The Power of Tech Influencers!

The power of influencer marketing continues to grow at a rapid pace. As we all know, successful social influencers are already helping to transform the face of advertising in a range of industries, including in beauty, gaming and many more. But in today’s article, we’re focusing on the use of influencers in a different industry altogether: the technology sector.

Until recently, even top marketers were only associating influencer marketing with high profile YouTube Vloggers such as Zoella. But these days, we’re increasingly seeing a more mature side to influencer marketing. Largely because more and more global technology brands are experiencing the power of influencer marketing. As a result, marketers in technology companies are embracing influencer marketing and turning to influencers to front their largely scaled advertising campaigns and endorse their products.

The biggest tech brands are looking for a different kind of influencer to front their campaign. Of course, brands are looking to work with top influencers, with large social media followings and steady engagement levels. But above all, these brands are searching for industry-specific tech influencers, with an in-depth knowledge and experience of the relevant technology niche their company specialises in (e.g. software or mobile devices).

Global tech brands know that this is the key to forging a successful influencer marketing campaign. Tech consumers, in particular, are looking for in-depth product reviews and specialist knowledge through the social media content of influencers’. An issue for brands is working out which tech influencers have the vast knowledge required and more importantly, which technology influencers are genuinely influential. There are currently thousands of tech influencers producing content across a range of social media platforms. But which tech influencers have the status, expertise, and ability to influence their subscribers or followers to actually purchase and drive genuine engagement.


10 Tech Influencers

To help you out on that front, we’ve lined up a number of known tech influencers across the world. PMYB works with hundreds of tech influencers across the world and our team understand which influencers in the tech world are more likely to drive more sales for your brand.

We’ve selected these tech influencers because they are all extremely well-regarded in their fields, thanks to their knowledge, quality content and loyal followings. As a result, these tech influencers have each played a part in turning marketing campaigns into successes. Check out this list, and one of these tech influencers might just be able to turn your next campaign into a success, too…

tech influencers


10. Codergirl_

50k Instagram followers

If you’re looking to work with smaller tech influencers, you should check out the following talent on Instagram. Codergirl, also known as Laura Medalia. This Instagrammer is a software engineer and tech enthusiast who has earned her social media following through strong consistent content. Alongside her fun NYC based images, she chats all things tech and business on Instagram, and typically earn several thousand engagements per photo. In fact, Medalia is fast becoming one of the best-known women in tech on social media. She’s definitely a name to look out for.

Alongside tech and business content, you’ll also find some lighter topics on Medalia’s account – including her popular fashion related posts. This helps Medalia’s account to stand out among a sea of tech influencers. It also means that any campaigns launched on Medalia’s account are likely to reach a slightly broader range of tech lovers, which might be something your brand should consider as we move into 2018 and beyond.


9. BeginnersTech

86k YouTube subscribers

This YouTuber is a UK tech influencer. The channel provides simple tech tutorials, reviews, and an info series. The vlogs also provide a wealth of information on gaming, which goes down particularly well with viewers.

BeginnersTech has a long-standing partnership with Amazon and works with a range of other brands on a regular basis. This has included ASUS, Cooler Master, Box and UNILAD Tech in the past. The sponsored content typically earns several thousand views, demonstrating BeginnersTech’s knowledge and talent.

tech influencers

8. Kevin the Tech Ninja

169k YouTube subscribers

Kevin the Tech Ninja is another one to watch.

Kevin Nether is the vlogger behind the channel’s success. He’s known as an incredibly knowledgeable tech influencer who produces quality content. This includes device unlocking tutorials and guides for using tech programmes like Norton.

Nether also produces more specific product reviews, and occasionally works with top tech brands on these sorts of videos. He’s partnered with companies like Android and Sylent in the past and has helped to boost brand awareness among several thousand consumers.

7. Sara Dietschy

226k YouTube subscribers

When it comes to the world’s tech influencers, Sara Dietschy is something of a rising star. Her YouTube videos frequently address the latest tech news. She also provides viewers with some great products tips and in-depth product comparisons and reviews. For example, she’s currently working on a range of iPhone X content for her channel.

Dietschy is also now teaming up with others, to improve her reputation as a tech vlogger. She’s recently been collaborating with other tech influencers – including Marques Brownlee and Austin Evans. Plus, Dietschy has played an important role in a number of influencer marketing campaigns. She’s already worked with top tech brands like Intel and Trello.


6. SuperSaf

700k YouTube subscribers

If you’re a tech brand looking to the reach UK consumers, you probably know about SuperSafTV. He’s pretty much one of the biggest tech influencers in Britain.

Safwan Ahmedmia is the man behind the hugely popular YouTube channel. He’s earned his social media reputation through an incredibly regular stream of videos, which feature a range of technology-related content. His vlogs feature everything from the latest technology news, showcases and product releases to product reviews. And on SuperSafTV, these products reviews are always incredibly in-depth – whether the vlogger is comparing mobile phones, or discussing something a little more unusual, like FitBits, drones or GoPros.

It’s clear to see that SuperSafTV is the go-to place for UK consumers to get their fix of all things tech. In fact, on average, the channel’s videos receive around 100,000 views, as well as several thousand comments. This has helped the vlogger to forge successful business partnerships with global brands, including Fiat and Google.

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