Influencers are the key to successful Millennial Marketing

What is millennial marketing? According to Goldman Sachs, millennials are the demographic born between 1980 and 2000. As a result, targeting this age group relies heavily on targeting social media. So, effective influencer marketing campaigns are the key to tapping into the millennial market, and ultimately boosting sales. 

More and more top international brands are becoming aware of this fact. We’re now increasingly seeing brands rely almost entirely on their influencer marketing strategies to target young and middle aged consumers. Moreover, many brands are seeking to establish long-term relationships between themselves and influencers, rather than pushing one-off sponsorship deals – all in the hope that influencer marketing will win over their millennial target market.

At PMYB, we regularly run fully managed influencer marketing campaigns for the likes of Apple, KFC and Halfords, whom all like to target millennials from time to time.

Brands working on millennial marketing

In this article, we’ll be presenting which brands are impacting the millennial market, by checking out a number of influencer marketing campaigns featuring 10 of the top social influencers from around the globe. From The War Owl to the Saccone Jolys, these influencers all have a huge following among millennials and have fronted some incredibly successful marketing campaigns. As a result, they’re helping brands to crack the millennial market, and are transforming the millennial marketing industry for the better.

1. Tanya Burr

3,964,628 YouTube subscribers

28-year-old Tanya Burr has been vlogging since 2009 and is one of the biggest YouTubers in the UK. In fact, she has millions of loyal followers – the majority of whom are young adults or teenagers. As a result of this following, Burr has become an important figure in the millennial marketing industry. Global brands frequently approach Burr, wanting the YouTuber to promote products to millennials like herself.

Overall, these marketing campaigns have been hugely successful. The Swedish watchmakers Daniel Wellington advertise exclusively via influencer marketing, rather than through traditional advertising methods, to grab the attention of young consumers. As a result, this brand relies heavily on bagging the most effective influencers for their campaigns – and they chose Tanya Burr to appear in a recent YouTube campaign. Burr is viewed as one of the most effective influencers in the millennial marketing industry. 

Burr has also teamed up with Homebase, Dorco razors and Sky Box Sets in recent months, helping these big-name-brands to reach millennial consumers. She’s clearly continuing to play an important role in making millennial marketing campaigns a success.

2. The War Owl

1,056,975 YouTube subscribers

Gamers dominate the rankings for the world’s most subscribed YouTube stars – largely because they are so popular among millennial audiences. US-based gaming YouTuber The War Owl is no exception to this rule. His huge subscriber count is ever-growing, and his videos continue to command around 400,000 views.

Due to this success, the famous YouTuber has featured in a number of influencer marketing campaigns aimed at the millennial market. These endeavours have been hugely successful. The War Owl starred in a pioneering video marketing campaign for The World of Warships video game. The vlog was unique, creative, and helped to increase awareness of the game among millennial audiences. The War Owl has also combined his popular gameplay videos with advertorial content for big companies like Lumerit Scholar. 

millennial marketing strategies

3. Lovely Pepa (Alexandra Pereira)

1.5 million Instagram followers

29-year-old Alexandra Pereira is a Spanish fashion blogger with an incredibly popular Instagram account. Her huge following comes from every corner of the globe and is largely made up of young millennial consumers. As a result, this social influencer is an important figure in the millennial marketing industry.

In the past, Pereira has worked with Magnum ice creams on sponsored Instagram posts, which shows just how much Pereira is valued in the marketing industry. After all, Magnum is now increasingly relying on social media to advertise their brands, and regularly use the biggest and best influencers to attract consumers. Pereira’s previous work with Magnum has helped Magnum to further establish themselves as a top brand in the digital world.

Pereira has gone on to work with a whole host of other brands on marketing campaigns. This includes household names like Malibu Rum and Cluse watches.

4. iamgalla (Adam Gallagher)

2.1 million Instagram followers

New Yorker Adam Gallagher is just 25 years old, but he’s quickly becoming a well-respected figure on the international fashion scene. In fact, Gallagher’s already a big name among fashion-loving millennials, thanks to his social media presence. Gallagher runs a successful blog, and one of the most popular male fashion Instagram feeds on the globe.

It’s on this Instagram account, iamgalla, that Gallagher has used his popularity among millennials to boost his career as a social influencer. Gallagher frequently partners with huge brands on sponsored posts – such as Schwarzkopf, Timex, Braun and even luxury brands like Armani. Gallagher’s huge following ensures millions of millennials get to see these sponsored posts, making him another important figure in the millennial marketing industry.

5. enjoyphoenix (Marie Lopez)

4 million Instagram followers

At just 22-years-old, Marie Lopez is younger than many top social influencers – but her youth only adds to her success. Millennials relate to Lopez and her lifestyle content. In fact, several million follow her daily life on her Instagram account, enjoyphoenix – making her one France’s biggest Instagram stars.

As Lopez has such a huge following among European millennials, she’s a great asset to brands seeking to reach a young demographic in their marketing campaigns. Like Tanya Burr, Lopez has worked extensively with Daniel Wellington on the brand’s pioneering social media campaigns. Maybelline New York cosmetics also work with Lopez regularly on advertorial Instagram content. Clearly, Lopez plays a leading role in the brand’s social media marketing strategies. The influencer has also helped big cosmetic brands like Too Faced and Benefit gain prominence among French millennials, through sponsored Instagram content.


influencer working in millennial marketing

6. FunForLouis (Louis Cole)

1,946,776 YouTube subscribers

34-year-old YouTuber Louis Cole began posting daily vlogs on his channel in 2012, to document his incredible travelling adventures. His exciting content – combined with Cole’s easy-going nature and great sense of humour has helped him to gain popularity among millennial viewers. That has made his channel the ideal place to host marketing campaigns targeting millennials. Many big name brands have taken notice of this, and have partnered with Cole on video marketing campaigns.

Most frequently, Cole works with brands who fit into his video content. In his travel videos, he has helped companies like Fairmont Resorts and Hotels to reach a millennial audience. He’s also partnered with a range of other global brands. This includes House of Marley, the eco-friendly tech brand associated with reggae legend Bob Marley.

Clearly, Cole’s been involved in some pretty high profile campaigns and his most recent business partnerships show he’s continuing to play an important role in the millennial marketing industry. Cole was recently picked to appear in a marketing campaign for genealogical company Ancestry DNA – alongside other top YouTubers like Jamie and Nikki

7. LaToya Forever (LaToya Ali)

1.3 million YouTube subscribers

LaToya Ali is a young mum – and, under her screen name LaToya Forever, one of Canada’s biggest YouTube stars. She roses to fame by uploading comedy skits to YouTube. And her brand of comedy quickly earned her a huge following among young viewers. To this day, Ali continues to get hundreds of thousands of view per YouTube video.

As Ali has a such a solid following among millennials, big brands are fighting to work with her on advertorial content. Like Louis Cole, she played a leading role in Ancestry DNA’s dynamic influencer marketing campaign. Ali has worked with up-and-coming cosmetic brands like Life Vantage, Scent Trunk and Vanity Planet, increasing brand awareness and exposing new products to the millennial market.

8. magic_fox (Daniel Fox)

1.3 million Instagram followers

German influencer Daniel Fox is a contributor to the men’s fashion blog, ‘The Modern Man’. However, this influencer is perhaps best known as a top German Instagrammer. He posts regular fashion content on the magic_fox account, and his work has become insanely popular with millennials all over the world.

As Fox is one of the world’s leading male fashion influencers, he regularly produces sponsored content for fashion brands. Over the years, he’s worked with a range of global brands – including Puma, Longines watches and premium clothing brand Milka Jaymes in recent months.

With so many marketing campaigns for fashion brands under his belt, Fox has become well known on the continent, as an Instagrammer with the ability to target and influencer millennial consumers. Consequently, more and more bigger brands from different areas of the market are wanting to work with Fox and attract his young audience. For evidence of this, just check out some of Fox’s recent campaigns. Over the last few months, he’s been endorsing both AIDA Cruises and luxury shopping destination Ingoldstadt Village to his young followers.

9. SacconeJolys

1,837,815 YouTube subscribers

The Saccone Jolys are a young Irish family living in London. They have been daily vlogging on their YouTube channel since 2009. Soon enough, the Saccone Jolys became one of the UK’s most popular vlogging families and gained a huge following among millennial viewers.

As a result of this success, brands consider the family’s channel an important to include in your millennial marketing campaigns. In the past, the Saccone Jolys have produced sponsored videos for a number of big brands – including British Cycling, Direct Line and BMW.

Most notably, the family have been involved in an important campaign for the audio entertainment app Audible. This company often rely upon social media in their marketing campaigns and have worked with other top YouTubers like Jim Chapman and Louise Pentland in the past, in order to target millennial consumers. The Saccone Jolys’ recent campaign for Audible shows that this vlogging family are also important names in the millennial marketing industry.

10. Kaushal Beauty

1,757,506 YouTube subscribers

29-year-old Kaushal is one the UK’s most successful YouTube beauty gurus. Her talents – combined with a relatable personality – have made this young vlogger hugely popular among other millennials. As a result of this, she too regularly fronts influencer marketing campaigns, helping global brands to reach a millennial audience. And so far, she’s been involved in some pretty high profile campaigns, for cosmetic brands Urban Decay and Bare Minerals.

Kaushal was also one of the five original British beauty gurus to front the L’Oreal Paris Beauty Squad campaign. This pioneering campaign aimed to set up long term relationships between the brand and influencers. They hoped this would promote the brand to consumers in a more positive way. This was ultimately a hugely successful millennial marketing campaign, which led to improved sales and  L’Oreal True Match becoming the UK’s best-selling foundation.

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Millennial Marketing Influencer Campaign

We think it’s fair to say these top influencers have been involved in some amazing marketing campaigns. And they are producing some pretty incredible results for the millennial market! It’s clear to see that influencer marketing is taking the millennial market industry by storm, and changing things for the better.

Are you interested in finding out more about influencer marketing? At PMYB, we offer a range of influencer services that can help you infiltrate the millennial market. Get in touch here today to find out more about we do.


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