FTC Influencer Guidelines: Learn About the Latest Changes

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is once again cracking down on influencer marketing. This is clear in the latest FTC influencer guidelines, which call for more transparency in influencer-brand relationships.

Now, of course, we’ve all seen this with the FTC influencer guidelines before. You’ll find plenty of related articles on our blog, detailing the latest endorsement guides for influencer marketing campaigns. However, the most recent FTC guidelines are not to be ignored. In fact, they state explicitly that influencers must clarify all brand endorsements to their followers.

These new FTC influencer guidelines that are being enforced come after a string of recent controversies in influencer marketing. For example, the Federal Trade Commission sent over 21 warning letters to influencers, regarding the disclosure of brand relationships. And the FTC has even publicly named and shamed individual YouTubers for the same behavior, in an unprecedented move that left influencers and brands alike wondering about the future regulation of the industry.

Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about with these new FTC influencer guidelines. The changes are honestly nothing unexpected, and they actually represent a lot of positive developments for the industry. But nonetheless, it’s vital that brands understand exactly how these latest FTC influencer guidelines will affect the industry in real terms. So, let’s take a closer look at the regulations – and consider how they will affect influencer marketing over the coming months and years.

FTC influencer guidelines

1. The New FTC Influencer Guidelines Mark a New Phase

This is an undeniable fact – the new FTC guidelines, and their impact cannot be ignored. Brands and influencers alike need to educate themselves on the new FTC influencer guidelines, to grasp where exactly the industry will be heading.

2. Influencer Marketing Regulations means it’s here to stay

Regulation is actually a great thing for influencer marketing. This new phase is not a bad thing. Why? Because the new FTC influencer guidelines mark the maturation of influencer marketing, as a marketing strategy. Yes, the FTC is cracking down on the industry. But this only indicates that influencer marketing is considered a prominent marketing strategy that’s here to stay. And one that is growing.

Clearly, influencer marketing has a promising future ahead…

3. Audience transparency will be appreciated by audiences

Product placement transparency will actually lead to audiences respecting the brands and influencers pushing them. At PMYB, we have always promoted the act of being transparent. It doesn’t actually impact the acquisitions of our clients because of the creative ways we implement our product placements into content. And it is not a problem for those that are conducting influencer marketing effectively.

4. Everything is a lot more clear

The new FTC guidelines are moving with the times. As influencer marketing has grown, so has the number of influencers not clearly disclosing their brand endorsements. Some have been doing so wrongly. But everything is a lot more clear – The majority of influencers now understand what is required of them, in terms of their disclosure of sponsored ads.

FTC influencer guidelines

5. Influencers Will Become Pickier

Having said all that, the new FTC influencer guidelines may affect brands themselves.

Influencers now have to clearly disclose which brands they work with. So, they’re more likely to only work with brands they truly admire from now on. But for brands, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It will ensure that all of your endorsers are 100% passionate about your products and services. As a result, influencer endorsements for your brand will become more authentic, which is essential for optimising your influencer marketing spend.


6. More Influencers Will Launch Their Own Projects

So, the FTC influencer guidelines will lead to influencers becoming pickier with sponsorships, and working with fewer brands. To counter this, we will likely see a rise in influencers working on their own projects – for example, releasing their own product lines.

Luckily, this is no bad things for brands. Independent projects will help influencers to continue to boost their profiles and gain new fans, as well as a new source of income.

new FTC influencer guidelines

7. The Industry Will Become More Innovative

With more transparency being enforced in the influencer marketing landscape, influencers and brands alike will have to become more innovative, in order to convert consumers. Getting ten influencers to hold your product in photos is not enough. The campaigns with truly engaging concepts and execution will be the campaigns which enable brands to prosper.


8. Influencer Marketing Agencies Will Become More Creative

As innovation grows, more influencer marketing agencies will look to incorporate creativity into their campaigns. This will likely mean that influencer marketing agencies will begin producing more elaborate and experimental sponsored content to increase conversions. Again, this can only be a good thing for the marketing industry, marking another positive step forward.


9. New ways of clearly disclosing their partnerships

Recently Facebook and Instagram introduced the ‘Paid partnership‘ tag. And we expect more and more platforms, such as YouTube and Snapchat to introduce similar features that are designed for influencers.


10. FTC Influencer Guidelines will put the Spotlight on More Influencers

As stated earlier, influencers are being named and shamed publicly for not abiding by the laws of endorsing brands online. Here is an example of an influencer that received flack for not disclosing appropriately, according to the FTC.

influencer marketing guidelines


11. An End to Hidden Affiliations

There are even more positive developments on the horizon. The new FTC influencer guidelines signal an end to deception in influencer marketing because influencers will no longer be able to hide their affiliations.


12. More Positive Relationships between Consumers and Brands

It signals a new era of positivity in the influencer marketing industry. We’ll now see the dawn of better, more trustful relationships between brands and consumers.


13. This Will Boost Brands’ Reputations

In turn, all of this will lead to the brands themselves having better public reputations – which can only be a good thing for the future of brands.


14. FTC Influencer Guidelines Will Have Little Impact On Big Influencers

So, clearly, the new FTC influencers guidelines will trigger a number of changes in the influencer marketing industry. But it’s equally important to note that the new FTC influencer rules won’t affect the results delivered by top influencers too drastically.

Remember, today’s consumers are sophisticated. They are already aware that top social influencers earn through product endorsements, so new forms of disclosure won’t necessarily have much of an impact on the results. Influencers and brands will continue to find success in social media campaigns.


15. The Industry Will Simply Earn More Respect

Under the new FTC influencer guidelines, audiences will respect influencers’ open endorsements and the brands working with them. This marks the dawn of a more open, trustworthy industry.

Yes, the new FTC influencer guidelines will trigger some minor changes in the influencer marketing industry. But these changes above are all positive. They stand for the maturation of the industry, an end to deceptive relationships between consumers and influencers, as well as the increased importance of quality content in campaigns.


Find Out More About Influencer Marketing Strategies

If anything, the new FTC influencer guidelines provide evidence for the fact that the industry is booming.  Under these new regulations, the success of influencer marketing campaigns won’t be affected – but the industry itself will become more innovative and trustworthy.

So, more than ever before, now is the time to focus on your influencer strategy. If you’d like to find out more about doing this, get in touch with us today. You can also check out our blog to hear more about the incredible work brands are doing with influencers.

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