Love Island Celebs and Future Influencer Marketing!

Since its relaunch three years ago, Love Island has become the TV programme that grips millions of ITV2 viewers week by week, and the show that literally has the whole nation talking. It might be a pretty simple reality TV show, but Love Island has had an undeniably huge impact on British television and UK culture, as a whole.

But that’s not the full extent of the show’s impact. Though Love Island is primarily designed as a dating show, by default, it also serves to create modern day celebrities out of its stars. And being in the influencer marketing industry, we know that that is something which interests us marketers…

Why is that? Well, consider this. When Love Island’s stars are thrust into the spotlight, they acquire a significant following on social media. Many of Love Island’s stars across its four series have generated thousands or even millions of followers on top platforms like Instagram. And ultimately, that makes the former Love Island celebs social media influencers in their own right.


Love Island Celebs as Influencers

The UK influencer marketing industry is certainly well aware of this new wave of influencers. Agencies and marketers alike know that Love Island celebs can help brands to reach younger consumers on social media.

As a result, a number of influencer marketing agencies are now working exclusively with Love Island celebs. Also, numerous top brands have already launched influencer marketing campaigns starring former Love Island stars. (That includes McDonalds, Jet2 and Superdrug, as you’ll see later in this summary). And many more brands across various industries are now wanting Love Island celebs to promote their products, too.

All in all, it seems pretty undeniable that Love Island celebs are engraving their name in the UK influencer marketing industry…

Love Island celebs


Learn more about the Love Island Celebs on Social Media

Considering the impact these Love Island celebs are having in influencer marketing, it’s important that all brands get to know this new wave of influencers. Some of these stars might just be the right people for your brand’s next campaign…

So, read on to learn more about the biggest former Love Island stars now helping transform the face of the influencer marketing industry. That includes their stats, biggest campaigns, and latest earnings. You’ll also find out more about how in 2018, this kind of influencer can help to turn your marketing campaign into a success.


Georgia Steele (geesteelx)

1.6 million Instagram Followers

We’re kicking off this list with a look at one of Love Island’s biggest social media influencers: Georgia Steel, one of the stars of the 2018 series.

Incidentally, the global fashion platform Lyst also see Georgia as one of the most influential former Love Island celebs on social media. The brand claim that Georgia became a certified fashion influencer whilst still living in the Love Island villa. This was because a huge number of consumers used the Lyst website to search for fashion pieces inspired by Georgia.

This shows that Georgia has had a pretty impressive impact on consumers for some time now. And Georgia’s significance as an influencer has only grown from there…

Georgia Steel’s Future as an Influencer

Since leaving the Love Island villa, Georgia has gained over a million followers on Instagram. So far, she’s used her newfound platform to promote her trusted hair stylists, makeup artists and nail technicians – and that’s not all. Georgia’s also beginning to branch out with her promotions. For instance, following a recent stay, she has also given shoutouts to a Mallorca hotel.

Now that Georgia is well established on social media, we expect to see her initiating some more permanent partnerships with brands, and fronting some high-profile influencer campaigns.


Love Island celebs


Samira Mighty (samiramighty)

1 million Instagram followers

Samira Mighty is another 2018 Love Island contestant who is now maximising her career potential as a top social media influencer.

Since leaving the villa, Samira has been posting regular Instagram updates for her one million followers. These posts typically amass more than 50,000 likes and several hundred comments. And this is significant, considering many posts promote Samira’s favourite brands – like fashion outlets Missguided and Skinny Dip.

Ultimately, it’s no wonder that Samira is now working consciously with big brands on social media. Sources suggest that Samira has the potential to earn around £3,087 per sponsored post. And, considering that Samira has posted sponsored Instagram content for both Jet2 Holidays and Abbott Lyon in the last few days alone, we think it’s fair to say that Samira is quickly establishing herself as a top UK Instagrammer with plenty to offer the influencer marketing industry.



Montana Brown (montanarosebrown1)

1.3 million Instagram followers

Like many other Love Island celebs, Montana Brown wasted no time in making a name for herself since leaving the Love Island villa last summer.

On the one hand, Montana works as an ambassador for top online fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing. The star has even released her own collection with the brand.

However, Montona has featured on a huge range of marketing campaigns already. For instance, Montana has recently produced sponsored Instagram posts for both Haagen Dazs ice cream and the retail giant Superdrug. She also works with haircare brand Sugar Bear Hair on a more permanent basis. You’ll often see the influencer promoting the brand’s products on her social media platforms.



Chris Hughes (chrishughesofficial)

2 million Instagram followers

2017 contest Chris Hughes is showing the industry that Love Island celebs have longer-term influencer potential.

Since leaving the villa over a year ago, Chris posts regular updates for his two million Instagram followers. Shoutouts to Chris’s favourite clothing brands and charities also feature regularly.

There are also some more formal promotional campaigns. For instance, over the last year, Chris has helped to promote global brands like McDonalds and Three to millions of young consumers through his Instagram posts. More recently, the influencer has also established more long-term partnerships with brands like First Choice Holidays and Coral.

We think it’s clear that this former Love Island contestant has definitely established himself as a social media influencer in his own right.


Olivia Attwood (oliviajade_attwood)

1.6 million Instagram followers

Olivia Attwood, star of Love Island 2017, is also showing brands that former Love Island celebs can make truly effective social media influencers.

Recently, several thousand of Olivia Attwood fans have seen the star endorsing fashion brands like New Look and Pretty Little Thing on Instagram. She’s also branched out into collaborating with brands in other industries. For instance, Olivia has recently promoted both I Heart Wines and Coral.

These frequent and diverse influencer marketing campaigns show that Olivia – like many other former Love Island celebs – is having a big impact on social media, helping brands to reach thousands of young consumers in an instance.



Marcel Sommerville (marcel_rockyb)

878k Instagram followers

With less than a million followers on Instagram, on paper, 2017 Love Island contestant Marcel Somerville doesn’t seem like the show’s most successful social influencer. However, various micro influencer campaigns in the past have taught us that when it comes to influencer marketing, it’s not all about follower count. Ultimately, Marcel maintains a regular presence on Instagram and several thousand young people flock to like every post.

Despite his slightly lower follower count, Marcel can still expect to command a healthy few thousand pounds for a sponsored Instagram post. A wide range of top brands clearly think a collaboration with Marcel is worth the price tag. Recent sponsored Instagram videos for food and beverage companies Rubicon and Pop Chips have both earned ten of thousands of views, bringing more awareness to the brands as a result. That means that Marcel’s social media following has potentially brought thousands of new, younger consumers to these brands.


Amber Davies (amb_d)

1.7 million Instagram followers

Here’s one last Love Island influencer we want to highlight today: Amber Davies of the 2017 series, who has maintained her incredible Instagram following even a year after her big win on the show.

Naturally, this means that Amber has established herself as one of the UK’s top Instagrammers. She regularly uses her social media platforms to promote her favourite online fashion retailers, and even to endorse hotels around the world.

That’s not all. Last year, Amber famously collaborated with top fashion brand Motel Rocks. She used her Instagram account to showcase the long-term brand collaboration. This helped the brand to promote their products to thousands of young consumers on a regular basis over a long period of time.

All in all, this shows that Amber’s just one more former Love Island star who’s made the impressive transition into the influencer marketing industry – with incredible success.


The Future of Love Island celebs on Social Media

Today’s article has shown that a definite trend is forming on social media in the UK.

Love Island celebs of past and present are overwhelmingly proving that they have influence over the public long after leaving the villa. By and large, these stars have managed to maintain – or even grow – their impressive social media followings, and retain high engagement rates too. And for marketers, this marks Love Island celebs out as figures to watch.

Despite that being said it’s so important to effectively analyse any social media influencer you consider using. What we do at PMYB to ensure our clients optimise their influencer marketing spend is to rate each influencer against the 46 Chromo-Factors, that we have found to increase the likelihood of sales. A strong strategic approach is needed to deal with the problems arising in the industry; fake followers, fake engagement etc.

However, given their prominence on social media platforms, it’s no wonder that brands are increasingly opting to work with former Love Island celebs on influencer marketing campaigns. As we’ve seen today, a huge number of top brands across various industries have collaborated with Love Island influencers to date, and with huge success.

All in all, Love Island celebs are having their input to influencer marketing in the UK.


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