As the weather gets colder, the streets start sparkling with Christmas light bulbs, we unconsciously start thinking about Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And it’s also a period where consumers feel an urge to purchase goods, particularly for Christmas gifts.  Without a doubt, it’s a time when consumer spending is at its highest. As a result, it’s a brilliant time to use influencers to influence consumers to purchase your products. Last year we looked at the emergence of Christmas Influencer Marketing Campaigns. Now, let us explore 3 Christmas Campaigns that Excelled Thanks to Influencers!

According to, 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers in buying decisions. Influencer marketing, especially during this festive and heartwarming season can give brands a more relatable voice whilst they spread their effective brand messages.

In order to be perfectly prepared for Christmas, it will help if you take a look back and explore the most exciting Christmas influencer campaigns from last year.


Christmas Campaigns from the past


BECCA Cosmetics #BECCAScape:

Here is the first Christmas Campaign that brought a lot of attention in 2017. Becca is an Australian beauty brand committed to inclusivity and has shades for the lightest to deepest skin tones. Their award-winning formulas harness innovative light technologies to provide a range glow from start to finish. In addition, it helps customers effortlessly achieve a naturally radiant look.

Every Christmas the brand takes a step into influencer marketing by collaborating with a group of the most influential beauty bloggers. 16 Influencers within Beauty and Lifestyle niche such as Kerry Cole, Theo Turner, Mame Adjei, and Gramzilla were invited on an intimate winter retreat to launch the new Après Ski Glow Collection in Nita Lake Lodge, Canada. Beauty bloggers have created mini make-up tutorials and shared their unique experience about Après Ski Glow Collection products using hashtag #BECCASpace.

One of the influencers Theo Turner, International Celebrity Make-up Artist with around 100k followers on Instagram, mentioned on this Instagram post “Canada has been an amazing experience with such BEAUTIFUL people and scenery! This trip was life-changing and completely took me out of my comfort zone..” As a result, not only BECCA Christmas Campaign was picturesque and highly engaging, but it also created a completely different experience to the famous beauty bloggers. And creating amazing experiences for your influencers can be beneficial for attaining genuinely positive reactions – thus enhancing the performance of your endorsements.



Shutterfly: #MyShutterfly

Another Christmas Campaign we are going to look at is by Shutterfly,  an American Internet-based company in California specializing in image printing service. It was very natural for the photo-printing giant to collaborate with Instagram influencers to showcase moments of their holiday celebrations.

The key objective of the campaign was to connect a variety of different influencers, who would share their magical Christmas experience with Shutterfly. Shutterfly has paired with Micro-Influencers within the Family and Lifestyle niches as Lauren Berger, who shared their Christmas presents’ ideas with their loyal followers. In addition, Shutterfly invited Celebrity Influencers such as Gabrielle Union-Wade, Aspyn Ovard, Louise Roe to increase the awareness of the campaign.

From gifts to holiday cards, influencers with a high follower range created images showcasing a variety of products Shutterfly offers. The content created was exclusively warm, authentic and full of magical Christmas spirit.


Macy’s: #MacysLove

The last Christmas Campaign we’re discussing is by Macy’s, Inc, a premier omnichannel retailer with iconic brands that serve customers through outstanding stores, dynamic online sites and mobile apps. From flat lays to stories, Instagram Influencers within Fashion, Lifestyle and Family niches were invited to show ‘pretty things in pretty ways’.

To begin with, Macys empowered their daily consumers to share their purchases using a hashtag #MacysLove. Together with user-generated content, influencers showcased many different offerings of the large online and brick-and-mortar retailer. The content produced by influencers on Christmas campaigns was considered a ‘major success’ by their team.


Excited for 2018’s Christmas Campaigns?

All in all, Influencer Marketing and Christmas are heavily related. Influencer marketing proves to be a big opportunity to connect and engage with Christmas shoppers via social media. Companies of all sizes can take inspiration from the brands seeing success with their influencer marketing campaigns.

There’s no denying that 2018 Christmas campaigns will continue to see a surge in influencer marketing. Whether your company is just getting started or looking to scale with influencer marketing, it is important to successfully execute your strategy for 2018 festive season. For 4 tips on how to add value to your influencer campaigns see here.


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