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We increase sales by scientifically identifying the top 3% of influencers in the UK, Europe and USA

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  Who we are & what we do.

We’re an Influencer Marketing Agency that specialises in boosting company sales with fully-managed influencer campaigns. Aside from offering Social Amplification Services and expertise in the influencer/celebrity field, our other strength lies in exploring communities online and offline to identify the top 3% of influencers. Our work with Chromo-Influencers™ sets us apart from other influencer marketing agencies.

  What is a Chromo-Influencer™?

PMYB Chromo-Influencers are the top 3% of influencers that achieve 4 times more sales than the other 97% of influencers because they rate highly against 46 data points, known as Chromo-Factors! Chromo-Factors include their social status, use of influential body language and genuine social engagement rates.

  Why choose us?

Our extensive data analysis has shown that Chromo-Influencers are four times more effective than 97% of influencers! This is why we infiltrate communities to identify the Chromo-Influencers that will actually influence your target market to act!

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Discover Over 9,500 Global Influencers

We collaborate with over 9,500 global influencers that will deliver you a high uplift in sales! Top influencers across 30+ industries, including Fashion, Finance, Tech, Fitness, Food and more. We can also amplify your content to over 50M people in under 24 hours!

Influencer Marketing Agency - Influencer
Influencer Marketing Agency - Influencer
Influencer Marketing Agency - Influencer
Influencer Marketing Agency - Influencer
Influencer Marketing Agency - Influencer
Influencer Marketing Agency - Influencer

Celebrities to Chromo-Influencers™

PMYB utilise our network of over 9,500 influencers, across 46 countries to generate sales from millions of target consumers.

Geo-Targeted Campaigns

PMYB deliver personalised campaigns catered to the target audience, image and objectives of brands, using demographically targeted Chromo-Influencers.

Creative Application

We create and distribute powerful content that influences target audiences to exceed the KPIs of established companies.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns We’ve Completed For Companies..

920% ROI Achieved!

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Apple Music Trended Online!

Apple-music-campaign case study
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25k App Downloads in 8 Days!

Grad DNA app - Influencer Marketing Agency | PMYB
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66% of people follow zero corporate brands on social media. Influencer marketing is necessary.

What our influencer marketing agency can do for you..

Effectively deliver the right message to millions of your target audience.

Create and implement exciting concepts with our in-house team to maximise ROI.

Improve perceptions of your brand. Analyse conversations with our advanced analytics software.

Provide fully managed campaigns across the most engaging social media influencer networks in your industry.

Dedicate the required days and nights to deliver campaigns with multiple micro-influencers, PMYB Chromo-Influencers or celebrities.
Deliver accurate customised campaign reports – We can record the metrics that suit your goals (as well as sales)

I needed to find a way to increase sales so I was chuffed to see results so quickly in month one! We will definitely be continuing with PMYB's chromo-influencers for the foreseeable future.

Drare Clothing

Influencer marketing agency, PMYB exceeded our expectations and provided us with rip roaring results!

Grad DNA

We saw a surge in business and massive increase in awareness following our campaign with PMYB! Top influencer marketing agency!

The Meat Man