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There is no question that influencer marketing has become an essential strategy for most modern businesses. However, ensuring that your influencer marketing campaign is successful can be a tricky venture for any brand – not least because the internet is full of misleading information about the fast-growing industry. Below we list the most common influencer marketing myths and tell you why they’re wrong.


Myth #1: Influencer marketing is always immediate

BUSTED: In fact, the effects of influencer marketing campaigns are always long term.

Consumers are not always likely to act straight away when it comes to purchasing your product. In other words, influencer marketing is not always an impulse buy.

But psychological triggers in advertising make consumers remember your brand. This contributes to your brand’s future success. As well as future clicks and views, these cues can factor into future potential sales and customer retention.

We have written a full article on how to use psychological triggers in your influencer campaigns.

It is important to strategically plan memorable campaigns that leave a long-lasting impression in your customers’ minds. And that is what we love to do!


influencer marketing myths - psychological triggers


Myth #2: The best way to find influencers is by scrolling through Instagram/Facebook

BUSTED: Simply browsing Instagram for the perfect influencer is likely not going to give your brand its deserved results. That’s because a large number of followers does not equate to a successful influencer campaign.

In this case, numbers CAN lie – social media automation and bots are a scarily popular option for influencers who wish to establish online authority. (source)

In fact, we conducted a survey amongst 200 influencers, of which 63% admitted to purchasing followers, likes or swapping comments with one another.

It is this lack of transparency amongst influencers that make it impossible for brands to find the influencers that can really turn content into sales.

That’s why PMYB’s revolutionary data analysis into influencers has led to the formulae for identifying Chromo-Influencers®. We found that, on average influencers that fall under the umbrella of a Chromo-Influencer® can generate over 4 times the sales of the other influencers.

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Myth #3: Popularity and numbers are everything.

BUSTED: While audience reach is very important, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Just because an influencer has a large social media following, it doesn’t mean they have much influence upon that audience. It doesn’t even mean that audience is legitimate.

That is why it’s important to work with content creators who suit your brand, as well as those with an active and loyal following, which will always yield more engagement.

It really is quality over quantity.

At PMYB we methodically identify the top 3% of influencers by testing each influencer against 46 important Chromo-Factors. Every influencer identified is based precisely on your target demographic and target location.


Influencer marketing myths

Strong brand/influencer relationships are crucial to a successful campaign.


Myth #4: Brands don’t have time to develop influencer relationships

BUSTED: In fact, a strong relationship between the brand and its influencers is essential. Influencers who are included from the start of a campaign become invested in the success of it.

One way of making your influencers part of the team is to let them in on company secrets. Be as transparent as possible and put them in the know.

If the influencer is a true part of the team, he/she will have the same intentions as the brand and go out of their way to make the campaign a success.

We have written a full article on why you must influence your influencers here.

Influencer marketing myths


Influencer Marketing Myths Debunked

We hope we provided some insight into some of the influencer marketing myths that are often disregarded. Everybody needs to know these things whether they think they know everything already, or not.

Find out more about the story behind why and how PMYB can identify high-performing Chromo-Influencers® that can actually convert acquisitions from your target market here.

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