14 Top German Influencers for your Marketing Campaign

These days, social influencers are the key to a successful marketing campaign. In this post, we reference 14 of the most elite German Influencers. 

Numerous psychology studies executed by professional researchers support the fact that influencers are very effective. As a result, more and more of the top brands are turning to popular social media users to promote their products. At PMYB, we run influencer marketing campaigns for a range of international brands, from Apple to Halfords. It’s fair to say that social influencers really do represent the future of brand marketing.

Across the world in Germany, the story is no different. Just check out these incredibly successful German marketing campaigns. Each of these campaigns were led by top social influencers, and prove just how powerful influencer marketing can really be.

Your business can emulate this success and directly target a huge German audience in your next marketing campaign, by working with these top German influencers. This below list features a range of top YouTubers and Instagrammers, including beauty gurus and fitness experts to musicians.

Despite producing various types of content, each of these types of influencers have one thing in common: they are all incredibly effective social influencers who can help to make your German-based marketing campaign a real success.

German influencers in photo

1. Travel: Hannes Becker

Hannes Becker is a photographer and self-described ‘roamer’. And, with over one million Instagram followers to his name, he’s also one of the most popular German influencers.

Becker uses his Instagram account as a platform to share his passion for travelling. As a result, his grid is brimming with awe-inspiring scenery from every corner of the globe. Becker is constantly adding to this portfolio, with new images appearing several times a week.

This incredible content and regular upload schedule help to cement Becker’s career as an influencer. His huge social following is continuing to grow, and engagement rates on his account remain high. Plus, Becker is constantly collaborating with a range of big brands – like Huawei and Mercedes-Benz.

2. Travel: Robert Jahns 

Robert Jahns runs the nois7 Instagram account, documenting his photography from around the world. His incredible content has earned the Instagrammer more than one million followers, making Jahns one of Germany’s biggest travel influencers.

Just recently, Jahns has been promoting tourism agencies Visit Dubai and Tui to his millions of fans. Both of these posts received more than 30,000 genuine likes, showcasing Jahns’ amazing reach across social media. The Instagrammer is clearly an influential figure for many budding German travellers. As a result, his account would be the ideal place to host more endorsements for travel brands. Undoubtedly, it is very effective to establish that the influencers you are using are actually effective. Some influencers do in fact try to con company owners and marketers into thinking they are genuinely popular, although they are not. You can read more about how to identify effective influencers here.

What’s up New York!! I’m in town again, let’s shoot

A post shared by Robert Jahns (@nois7) on


3. Men’s Fashion: Andre Hamann

This German male model is also well-known over on Instagram, where he has one million followers.

Andre Hamann’s loyal following enjoy regular snaps of his stylish outfits, which often promote some of his favourite fashion brands. He has even produced paid-for content for About You clothing. These sponsored posts continue to garner over 20,000 genuine likes from Hamann’s fans. That makes Hamann’s marketing campaigns extremely effective and cements his credibility as a top fashion influencer.


4. Men’s Fashion: Sami Slimani

With over one million Instagram followers, Sami Slimani also runs one of the most important men’s fashion accounts in Germany.

Slimani updates his Instagram account several times a week. In his images, Slimani documents his outfits and showcases the latest trends in men’s fashion. This quality content posted by Slimani has helped the influencer to secure a number of endorsement deals. Recent posts promoting brands like MontBlanc and Mercedes-Benz Fashion have been seen by several hundred-thousand fashion-conscious people.

5. Women’s Fashion: Caroline Einhoff

One million fashion fans enjoy Caroline Einhoff’s stylish Instagram updates. This makes her one of Germany’s most successful influencers in the fashion field.

Einhoff is certainly one of the most important German influencers in the fashion industry. With around 40,000 of her fans clicking ‘like’ on every post, Einhoff retains decent engagement levels on Instagram. It’s no wonder, then, that a host of fashion brands choose Einhoff to endorse their products. Recent Instagram endorsements for Abbott Lyon and Lascana have led to companies reaching surges in business.

6. Women’s Fashion: Caroline Daur

This influencer also produces fashion-related content – for her one million Instagram followers. In her images, Caroline Daur documents her latest outfits and gives a shoutout to her favourite fashion brands. It’s fair to say Daur is pretty influential on the German fashion scene. As a result, she could be an excellent addition in your fashion marketing campaign.

The fashionista is already no stranger to an endorsement, having promoted a number of fashion brands. Just recently, she’s produced content for both high-street chains like H&M, and luxury brands like Revolve and Net-A-Porter.

7. Beauty: MadameTamTam

With more than 160,000 YouTuber subscribers, Madame Tam Tam is a popular German beauty guru. Her videos feature everything from tutorials and products reviews to makeup hauls, which always receive several thousand views.

The YouTuber has also played an important role in marketing campaigns with top beauty brands. Video endorsements for YSL Beauty and Garnier have each received over 30,000 views. Undoubtedly, Madame Tam Tam is a key influencer for beauty brands wanting to target the German market.

8. Beauty: Ema Louise

This influencer is also one of Germany’s best-known beauty gurus, with over 500,000 subscribers to her name. Ema Louise’s loyal fans enjoy her regular videos, featuring makeup tutorials, skincare routines and beauty hauls.

In her videos, the YouTuber often recommends new beauty products to her subscribers, who truly trust her opinions.  As Ema Louise has a such a loyal fanbase, she would be an ideal YouTuber to have in a beauty brand’s marketing campaign. She’s an influential figure on the German beauty scene. She would, therefore, make a very effective product promoter, and help brands to tap into the German beauty market.


9. Personalities: Julien Bam

With over 4 million YouTube subscribers, Julien Bam is pretty much the best known social influencer in Germany.

Over on his channel, Bam produces a range of comedy videos. Each video typically receives several hundred thousand likes and millions of views. That gives a pretty good idea of just how strong Bam’s YouTube following is. It’s fair to say he’s a very influential social media personality in Germany.

As a result of this following, any marketing campaign featuring the YouTuber is pretty much a guaranteed success. Just check out this campaign by Fanta Germany, featuring Snapchat and Julien Bam. You can find out more about the campaign’s success here.

10. Personalities: Klein aber Hannah

With over 200,000 subscribers, Klei aber Hannah is also one of Germany’s best-known YouTube personalities. This YouTuber makes a range of videos, including opinionated vlogs and comedy skits – all of which her loyal fans love.

Klein aber Hannah has also worked with global brands in the past. A number of brands have used the YouTuber’s platform to tap into the lucrative German market. Find out more about her role in a successful IKEA marketing campaign here.


11. Music: Lena Meyer-Laundrut

Lena Meyer-Landrut is one of the most famous music stars in Germany. But the singer also has a popular Instagram account, making her a key social influencer for campaigns targeting the German market.

Meyer-Landrut’s past endorsement campaigns have been highly successful. So far, the singer has promoted a range of brands on her Instagram, from L’Oreal and Levi’s to Global Citizen Festival, a music venture. As she’s such an important figure in the German music industry, she would be the perfect influencer to front more music-based campaigns in the future.

Looove this Look by @alleaugenauf #spam ❤

A post shared by Lena (@lenas_view) on Jul 19, 2017 at 10:56am PDT

12. Music: Heiko Lochmann

Die Lochis are also big names in the German music industry with strong social media connections. This pop duo began posting music on their channel in 2011 and quickly rose to fame. Now, their YouTube channel has an incredible 2.4 million subscribers.

The duo continues to post their official music videos on YouTube, but also produce a number of chatty vlogs. On occasion, brands approach Die Lochis to feature product placements or endorsements in these vlogs. Just recently, Die Lochis were promoting McDonald’s, in a video that’s been viewed over 700,000 times. The duo also acts as brand ambassadors for the global company Mercedes-Benz. Clearly, Die Lochis are already playing key roles in marketing campaigns. As big names on the German music scene, they would be important influencers to have in any future music-related brand campaigns.

13. Sport: Pamela_RF

On her Instagram account, German Pamela Reif features her favourite workout routines and gym gear. This content has earned Reif 3 million followers, making her one of Germany’s most famous fitness gurus and a top Instagrammer.

As a result of this success, Reif has starred in a number of sports and fitness related marketing campaigns which have been highly effective. Reif recently featured Juvia Collection loungewear in an Instagram post, which received almost 100,000 likes. 

14. Sport: FreeKickerz

German Influencers, FreeKickerz describes themselves as YouTube’s biggest football channel – and they’re based in Germany.

The regular videos feature a range of sporty content, from tricks to football challenges. This content has earned the channel a whopping 5 million subscribers, with each video receiving hundreds of thousands of views.

Over on the German influencers Instagram account, the FreeKickerz team has endorsed a number of brands in sponsored posts – including sports brands like New Balance. As their German-language YouTube videos have such a loyal following, the FreeKickerz channel would be an ideal place to run a sports-related marketing campaign for the German market.

@sergegnabry is on this season! Should we challenge him? #freekickerz #teamfk : @antimax

A post shared by freekickerz (@teamfk) on Mar 17, 2017 at 4:07am PDT


14 Effective German Influencers

These top German influencers and their successful marketing campaigns showcase just how successful influencer marketing can be when done effectively.

To find out more about getting the right influencers in your marketing campaigns, you can also see our list of the top UK Instagrammers.


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