer’s phone and into reality. When people see their favourite Chromo-Influencers having an emotionally-charged experience with an app, they are motivated to share that experience.

What we did to add value

Previously, we have got Chromo-Influencers to battle each other on gaming apps. Other times we have shown the pain that Chromo-Influencers have faced when they’ve attempted to win an app game. Such methods often generate a lot of conversation from the target market. The audience put themselves in the shoes of the Chromo-Influencer they admire and grow frustrated with their inability to complete tasks in the app. This often leads to mass downloads because the audience wants to beat their favourite Chromo-Influencer!


Keep Adding Value to Your Influencer Strategy

For more industry insights, tips and news on influencer marketing head over to our regularly updated blog here. You can see some of the exciting campaigns we have run for our clients here.


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