The Top 21 British Influencers on Instagram

Instagram continues to play a key role in influencer marketing. A growing number of British influencers are contributing to the development of countless brands through sponsored Instagram posts. Last month, these Instagram paid partnerships even hit the headlines, due to Instagram announcing a new ad disclosure feature.

Clearly, Instagram partnerships are a hot topic right now and it’s not difficult to work out why. Here in the UK, brands have been collaborating with Instagrammers in some really brand-transcending campaigns. As a result, more and more brands are choosing to work with Instagrammers on social media campaigns.

We thought we would share you a number of influencers that are making noise in the realm of influencer marketing.


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PMYB has a growing network of over 17,000 influencers across the world. Our talented team at PMYB are known for fully managing influencer campaigns for the likes of Halfords and Barclays. We differ from every agency in the industry due to our in-depth Chromo-Analysis of each influencer that we use. We do this to mitigate the risks of using ineffective influencers.

If you too are looking to team up with popular UK Instagrammers, check out this selection of the top 21 British influencers on Instagram right now. This list picks out the top Instagrammers across various industries:

  • Travel, British influencers
  • Fashion, British influencers
  • Family, British influencers
  • Comedy, British influencers
  • Fitness, British influencers
  • Luxury, British influencers
  • Tech, British influencers


Top British Travel Instagrammers

1. Travel Dave UK

Travel Dave UK is a known UK travel bloggers. On Instagram, he documents his travels all over the world. Due to his loyal social media following, he’s worked with both STC Hostels and Visit Helsinki.

2. Kavita

This influencer’s career began in fashion blogging. These days, however, Kavita is well-known for documenting her travels on Instagram. She’s jetted off to every corner of the globe with brands like River Island and Garnier, and more than 62,000 followers enjoy seeing her snaps of exotic destinations.

Breakfast this morning ✨ #takemetotheisland

A post shared by Kavita (@shewearsfashion) on

3. James Asquith

James Asquith is the youngest person to visit every country in the world. So, as you can imagine, his Instagram account is brimming with shots of incredible destinations. These images are popular with other travellers – Asquith has 194,000 followers. All in all, this makes his Instagram account an ideal place to promote travel brands.


Top British Fashion Instagrammers

4. Megan Ellaby

Megan Ellaby is a stylist turned fashion blogger. She posts regular outfit shots on her Instagram account, which has almost 130,000 followers to date. Ellaby’s fashion content is extremely popular on Instagram, so top brands are already beginning to take note – including Next and Tommy Hilfiger.

5. Jordan Bunker

With 11,000 Instagram followers already, Jordan Bunker is fast becoming one of the most popular male fashion influencers in the UK. Bunker posts regular fashion related content on the app, including many sponsored posts. Just recently, Bunker has teamed up with fashion brands River Island and H&M.

6. Patricia Bright

In the UK, Patricia Bright is also a big name in influencer marketing. Over half a million follow her Instagram account, and she’s already worked on several big Instagram account, with brands like Benefit and Daniel Wellington.


Top British Family Instagrammers

PMYB has strong experience working with families. We are currently collaborating with one of the largest retailers of cycling and touring products in the UK to push their brand to the next level. You can see the power of family influencers in this UK influencer case study here.

7. Giovanna Fletcher

MrsGiFletcher is one of the UK’s most popular family Instagram accounts. Her follower count is creeping closer to the million mark, and the engagement rates remain high. All in all, this makes Fletcher a top family Instagrammer. She’s already collaborated with Ella’s Kitchen on Instagram content this year.

8. Stefan Michalak

Michalak is a family vlogger who posts Instagram content on his popular account, Stardark. His posts regularly receive several thousand likes – including previous paid partnerships posts, with global brands such as Canon.

9. Rhiannon Ashlee

This Channel Mum vlogger is also a popular Instagrammer, with over 70,000 followers. She’s already worked with an array of top brands  – on sponsored posts for the likes of Westfield and Costa.


Top British Comedy Instagrammers

10. Caspar Lee

Comedian Caspar Lee found his following by posting skits on YouTube. Now, he also has a loyal Instagram following, which has enabled him to earn from posting on the app. He’s already teamed up with an assortment of companies – from Maltesers to NCS – who want to target his young following.

11. Louise Pentland

Social media star Louise Pentland is known for making witty YouTube videos, where she often shares her hilarious ‘StoryTime’ vlogs. But Instagram is also an important platform for Pentland. Over 2 million fans follow Pentland’s Instagram posts, ultimately making her one of the UK’s biggest influencers on Instagram. It’s no wonder brands like Lenor flock to work with her on the platform.

12. Comedy Gamer

Deji Olantunji is the YouTuber who runs this Instagram account. He makes gaming and prank videos that have earned him a huge fanbase – including 1.9 million Instagram followers. Ultimately, that huge following makes Olantunji’s Instagram the perfect place to base a lighthearted social media campaign.

Double tap if you like my suit

A post shared by Deji (@comedygamer) on Sep 26, 2016 at 7:41am PDT


Top British Fitness Instagrammers

13. The Body Coach

Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, is one best-known fitness influencers in the UK and has already worked with a number of brands. Currently, Wicks has a whopping 1.9 million followers on Instagram, making his account the perfect place for a brand to hold a fitness campaign.

14. Lottie Murphy

Lottie Murphy is a pilates instructor turned popular influencer – with over 40,000 Instagram followers. Her loyal social following makes Murphy a successful social influencer. She’s already worked with brands like Drink Honest on sponsored Instagram content.

15. AJ Odudu

TV presenter and DJ AJ Odudu is better known as a fitness Instagrammer on social media, due to her popular fitness content. She’s already been working on partnerships on fitness campaigns, with companies like Santander Cycles.


Top British Luxury Instagrammers

16. Fleur de Force

Fleur de Force is one of the most famous British influencers. So, she’s an important name to have on your Instagram campaign. Her content showcases luxurious holidays, skincare and fashion brands – often promoting high-end brands like L’Occitane. With almost 800,000 followers, you can imagine those posts get a fair few likes!

17. Rosie Londoner

This Instagram account is bursting with images of luxury brands. The influencer has even collaborated with incredible brands like Armani and BMW on previously paid partnerships. These posts regularly receive tens of thousands of likes, ultimately making Rosie Londoner an important promoter for luxury brands.

18. Charlie Irons

Charlie Irons’ Instagram feed also showcases a variety of exotic destinations and luxury brands. With almost 60,000 following the account, Irons is already one of the UK’s most successful male influencers. To underpin this success, he too has been working with several top brands on Instagram content – including luxury brands like Aesop Skincare and Ted Baker.

Top British Tech Instagrammers

19. Beginner’s Tech

Ryan O’Neill runs the Beginner’s Tech Instagram account, which has more than 4,000 followers already. On this account, O’Neill gets a buzz out of teaching his followers about technology. So, that makes his Instagram an ideal place to promote new technology products.


Mat and Chris run TWOSYNC, an established gaming YouTube channel. But their Instagram account is equally popular; posts regularly receive thousands of likes from fans. The pair also has strong connections with top tech brands like EA, meaning they’re pretty important influencers on the UK tech scene.

21. SuperSafTV

SuperSaf describes himself as the UK’s largest tech YouTuber. And, with 45,000 followers, he’s also one the UK’s most important tech Instagrammers. His account is a hub of tech knowledge for UK fans, and the big technology brands are already beginning to notice this. Recently, SuperSaf has worked with O2 and Nokia on sponsored posts.

Samsung sent me a mystery package Watch the Unboxing via the link in my Bio or Story

A post shared by SuperSaf (@supersaftv) on


Get Instagrammers On Your Brand Campaigns

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As a result, the team at PMYB made it our mission to discover the Chromo-Influencer™. Chromo-Influencers are influencers that pass the 5 Stage Chromo-Analysis process, which helps protects brands from influencer fraud and increase the likelihood that they will deliver a high ROI. Our Chromo-Influencers rate highly against 46 different data points that we have found to contribute to influence.

If you want to find out more about working with the very best British influencers in your marketing campaigns, get in touch with PMYB. Our team will be happy to provide you with a free consultation.


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