Airline Brands Winning with an Influencer Marketing Strategy!

The airline industry has been revitalised over the last few years! In fact, recently, the industry has been celebrating its most lucrative years to date. As the International Airport Transport Association press release states, airlines have been delivering strong results for several years now. And the industry’s net profit is expected to rise to a record high of $38.4 billion in 2018. Which is, of course, fantastic news for airline brands!

And influencer marketing has played a role in its rise.

It’s never been more important for brands in this industry to implement a strong influencer marketing strategy. That means working with the right kind of influencers on carefully planned campaigns, that will help bring a brand both increased revenue and new customers.

As an influencer marketing agency, at PMYB we understand the sheer importance of carefully planning, identifying and managing the most effective, most-talented Chromo-Influencers® across the world in order to optimise every penny you spend! The higher return you get on your investment, the happier everyone is!

In the following article, we cover 3 airlines that have taken advantage of the phenomenom of influencer marketing.

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With the relatively new emergence of influencer marketing over the years, brands are still getting to grips with the marketing strategy. But recently, some of the world’s top airline brands have been showing how it’s done. So, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite influencer marketing campaigns ran for airline brands, to inspire your own influencer marketing strategy. These airline brands vary in size and location. But when it comes to results, all of these influencer marketing campaigns were hugely successful – and you’ll soon see why!

Read on to take a closer look at these effective campaigns – and find out why these airline brands are successfully flying ahead of their competitors!


3. British Airways Influencer Marketing Campaign

British Airways is one of the world’s biggest and best-renowned airline brands. But that doesn’t mean that this brand isn’t still looking to expand, and seize lucrative opportunities – particularly post Brexit, when the British company has more to offer international travellers than ever before!

Considering this, British Airways recently sought to attract new customers from across the pond – specifically, American millennial travellers. And of course, in order to target this specific demographic, the brand turned to social media influencers…


British Airways Influencer Marketing Strategy

In particular, British Airways teamed up with two top travel influencers: Australian YouTuber Sam Evans and skier and Swedish content creator Jon Olsson. Both of these influencers have several hundred thousand followers from around the world. So, British Airways were able to capitalise on this audience, by sending the influencers to London! Here, the brand challenged Sam and Jon to create incredible travel content for their social media accounts – including videos speeding down the Thames, and shots from the top of St Paul’s Cathedral. And that’s not all – British Airways then went on to send the pair to Croatia!

All in all, the challenge resulted in 25 social media posts – and the response to this was immense! The content was viewed by almost 800,000 social media users, triggering around 300,000 direct engagements.

This was great news for British Airways, as Sam and Jon exposed the brand to literally thousands of new consumers. And that’s not all – the campaign also showed the brand in an exciting and vibrant light. This should act as inspiration for all airline brands. It shows that it only takes two well-chosen influencers and an original idea to create a fun and fresh influencer marketing campaign!

airline brands

2. Southwest Airlines Influencer Marketing Campaign

Southwest Airlines is a mid-sized American airline, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Among American travellers, the airline is best known for its low-cost flights to the southwestern tip of the States. But recently, the brand was looking to build on that reputation, and highlight its new international flight routes to exotic locations. In the order to do this, they too turned to influencers…


Southwest Airlines Influencer Marketing Strategy

Specifically, Southwestern Airlines wanted to use influencers from different walks of life to attract a wide range of new customers. This meant that the brand sought out 12 different influencers – all attracting thousands of different followers. They were able to reach over two million social media users in total!

But this smart influencer marketing strategy doesn’t end here. The campaign was also incredibly well executed… In exchange for quality social media content, Southwestern Airlines sent each of their 12 influencers on an all-expenses-paid holiday to different exotic locations. And, in order to create a sense of excitement around this, the surprise location was revealed on social media. This turned the campaign into a social media event that would catch every single follower’s attention.

This location reveal was uploaded alongside additional content – including the influencer’s travel tips, holiday adventures and an additional follower giveaway. And, this huge amount of content spanned various different social media platforms – including blogs, Instagram, Snapchat,  Twitter and Facebook!

All in all, these different factors all helped to make the campaign a huge success. The different elements worked together to attract a huge number of social media users, increasing the likelihood of consumers turning to Southwestern Airlines for their next international trip.

This is one influencer marketing campaign that other airline brands can certainly learn from. Brands can be as ambitious as they please when implementing their influencer campaigns! And in fact – this often pays off!


1. Quantas Influencer Marketing Campaign

So far, we’ve taken a look at some pretty incredible influencer marketing campaigns from top airline brands. But this final campaign shows that for influencer marketing campaigns in the airline industry, the sky really is this the limit (pardon the pun)! That’s because we’re now turning to one of the world’s biggest airlines: Quantas.

This company has an incredible reputation that it has been building up for almost a century. In fact, you probably know that Quantas is one of the oldest airlines in the world! But their recent campaigns show that this airline isn’t afraid to update its marketing strategies, and keep things fresh…

This is because in recent years, Quantas established an ambitious partnership with one of Australia’s top social media influencers, in an effort to continue to reach new audiences – and the results have been incredible!



Quantas Influencer Marketing Strategy

Specifically, Quantas teamed up with Australian fashion, travel and lifestyle influencer Nicole Warne – also known as Gary Pepper Girl. This was a huge move for the brand, as Nicole is one of Australia’s biggest influencers. She has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram alone and has worked with some of the biggest names in the world – including Dior and Vogue.

But for the last few years, Nicole has also acted as a digital consultant for Quantas. This has allowed the airline to link the popular star directly to their brand – and to reach her millions of followers.

One of Nicole’s main roles as a digital consult involves creating sponsored content for her own social media platforms. This helped to promote the Quantas brand to her existing body of fans.

However, in this large-scale influencer marketing campaign, sponsored content was just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, Nicole has also been involved in creating original content for Quantas’ own social media channels. And this role has extended to appear in the airline’s in-flight travel entertainment, as Nicole has also starred in travel guides produced by the airline.

All in all, over several years, Nicole has helped to support Quantas with a huge range of influencer content – thereby exposing literally millions of consumers to the airline. This goes to show that influencer marketing campaigns know no boundaries. When airline brands find the right influencer partnership, both parties can develop a mutually beneficial relationship. And this can have huge benefits – reaching huge new audiences, and creating some incredible original content along the way!

airline brands

Airline Brands Benefit from a strong Influencer Marketing Strategy!

As these campaigns demonstrate, influencer marketing campaigns play a huge role in helping airline brands to target today’s consumers. This goes for all airlines – whether they’re mid-sized or international. In addition, the scale of the campaign can vary too! It doesn’t matter whether airline brands are working with a single brand ambassador, a few stars, or a whole host of influencers. If the campaign is well planned and executed, you will generate a lot of interest in your brand.

Of course, this means that it’s important to keep up to date with all the latest influencer marketing trends. Check out our blog for the latest news – including more great recent travel campaigns.

Meanwhile, for specific advice on your own influencer marketing strategy, you can also get in touch with us at PMYB.


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