The Social Good Shorty Awards Finalists

The Shorty Social Good Awards program was created to raise global awareness around the positive impact agencies, brands and nonprofits have had on society. The Shorty Awards Finalists have been chosen and announcements of the winners are around the corner (Ceremony date: November 15, 2017, 3:30 PM PST).

Everybody is awaiting the winners of the most heavily anticipated social good categories. There are a large number of categories for Social Good. They range from topic-based awards, e.g. Best in Animal and Wildlife, to channel-based awards, e.g. Best Facebook Presence.

One of the Shorty Social Good categories is for Best Influencer and Celebrity Partnership. There were 23 nominees for this award. 6 campaigns have made it through to the 2017 Social Good Shorty Awards Finalists in this category and we will cover them here.

2017 Shorty Awards Finalists (Social Good)


Ask for a Raise Campaign

A career building website, The Muse, looked at ways to improve the imbalance between male and female pay rates. They discovered research (from the Cass Business School in London ) showing that women are less likely to ask for a raise than men.

The Muse turned to Cindy Gallop, a strong female leader and equal pay advocate, to help them develop a tool to help women improve their salary bargaining skills. The tool is a Facebook messenger Chatbot, which they called Ask for a Raise.

In the first seven days of the campaign, they got over 110 million media impressions worth over $1 million in earned media. Over 100,000 users interacted with the chatbot in that first week, 86% of them being females between the ages of 18 and 44.

Brutal Cut Campaign

International charity ActionAid works in 10 African countries. They aim to end the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). In Kenya, they call this “the cut”.

ActionAid U.K. created the #BrutalCut campaign. They crafted a short video message from a Kenyan girl facing FMG and inserted it (“cut into”) videos that their target audience watched.

ActionAid used social influencers to kickstart the campaign, initially focusing on online millennial communities. They worked with influential video creators to “cut” their video message into the influencers’ videos, without any explanation to the fans. The message interrupted vlogger videos, digital publisher content, celebrity posts, cinema ads, festival screens and outdoor digital ads. It stated: “This cut might be irritating, but some cuts are life-destroying”.

24 celebrities and high-profile vloggers along with major online publishers such as LadBible and Pretty 52 were happy to cut their social content, share the campaign video or post support.

Idris Elba’s Omaze Valentine’s Campaign for W.E. Can Lead

Last January, Omaze worked with Idris Elba and W.E. Can Lead to give fans a chance to be Idris’ Valentine to raise funds for W.E. Can Lead. Their goal was to provide year-long empowerment workshops in the Sierra Leone for 1,000 young girls.

Fans could enter the competition to be Idris’ Valentine by giving at least a $10 donation.

Omaze prepared two videos with Idris, along with many photo images.

The videos were broadcast on GMA and The Today Show. Major media outlets such as CNN, BBC, Huffington Post, Time, and Yahoo! News also covered the videos. People shared Idris’ videos and his photographs on Facebook and Instagram. The two videos receive 7.5 million and 6.2 million views on Facebook. Over $750,000 was raised. Ultimately two ladies were lucky enough to win Valentine dates with Idris.

Meals on Wheels – America, Let’s Do Lunch

Meals on Wheels helps provide many elderly with nourishing meals. It also helps those who suffer from loneliness. With an ageing population in America, Meals on Wheels undertook the “America, Let’s Do Lunch” campaign to find the next generation of volunteers.

One of the reasons for the name of the campaign is that Meals on Wheels has found it difficult to find people willing to volunteer their services at lunchtime.

They launched their campaign in partnership with Facebook, Upworthy, and social media influencer Meghan Camarena. They implemented influencer partnerships with digital and traditional celebrities. Influencers, Baddiewinkle, Bill Walton, and Diana Nyad, joined Meghan Camarena as campaign ambassadors.

To date, 660,000 people have visited the campaign microsite. More importantly, there have been more than 53,000 volunteer recruits.

Baddiewinkle’s campaign was particularly effective. Her campaign video received more than 1.5 million views, 7,000 shares and over 500,000 engagements on Facebook.

Usher – State Farm Neighbourhood Sessions

State Farm Neighbourhood Sessions celebrates artists who inspire to give back to neighbourhoods. This campaign worked with singer, Usher, to strategize a plan to gain seed funds for a program to provide music and arts opportunities for young people in Hamilton County, Tennessee.

Usher performed a surprise concert for his home Chattanooga community. A local radio station gave free tickets to community members as part of an art supply drive. They made a documentary of the convert and aired it on TNT.

The seed funding provided resources for Hamilton County for three years. This covered a full-time music teacher, after-school programming, and a variety of other arts initiatives.

We Are America Campaign

Love Has No Labels was set up to combat bias with love. It aims to shift the attention from a divisive conversation to an inclusive conversation about patriotism. Their aim was to unite America and downplay racial divides in the country. The campaign launched on Valentine’s Day 2016. In July they launched a film encouraging Americans to unite around the love of countrymen, not just a love of their country.

They worked with an American white stereotypical male – WWE wrestler and Hollywood actor, John Cena, to reach their audience and translate their positive message.

The “We Are America” campaign encouraged Americans to identify the biases that divide them.

Most of the major tv networks picked up the film, along with websites, blogs and newspapers.

Many influencers shared it. These included Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Schumer, Susan Sarandon, Andy Richter, the ESPYS, Rashida Jones, Entertainment Weekly, TIME, Soledad O’Brien, Matt McGorry, Rosario Dawson, and Nick Offerman.

The peak of shares (greater than 5 million) occurred on the day that President Trump’s administration signed the executive order trying to ban citizens from seven Muslim countries.

Conclusion – 2017 Social Good Shorty Awards Finalists

PMYB would like to congratulate all those involved in the campaigns for making it through as 2017 Social Good Shorty Awards Finalists. Best of luck to everybody for the upcoming ceremony.

As an influencer marketing agency, it is great to see that influencer marketing is assisting the unification of people. Influencer marketing not only helps brands succeed financially but it can evidently be used to drive socially positive change in communities.

And don’t forget – The Shorty Awards are global. Action Aid U.K. has proven that British firms can successfully enter these awards. There is no reason why your campaign can’t be nominated for next year’s Shorty Social Good Awards.

The Shorty Awards honour the best social media and celebrity campaigns. And undoubtedly, the 2017 Shorty Awards Finalists for the Social Good Award include a number of worthy finalists.

We also recently showcased one of the winners of the 9th Annual awards – Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. They are currently taking nominations for the Tenth Annual Shorty Awards.


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